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Welfare Party is the Answer for a Better India: Lalita Naik

Mrs. B.T. Lalita Naik speaking. Sitting Left to Right. Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim and Mr. Akbar Ali

Syed Abdul Khaliq | KMNN:

Hassan. July 02, 2011: “Today, the politicians have made a hell of our life, they have brought the country and the society on the verge of devastation. Corruption, communalism, and crime, has destroyed the peace and progress of the society. Politics has become a business and politicians are hell-bent on establishing their kith and kin in politics. They are promoting people of their own family or community. They all have forged a joint force and are looting the national treasures” said, Mrs. B.T. Lalita Naik National Vice President of the Welfare Party of India (WPI) addressing a party convention at Hassan here on June 26, 2011.

Mrs. Sheema Mohsin speaking

Commenting on communalization Mrs. Naik said, “I had turned away from active politics when Mr. H.D. Kumaraswamy joined hands with communal BJP to form a coalition government. I have had always opposed the communal and caste based polities. WPI is the answer for a better country.”

Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim, state joint convenor said, “The time has come when we should discard the many political parties that we have been testing repeatedly and running behind them in vain. Instead, we should now support and strengthen the WPI which is founded on secular principles.

Mrs. Sheema Mohsin, Convenor of WPI All India Women’s Wing said, “Even those politicians who are making strong representation in support of women’s rights are creating obstacles in the way of women’s reservation. Educated women should realize their responsibilities to curb the growing crimes against women.”

Mr. Akbar Ali speaking

Mr. Akbar Ali, state joint convenor in his presidential address said, “The country is going through the worst situation in social, economic, politics, and all fronts. The government is not bothered about the people’s welfare. They failed to control price rise and to solve farmers’ problems. They are burdening the common man with heavy taxes while giving heavy subsidies to the tune of Rupees 80,000 crores to the corporate sector.”

Mr. Syed Abdul Khaliq WPI Hassan district convenor and state adhoc committee member welcomed the gathering and also proposed a vote of thanks.

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  1. The news I was interested in knowing. I wish all the best for the organisers & participants.

  2. May Allah bring all success to this party.

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