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Syed Tanveer Ahmed Conferred with Sadbhavna Award for Journalism

Sayyid Anwer Ibrahim | KMNN

BANGALORE: August 24, 2011. Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Chief Editor of, news portal and Karnataka Muslims fortnightly newspaper was conferred with the “Sadbhavna Award for Journalism” yesterday in a glittering ceremony here. The award instituted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India under the auspices of Nehru Yuvaka Kendra was given to eminent achievers in different fields such as Arts, Literature, Journalism, Sports, Film, Theatre, and others.

While conferring the award in the Journalism category to Mr. Tanveer, the dignitaries acknowledged the “valuable services of Mr. Tanveer under whose leadership the news portal is playing a constructive role in bridging the gap between Muslim and other communities of Karnataka. Within a short span of a year the news portal has done a lot in this direction.” The speakers congratulated him on receiving the award and also on the launch of Karnataka Muslims fortnightly newspaper.

Freedom fighters, Kannada film actors, litterateurs, and other eminent personalities graced the occasion while Sri Shivrudra Mahaswamy of Shri Bele Mutt Sanstha presented the awards. Swamiji addressing the gathering lavishly quoted from Vedas and Kannada poetry of Dr. Nisar Ahmed to emphasize the role of positive journalism in building a just society. He called upon the youth to play their role in the nation building.

Congratulating Mr. Tanveer, the Swamiji was “very happy to see people like Tanveer Sahab and their good work for the society.”

Mr. Tanveer said, “A larger section of the English media does not give proper space to the community activities, instead, negative aspects are highlighted. We at Karnataka Muslims aim to present the positive image and constructive activities of the Muslim community. We have provided a platform for the community and are striving to be the voice of the voiceless. The reader’s support to the Karnataka Muslims is growing by the day. Any award is acknowledgment to the readers’ encouragement and our dedicated team.”

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97 Responses

  1. Congratulations Janab Syed Tanveer saheb.!!
    I was aware of your activities since my school/college days. Very nice to see you on this platform. May almighty help the community to benefit from your far sightedness.

  2. Hats off to Mr Tanveer for his contribution to the society. I hope more and more people strive in the path of Sadbhavana in our society.

  3. congratulations n mabrook Tanveer sab.

    its a proud movement for the muslims of karnataka in particular n india in general. May the almighty god give u strength to cross many more milestones in d coming years.

  4. Alf Alf Mabrook ::::::::::::

  5. Congratulations/Mubarak Ho Tanveer Sahib For Journlist Award.

  6. salam,
    bohat bohat mubarkh bhaiya aap ko….

    from shazia’s sister

  7. congratulation Mr. Tanveer ahmed. Your work is absolutely esteemed for me. I am blessing for you to show the real image of our religion. But an urdu newspaper reported this award function with false image of our religion quoted by you. Please read that paper. I dont want to share those nonsense points with this portal. If you are not recognizing the same urdu newspaper please reply me. After read that news definately you also will be hurt.

  8. janab tanveer sahab,iss journalist award ke liye aap ko bohot bohot mubarakbad pesh karta hoon,Allah azzawajal aap ko aur izzat aur shohrat se nawaze haq baat pe rakhe…isi tarah ummeed karta hoon aap ki mehnat jari rahegi.. waqte fursat hai kaha kaam abhi baaki hai
    Noore tauheed ka itmaam abhi baaki hai..
    salaam wa rahmatulla

  9. Tanveer Bhai – Masha Allah ….Bahut bahut Mubarak. Its really a proud moment for the community. May Allah bless you for all the good work done by you and your institute. Your efforts are really appreciated.

  10. ASA, Congratulation from the deep of the heart to get a sadbhavna award in appreciation of your activities, initiatives, relations and of course targeted approach for the services of the humanity and it may encourage you to go further to develop the best human relation.

  11. Dear Tanveer and KM team I congratulate you and your team on this succsful moments. May Allah gave you right direction and good vision to contnue with this vision. Ameen!

    Regards and salam
    Mohammad Sadiq.S.Sindgi.

