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Syed Zameer Pasha, IAS officer Retires

Syed Zameer Pasha

Shoaib Shaikh | KMNN

Bangalore. July 7, 2012. Syed Zameer Pasha, an IAS officer who served Government of Karnataka in various capacities retired as Chief Secretary, Minorities Welfare Department on June 30.

Mr. Pasha has served as a District Collector of Kolar, Managing Director of BMTC, and Chief Secretary, Minorities Welfare Department. He was elevated to Indian Administrative Services in 1994.

Born in a poor family, Mr. Pasha obtained his elementary education at Government Urdu School. His formal English education began from class eight. He pursued his pre-university education from Al-Ameen College, Bangalore. Later he completed Bachelors in Science and also obtained a Master’s Degree in Law.

On his last day of service he recalled his journey right from childhood till the last days in office and said, “I am grateful to Allah that he gave me such a nice opportunity to serve people. I fulfilled the responsibility to the best of my ability.” He also encouraged the young generation to pursue Civil Services with full vigor.

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2 Responses

  1. wishing you the best by the grace of allah . this is your old friend from cma hostel Bangalore in 1974 rgds navaz

  2. Assalamu Alaikum!
    Dear Brother-in-Islam,
    After returning form National conference at National Library, Kolkata we have hardly determine to do work properly of Muslim minority community with the help of our brother of Islam. So, we are preparing action plan and networking with the neighboring some Madrasah and schools. While practicing the concept of ajiban in our practical life, we are, a group of educated and dedicated youths have started to observe the drawbacks and other demerits within the present education system- its syllabus and method of teaching in this muslim minority concentrated area. It is significant to mention here that our competent teachers with the collaboration of other intellectuals and academicians have developed a modern and life centric education system after a long research based on ample survey, interaction with the guardians and students too.
    Yours Brother-in-Islam,
    Taharul Islam

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