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Salaam Centre’s “Qur’an For All” Pavilion in BANGALORE BOOK FESTIVAL

Just like every year Bangalore Book Festival 2010 was successfully held this year also at the Palace Grounds. This year a million titles were on display with about 400 stalls. About three lakh people visited the festival. This was really a refreshing experience for the book lovers and knowledge seekers.

Salaam Centre also setup six bookstalls on 800 square feet space for spreading the message of The Holy Qur’an among the masses. On 6-stall Salaam Centre, ‘Qur’an For All Pavilion’ was a huge hit.  This stall was not only very impressive and catchy but also spiritually very high. Here, free copies of the translated version of The Holy Qur’an were gifted to non-Muslims in their own language, along with books on fundamentals of Islam, biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), misconceptions about Islam and a DVD on the Prophet’s life. In the 10-day exhibition alone, The Holy Qur’an was presented to 11500 non-Muslims, which includes government officials, police officers, professors, doctors and many intellectuals and dignitaries also.  Along with ‘Quran Gift Box’,  Thirty thousand English folders were also distributed  among non-Muslims, which were titled on , ‘Misconceptions about Islam’, ‘Holy Qur’an- The Ultimate Guidance to Humanity ‘ ‘The Concept of Tawheed in Islam’ , ‘Women Rights in Islam’, ‘Islam and Science’, ‘Jihad and Terrorism’.     Those who received Qur’an from ‘Qur’an For All Pavilion’, their  response was encouraging. A diary for writing comment and feedback was also put in the stall. Even Salaam Centre had also done complete videographing of the public response.  There were number of people who appreciated this noble work and gave very interesting and encouraging feedbacks. Few people said that due to negative role of media a distorted picture of Islam is appearing in the minds of the people. Some of them said that we should not keep Qur’an in our Masjid only, but it should reach to all.Many persons who made their visit to the stall said that the message of Qur’an will pave the way for peace and brotherhood and it will also clear misconceptions and foster communal harmony. After all Salaam Centre’s work has revealed the unknown secrets of the nation, which were unknown among the Ummat-e-Muslima, even their responses generate driving force for da’wah work also.

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  1. Janab As Salam OIlikum,

    bhjoot dino sai mai app sai mulqat karnaiwala tha aj muja yaa sadad haeel huwi, Khuda ka Shukar guzar roon kai Allha talaah us kai dinki khidmat app jasai islam kai solder kai taraf sai lay raha hai khuda tala app ki mhinat ko kameyab karya ameen

    mari appsai eik guzarish haikai mai 2leg sai lachar aur majboor hoon kai appkai book house tak aa sakun
    Mai arab aur english aur urdu ka mutaleya kar latahoon quran shariff kaa per mari bewee kannad hijanti hai unkai leya Kuch Rahnoo kitabeen aur kannada translation Quran app hamara ghar kai pata per send kar deen to bhoot maharbanihugi aurmara bachoonkai ley achi see deni maloomat ki ketaban , Hamara Aqa(PBUH) ki sawana hayat aur sahba ki zendagi aur Hazraat Fatima, Hazrat Ayeesha aur hazrat Khatija aur dusra islami rhanamaa auratoon ki sawana hyat kikitabaan hooto bhi send karaeen

    Aurmara leya engish aur urdu translation Quran caheeya.

    App ka bhoot shukar guzar rahoon gaa
    mara gharka patahai
    Ezhar Ahmed No.60- 6th Block CSB Staff Qtrs,
    BTM layout Madiwala Bangalore 68. Cell No.9986746765, 8123639353.

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