  12. Congrats.

  13. Congrats. Sorry for not commenting on time. I was out of touch.
    Congradulations again.
    Juned U Khan

  14. Congrats for the award but need to do a lot, take KM to a real level of modern day net magazine, it needs a lot and lot of improvements both in technology and content.

  15. Bidar ka naam roushan kia hai aapne.

  16. Congrats

  17. congratulation Tanveer sab

  18. Please accept me belated Congratulations Tanveer sab, as I read this news today only

  19. Mabrook Tanveer Sab!

    Karnatakamuslims is a good step towards bridging communities in a multicultural & multilingual nation like INDIA.
    Keep up the good work with similar new directives

  20. congratulation

  21. Tanveer saheb Salaam, Mabrook, Alf Mabrook, Qabl Allah.Allah Accepts all your efforts. Ameen.
    With Best Wishes,
    NHK Ahamed
    Makkah Al Mukarramah. Saudia.

  22. Masha Allah Tanveer Bhy,
    Journalism is the need of the hour for our community. I congratulate you for this greatest achievement on behalf of our entire Mehdavia Community.
    May Allah swt give you the best of the both worlds.

    Jazak Allah Khair
    Inayath Ulla Khan
    Mehdavia Times

  23. Masha Allah. You deserve the recognition. It is pleasing to see you in the photo there. Carry on the good work.

  24. May Allah accept your work, continue doing more

  25. Great Tanweer bhai to see in photo after a decade. You have not changed. Keep up your hard work and dedication.

  26. Many congratulations. May Allah give you much strength. You are most welcome to utilise services of friends like me for the cause of the advancement of the community.

  27. Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu
    All praises for Almighty Allaah Subhana wa Taala., and innumerable Salutations of Peace on our beloved Prophets.
    Janab Syed Tanveer Ahmed Saheb , editor in chief, for getting name and fame for our community.
    and for establishing a remarkable platform of recognition for our society !
    It is a great moment of joy to represent my Country at any level.,

    I take this opportunity to request our brethren to commit and dedicate themselves in Uplifting Our Community and Nation with Unity, Education, Positive Motivation along with Social Harmony.

    May Allaah’s blessings shower upon you

    Salaam and Regards

  28. Assalamu alaikum…. Congratulations sir :) Its really nice to see you getting this award & u rightly deserve it. May Allah help u in every way so that u can work towards the betterment of our community & inspire & encourage us to do the same.

  29. congratulations .

  30. Congratulations.

  31. congratulations bhai. may Allaah bless you.

  32. Another Feather to Tanveer’s Cap

    Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Chief Editor of, news portal and Karnataka Muslims fortnightly newspaper, conferred on August 23, 2011 at Bangalore with the “Sadbhavna Award for Journalism” instituted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India under the auspices of Nehru Yuvaka Kendra, has again been honoured by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) with its award for his contribution to the media in an objective way from the hands of Press Council Of India Chairman and former SC Chief Justice Markandey Katju and IOS Chairman Dr Manzoor Alam at its 3-day international conference on “Power of Media in a Globalizing World” organized on Oct 14-16, 2011 at Bangalore itself.

    It is to point out that Tanweer is serving the media for about two decades. He was Secretary for Press of the Students Organization of India (SIO) at New Delhi and also associated with the Bangalore-based ertswhile famous magazine “Meantime”, edited by renowned media-person M A Siraj. He has got a very good contact with media-persons at Bangalore. Wishng him more feathers to his cap in the future.——-A U Asif, New Delhi

  33. Congratulations Janab Taneer Saheb, you are doing a wonderful job for the uplifment of Our community…

  34. congratulation Tanveer sab

  35. Assalam O Alaikum Tanveer sab Bohat Bohat mabrook ho ,,,,,,,

  36. Tanveer sab its nice that you are got the award but a lot of work is left for our community muslims who are Ignorant, Intolarant,
    and Awarness can be achived when all are involved

    regards Dr azhar V Ahmed Saudia Arabia

  37. congratulation mr tanveer

  38. congrts,tanveer sab may allah bless you and keep it up.

  39. Tanveer sir, I am happy to note that you have been conferred with the prestigious Sadbhavana awrd in journalism. go ahead with the field.

