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Were They KFD Associates? Police Arrests Six Accused in Twin Murders, PFI Condemns Incident

Staff Reporter | KMNN
BANGALORE, June 23, 2011
That the crime rate is on the increase in Karnataka cities and now in rural areas is well known. Is this the lack of police vigil?

The dramatic disappearance of two BBM students from Hunsur town (Mysore district) has culminated into the sad appearance of their dead bodies after two weeks.

Now you have just to see the speed of our police in arresting what they call the accused and claiming to solve the double murder mystery, all in a couple of days. One only hopes our police will be swift in all such cases of crime.

Our home minister Mr. Ashoka is still faster. He hurriedly convenes and press conference to tell the tale of the entire episode even to the extent of how the accused planned and executed it. He puts the blame of twin murder of two youth Sudheendra and Vignesh on six youths. Mr. Ashoka also conveniently connects all the six accused youth to be members of a former social organization Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD). He further connects KFD with other terror organizations. That’s not all. The minister is swift in making future plans on how to deal with this organization. Putting the blame on “the outfit that might have links with terrorist organizations,” Mr. Ashoka admits his interest in the matter. “I will have a discussion with Chief Minister B?S?Yeddyurappa and the top police officers about the possibilities of banning the KFD. As this was a matter of prestige for the government and police, I took personal interest in this issue.”

Mr. Ashoka further said, “We are taking the steps and the government could set up a special court and also request for a special public prosecutor for speedy trail.”

The youth arrested on suspicion are identified as Adil alias Adil Pasha (23), a mutton merchant from Hunsur, Syed Ameen (23), Rehman alias Shabbir (25), wood polishers from Rajiv nagar, Mysore. Muhammad Kausar (26), a building painter from Rajivnagar, Mysore.  Ataulla Khan (23), a mobile phone technician from Nizamia Mohalla, Mysore, and Safeer Ahmad (34) from Rajivnagar, Mysore.

The KFD is linked as a frontal organization of the Popular Front of India (PFI) by the police. The Home Minister Ashoka names KFD in the crime and says “They wanted to raise money for their organization,” but fails to give convincing evidence of involvement in crime or terror-link. The fact of the matter is that the KFD as of now is non-existent, it was merged in the year 2006.

When contacted by , Mr. Elyas Muhammad, State President of PFI categorically denied the allegations as “baseless.”

His complete statement:

“Popular Front of India strongly condemns such heinous criminal activities. The PFI urges the Police Department to take stringent action on criminals indulged in such criminal activities regardless of communities or groups to which they belong.  The PFI has no connection with any such incidents.  The Media reported that the accused had the motive of collecting the funds for KFD. Popular Front of India categorically denies such baseless allegations.  KFD had merged with Popular Front of India in the year 2006 itself and there is no organization running in the name of KFD now. However, we wish to clear that the source of finance for Popular Front of India are monthly contributions of its members and donations from the public.

The PFI organizes the youths and reforms them by creating awareness against drugs, gambling, criminal activities, social evils, etc. The organization brings the youth to the social mainstream by guiding them morally, creating educational awareness, and spirit of social service.

Popular Front of India is always striving for the empowerment and human rights of the deprived classes like Muslims, Daliths and other backward classes of the society.”

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