  40. congratulation 4 d award TANVEER SAB 4 your wonderful job VENU GOPAL/PVC

  41. Masha Allah very nice to see this stage

  42. maaziraat chahata hoon mai bohat takheer mubarak baad pesh karrun….
    my almighity protect u frm all kind of evils……

  43. Janabe Mann, Is Tarah ke Dheron Award Aap ko Milen , Hamari Dua Hai.

  44. Assalamu alikum sir,

    Iam happy to see u on the dias by taking honarary may allah subhanawatalla give u more and more respect and do many more things for the society and upliftment of needy people.. thank u sir..

  45. Congratulations on the award. The Muslim community is justly proud of having an able and sincere worker like you promoting its all round development.

  46. many congratulations,indeed it is really a very good news to me that after all business you had done a kind of work which is recognised by the society, very nice & offcourse exemplary for us, may Almighty shower blessings upon you to the same

  47. Many Congratulations!! Tanveer Uncle for your Great Sadhbhavana Award


  49. Congratulation dear Tanveer for getting Sadbhavana Award. You really deserve it. Long back when I met you in Oman I was very much impressed by your talent and I hoped that you will reach the destination and Alhamdulillah you got it. Allah bless you.

  50. gr8. Tanveer bhai. its the biggest achievement for a journalist these days to get an award for bridging the gap between the community, which is a rare phenomena in media today. gr8 job.

  51. ASSALAM WA ALIKUM, Tanveer bhai congratulation for getting SADBHAVANA AWARD. Jazakalla insha allah allah aap ko taqui de aameen.

  52. Congratulation dear Tanveer. Nice to know that you are doing good work. wish you all the best.

  53. Br. Tanweer Saheb,

    Assalamu Alaikum WR WB, congratulation for getting SADBHAVANA AWARD, may Allah (swt) reward you and your family members for efforts for the contribution for the cause of Islam, Jazakallahu Khair

  54. Congratulations Dear Tanveer Sahab,
    Hats off !!!
    Keep it up..
    May Allah accept your efforts.

  55. Nice to see you Tanveer Saheb, May Allah accept your good deeds.

  56. mabrook janab tanveer sahab, you have once again proved the proverb–if there is a will ,there is a way and slow but steady wins the race, please carry on your journey we will soon join you inshallah.

  57. mabrook…. I love that photo.

  58. khina’at na ker aalme rang o bo per
    Chaman aur bhi hain aashiya aur bhi hain BY THE WAY CONGRATULATION BROTHER .

  59. It’s a matter of immense pride for all the Indian Muslims that the outstanding personalities like Janab Tanveer Saheb is belatedly recognized and finally bestowed with prestigious award. I sincerely wish and pray that Almighty Allah shall bestow him with many more awards in the near future. Ameen, regards, shaik mahaboob


    Keep up the good work for community and humanity

  61. Dear Tanvir Bhai,

    My heartiest congratulations to you. I just happened to see this site. May Allah guide you for all your efforts towards cretaing harmony in the Society.

    Allah Hafiz.

  62. Congratulations tanveer sahab, you deserve more than this.

  63. Mashallah…may allah accept ur struggle….

  64. Congrats

  65. congratulation we are proud because we are from karnataka

  66. congragulation sir

  67. Congrats Mr Tanveer Saab
    He deserve For Rajyotsava Award also

  68. My heartiest congratulations to you i pray that Almighty Allah shall bestow him with many more awards in the near future. Ameen

  69. Janab Syed Tanveer Ahmed sahib, I congratulate you for being awarded the Sadbhavna Award for Journalism. You definitely deserve the award. Thanks for setting high standards and highlighting the best practices in journalism.

    I personally believe that if our aim is to change the world, journalism is the most powerful weapon. Like to quote Oscar Wilde’s wonderful words ‘In America the President reigns for four years and Journalism governs forever and ever.

  70. pls remove this as it looks self-praise and it has been there for a pretty long time!!!!

  71. It’s indeed ur perception Mr. Sinan… I think ur digestive system is poorely designed to digest others success thus leading to a lunatic diatribe from within. If u call it self-praise, ignore it and set something good example to b replaced with this ‘self-praise’ report. I am sure they will publish it and keep it for years. And I think u failed badly to observe that d report is in popular category as it got many comments (appreciations). If u bothered checking any news portal, d news is not deleted. At last, jealousy is a decease, get well soon.;)

    • it is not jealousy… perhaps sycophancy from your side… It is improper being an editor to keep such a news item of his for such a long time.. You need not tell me to set good example as i dont any certificate from you.. Being popular category does not mean that you shud keep it on home page for a long, long time.. (Even narendra modi is popular and gets max positive comments whenever his news appear). I have not come across any website that keeps such stuff for a long time as after its relevance wanes away it is not kept on home page (may be inside)!
      I appreciate the laurels won by Tanveer bhai but you are NOT getting my point.. I will not stoop to your level of calling somebody (who plainly commented keeping such a post for a long time on home page looks like self-praise) lunatic but I dont mind branding you for having a narrow-mindedness quality.

  72. Sinan, are you from educated group of people or ignorant and arrogant? What prompted you to suggest this? Do you have any idea about the online journalism and have you done any background check of the personality on whom you are commenting? At the best I can say that you have inserted this comment out of sheer jealousy without any knowledge. You cannot find even a single fault or ‘self-praise’ in this news item. Br. Tanveer addresses several programs day-in and day-out but he never puts any news about himself. He has been doing yeoman, self-less services for the community sacrificing his entire life. His persona can never be elevated by such a small piece of news item, but he is already a beacon of the community because of his inherent qualities, Taqwa and services. I am sure in running this news portal and the newspaper he might not be earning but loosing.
    The news piece that has been inserted on his getting this award is worth mentioning it and an online news portal never deletes a news item. Day before yesterday N.Ram, former editor of The Hindu, was felicitated by a Mumbai bases journalist’s organization and The Hindu carried a prominent news item, is it also self-praise? Get your senses right Sinan before commenting on anybody.

    • I presume you lack logical sense.. simply commenting that it does not look nice to keep his own news item on home page doesn not mean that i am stating that tanveer has not done anything good, and we are indeed proud of him though I dont know until i saw this website.. My point is that keeping his news on HOME Page for such a long, long time does not behove of a good editor. People take it as self-eugolising which is not proper in Islam and even from a rational perspective..

  73. First of all you lack the knowledge of online journalism and on top of it you seem to be not in a mood to understand what it is. A publisher or an editor doesn’t remove an old news item associated to whom so ever. It looks like this news portal is developed in such a way that the news items which get maximum votes are listed in the most popular category, until the programming of this portal is changed to different way till then this news will be there or the news has to be deleted manually for which there’s no reason and to remove it without reason is against the ethics of journalism. It is your assumption that good editors remove any news item associated with them if stays for long and bad editors keep them, I have never read in journalism or anywhere anything like this. And your second assumption that “people would take it as self eugolising ” is refuted outright and vehemently in the comments he has got and he has been still getting here.

    • Jut open any mainstream news website and chk … only those popular items are posted on homepage which have in the very recent past been read mostly… and they are continuously removed to make way for the most recent ones and it goes on with the recent ones! as simple as that..It is up to the publisher/editor to remove or keep it online (u shud know the simple online journalism mechanisms and not me!!) as simple software is what it needs to.. Again, am not contesting whether Mr Tanveer is good or bad or his services are praiseworthy or not.. ( he is infact doing a fairly good job… for you he may be over-rated bcs you may have a prejudiced view and you may not know many others but anyway he is good.. that is not the point). My simple point, which again I am stating is that, it looks improper for a owner and editor of the website to keep his own achievement news item for a very very long time.. it looks against journalistic ethics (am afraid you dont know anything about the code and ethics of journalism!). You may reject it (people would take it as self eugolising) on grounds that it has rcd max comments which one would certainly rec when an editor/publisher is given some award as to boost his morale and encourage it and there is nothing wrong but good about it… but common sense and rationality thinks otherwise.. Your rejecting does make my point worthless.. I have conveyed my point and it up to the editor to think; if he thinks, let it be there, so be it… You dont have any business to contest my viewpoint (as i have aright to express my thoughts) it by illogical and absurd way.. It seems you need a lesson in islamic code of how to behave and how to respond.. As can be made out when you first commented when i simply requested that the keeping that news item looks improper and not beyond that……

      • First of all the comments section is available for a reader to comment on the news item and not on the administrative matters. If you had any problem with the architecture of the software then you should have mailed about it to the publisher/editor and not commented in the comments section. Also you must check your acts before pointing fingers on others, do you think asking bluntly on a public forum to remove a news item and claiming it to be self-praise is appropriate in Islam? And when I replied to the comment in the same tone it became un-Islamic why, because it is pertained to you? If your intention was good and if you had humility in you and if you really care for Islamic values and traditions then you could have raised the issue in a different way altogether not on a public forum, this alone shows that how much you care for your religion, just shouting Islam, Islam doesn’t make one a true follower. And I have written enough why this news item cannot be removed or should not be removed, I need not to repeat myself again.

  74. Yes, I totally agree with Mr. Sinan. I appreciate his intent and perspectives being a reader cum analyst of the modern age.

  75. First of all the comments section is available for a reader to comment on the news item and not on the administrative matters. If you had any problem with the architecture of the software then you should have mailed about it to the publisher/editor and not commented in the comments section. Also you must check your acts before pointing fingers on others, do you think asking bluntly on a public forum to remove a news item and claiming it to be self-praise is appropriate in Islam? And when I replied to the comment in the same tone it became un-Islamic why, because it is pertained to you? If your intention was good and if you had humility in you and if you really care for Islamic values and traditions then you could have raised the issue in a different way altogether not on a public forum, this alone shows that how much you care for your religion, just shouting Islam, Islam doesn’t make one a true follower. And I have written enough why this news item cannot be removed or should not be removed, I need to repeat myself again.

  76. It is not an administrative matter but of editorial significance… Since you had first pointed that the software does not permit to remove the news item i commented on it on that context…
    There is nothing unislamic, from my perspective (pls remove this as it looks self-praise and it has been there for a pretty long time!!) and that a request to remove it is within the right of any reader. It seems you are new to online journalism but only follow very local websites!! It is up to the editor to respond or not. Do you think, comments space is only for praise, shabashi, etc.. we should know how to digest criticism..My intention, Allah knows better as am not answerable to you, is not bad, it was to add value to the fairly good website… I am surprised why are you so tempered about a simple statement as none but you (and again under some name) have reacted to my simple request!! Others must be thinking that my comment is not in bad taste. You replied to my simple statement as if I have called the editor a criminal, a cheat, a liar, etc!! And how come you are writing how this item can or not be removed, as if you are in mili bhagat with the editor!! It is the editor who shud write this.. You can just comment that you dont agree with what i say.. As simple as that… Am not shouting Islam, am reasoning in a dignified way as against you.. if you dont like it… so be it… Just you say that how much you care about Islam shows that you are also like few-self-acclaimed mullahs that they are true followers while others are not.. Pls chk other mainstream websites and see if such very old items are kept on HOME PAGE for a such a long time… It comes when a fresh news item is clicked, then relevant old posts appear..
    Any way, to you, your thinking; to me, my way of thinking… Let the editor judge and take a call on whether to keep such old posts or not… if he feels correct, then no hard feelings.. i have said what i have to say…

  77. some people started personal attacks abot dis colum. I know abt Tanveer bhai very well through my many friends…u must know that he is not bothering for self praise., he is not making money in this paper.

    coming to d point about dis colum. it is not he but another editor who has put dis. he is Mr. Sayeed bhai. he is forGroup Editor. he is not ordinary reporter but very senior editor and he himself writen dis report. being senior he can put or remove anything without permission from Tanveer bhai.
    Just go to =about us= column in this paper you will find group editor name. there are many other editors like Arshad Ali Qazi also who is a MLC. then how come someone qustion only to Tanveer bhai.? ? It is basicaly Sayeed Anwar bhai who makes decisions and in dis case he himself writen this as reporter also that is due to how much he respects Tanveer bhai..
    hope this solves all doubts of some people who shout without udnerstading.

    • it is not about who posts this news… Normally, as I understand gRoup editor does not have any say in day to day matters and it is the editor who decides …. let us close this as we all had our say.. let karn muslims prosper….

  78. Assalamuwa alaikum, First of all I’m very much thankful to the Almighty Allah SWT who has graced his mercy and kindness to the whole nation and its people. Janab Taveer Ahmed Sahab, having his award at his hand is not only his achievements but I would like to say its a success of the Muslims of Bangaloreans, Karnataka State and nation in general.
    However, his sincere and silent hard work and services towards community is came to light at last.
    I pray with Allah SWT to reward him even more and more success for his valuable services and restless efforts towards Muslim community Aameen.
    My humbly request to Mr. Tanveer Ahmed sab, “Please keep continue your same services and feel we all are with you, Inshaallah.

    If any kind of mistakes or wrong statements by me is requested to regret apologies.

  79. good news . hope main steam media will follow Tanveerbhai..sadbhavana instead of dividing society.

    indian main steam media divided india.

    it is true that there is only two option human has.

    coexist or no exist.

  80. Well deserved acknowledgment….. Congrats… may Allah give you the strength to take your publication and journalism to new hieghts

  81. Dear Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Chief Editor


    Where are you & your entire Team and what happen to this portal no news updates for last 5 days how come.

  82. Allah apki is dawati jaddo jahad ko kubul faramaye aur zazaye khair, akhirat me is ka ajar de. Aamin-shafiq qazi /solapur.

  83. Congradulation Br Syed Tanveer .Ifeel very happy to see you progressing in journalism. May Allah (SWT) accept your services to the Umma Ameen,

  84. Dear Brother Syed Tanveer, I found Hyderabad Karnataka Region especially Bidar District’s news is ignorant and not appearing in your portal whether it’s purposely or ………. although some important events happened recently in Bidar where our State’s Chief Minister along with some cabinet Ministers visited Bidar and inaugurated Bidar Utsav and lot of activities happen from Feb 01 thru Feb 03, 2014. Visitors were not limited to only Karnataka State but throughout the India. There was an Job Mela where Representatives from several leading Indian companies conducted interview sessions and selected 700 + peoples from Bidar and handed over them Job Offers for their companies(of Course some Muslims peoples were there).
    Just I want to know what is your (Karnataka Muslim) parameter to publish the news in your portal.
    • News should be related to Muslims only ?
    • News should be related to South Karnataka only ?
    • News should not be related to Hyderabad Karnataka ?
    Brother Syed Tanveer how can you ignore and forget this District Bidar where you have spend several years for your life and now you shifted in Bangalore and totally forget to cover news for this District.
    Your portal name is KARNATAKA MUSLIMS not South Karnataka Muslims your staff should cover whole state news not particular area otherwise simply change your portal name South Karnataka Muslims to avoid any confusion.

  85. Salam,
    Congrats for this achievement. Unfortunately, I visited this site now only.

  86. Mubarak ho syed tanvir saheb ko…..for this award

  87. Allah apko jazaye khair de.. Har pareshani har musibat se bachaye. Ameen

    Din dugni Raat Coughni taraqee de… Ameen Suma Ameen

  88. Assalam o alaikum janab…. bahut bahut mubarak ho…. Allah aapko aur kamiyabi de… aur aap Qaum ki Khidmat anjam farmaye…..

  89. congrats tanveer bhai let allah bless you with long life and good health always what u won u deserves it this is a true recognition of you .

    masood ahsan khan

  90. CONGRATULATIONS…….Syed Tanveer .
    Your subconscious mind works continuously, while you are awake, and while you are asleep.

    Spasmodic, or occasional effort to apply the rules will be of no value to you. To get RESULTS, you must apply all of the rules until their application becomes a fixed habit with you.
    Allah almighty’s attributes are innumerable since human intellect cannot possibly comprehend every aspect of the Supreme Being.
    If you do your job properly as per the norms and conditions of Journalism as a true speaker and writer…. yes of course…… you will be proudly receiving many awards from almighty ALLAHU subhanu wataala.

    Wish you all the best

  91. congratulations Thanveer sahib …

  92. Dear Tanweer Brother,

    There is no any update on this portal for long time so shall we take this as it’s the END OF KARNATAKA MUSLIM PORTAL ?

    Reply if possible.

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