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Salaam Centre Distributes the Quran in Bangalore Police Head Quarters

Staff Reporter | KMNN

Bangalore: May 27, 2011. Islamic organizations and people in the field of Da’wah, acknowledge the importance and necessity of presenting the Quran and introducing Islam in the police department. But the way the Salaam Center had organized the Quran distribution programme few days ago in the Bangalore Police Commissioner’s head quarters in a dignified manner is an example in itself. There is no such example in the entire history of independent India. The future historian will definitely write these events in the context of Indian tolerance. This programme of Salaam Center, while showing the open heartedness and interest of the Police commissioner and police department in understanding Islam, also reflects the concern of Mr. Hamid Mohsin, chairman of Salaam Center that the fellow countrymen get acquainted with the Holy Quran. Whoever makes the saying of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) “Convey on my behalf, be it a single verse” his mission, is gifted with such an abundant wealth – the treasures of which were blessed to the preachers of Islam like those of Hazrath Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz Ajmeeri (Rahmathullahi Alaihi)-who conveyed the true religion to one and all, be it the royal durbars or the common people. The blessings of these efforts are seen today in our beloved nation. Insha Allah, the distribution of the Holy in the police head quarters will prove to be one of the best things for Muslim Ummah.

The city police commissioner’s head quarters houses departments of law and order, crime, city intelligence, administration and control room, etc., which are managed by inspector general of police, additional commissioners, deputy commissioner and hundreds of inspectors. These are very important sections of the police department.

It is not easy to hold the ‘Quran distribution programme’ in the police department. Therefore to implement this important plan, Mr. Hamid Mohsin introduced it to the famed and reliable IPS officer in the police commissioner’s head quarters, Mr. U. Nisar Ahmed, IGP and additional commissioner who holds a key position in the Bangalore city police commissioner’s head quarters. He introduced Mr. Hamid Mohsin to Mr. Shankar Bidari, the city police commissioner. When Mr. Mohsin highlighting the objectives of the programme said that this will promote peace and brotherhood among fellow citizens of the nation, their misconceptions regarding Islam, the Quran and Muhammad (PBUH) will be cleared through promotion of the Holy Quran, Prophet’s life and introduction of Islam, and sought permission from police commissioner to distribute the Quran in his office, Mr. Shankar Bidari, immediately extended permission by saying, ‘Muhammad (PBUH) was a Prophet of peace. His message must also be presented in the same peaceful way. I understand the same methodology had been adopted by the Salaam Center. It is my request that you present this book of peace to all the officers in our police department’.

As soon as Mr. Hamid Mohsin received permission, he thanked the commissioner and U. Nisar Ahmed and started preparations. A beautiful package was made by Salaam Center which included Kannada translation of the Quran, a book on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a book introducing Islam, a book clearing misconceptions in the minds of non-Muslims, a book on Jihad and Terrorism, a DVD on revelation of the Quran and Prophet’s life, and folders on (1) Unity of God in Islam-A concise introduction of Islam, (2) A concise introduction of the Quran, (3) Allah’s Blessings on the all creations, (4) Women’s rights in Islam, (5) Would you like to know who Muhammad (PBUH) is?, and (6) Islam and Science.

These gift boxes of the Holy Quran were made in hundreds, which were taken in two vehicles with utmost dignity by Mr. Hamid Mohsin along with his team to the police commissioner’s head quarters. According to the programme, the gift boxes of the Quran were presented to 525 officers individually for a number of days. The kind of feelings which Hamid Mohsin went through while distributing the Quran in the commissioner’s head quarters (in his words) were, ”the kind of happiness one gets while presenting the Holy Quran and Prophet’s (PBUH) life to others cannot be achieved in any other activity’.

Every person entering into the police commissioner’s head quarters is checked thoroughly. This security check is tighter with Muslims these days. But we were treated quite differently here. The security officials would say with utmost respect that you have come here with a message of peace to present us the message of peace, how can we do checking of you people, we do not intend to shame ourselves by doing a check on you. On hearing this, Mr. Hamid Mohsin said, “It is Allah’s Blessings and a miracle of the Quran that they never knew us before but started recognizing us very soon. If we propagate Quran and introduce Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then people will start respecting us. Similarly, if our Muslim youth, with sincerity and devotion to Allah convey the teachings of the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the police stations of their localities, then surely a true identity of Muslims will evolve through these books and their misconceptions will also be cleared, Insha Allah ’.

He also narrated that a peculiar atmosphere was evolved in the vicinity of the police head quarters. Neither had I been there for any body’s recommendation nor to solve any problem, but I was there only as a representative of Islam to provide the Holy Quran to the people there. We saw that police officers started to embrace it as soon as they received the Quran and a few of them also started to read it immediately. I was astonished to notice the enthusiasm and their sentiments while receiving the Quran. Mr. Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) said as he was receiving the Quran that the procedure adopted by the Salaam Center to promote the book of Allah and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is commendable. This methodology is most relevant to the contemporary era. All religions preach tolerance, and this teaching is even more emphasized in Islam. We are pleased that Salaam Center is propagating this message in a most effective way. I thank and congratulate Mr. Hamid Mohsin from the core of my heart that he presented us a copy of the Holy Quran and the biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Mr. Sunil Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) welcomed Mr. Hamid Mohsin and said, “I am pleased to receive the Holy Quran in my own language, I’ll definitely read this. This is very much needed today. You spread this noble job further; this is a very good method. Our good wishes are with you that you are performing this great job with utmost sincerity. We congratulate and thank you for having spared your precious moments with us and presented us the Holy Quran and Prophet’s (PBUH) Seerah personally.

Mr. Ramaiah, Deputy Commissioner of Police said, “We deeply thank you that you have done a great favour upon us by gifting all of us the Kannada version of the Quran. Surely this will evolve brotherhood. We earnestly pray for you that may Allah Use your services to propagate the Quran to each and every person”. (He also requested another four sets of the Quran and Prophet’s (PBUH) biography to gift it to his friends)

Speaking to the media persons, Mr. Hamid Mohsin said, “It is my experience that despite media doing false propaganda against Islam since many years in an organized way and trying to form opinions and minds against Islam, a thirst exists in people to know Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That is why we saw that 524 officers of great ranks, (except a single officer), of the police department, did not object, not even showed their disinterest. This situation of the society is really a boon for us. If everything that media writes had been true, then a single officer would have accepted the Holy Quran and 524 police officers would have rejected it. But this did not happen; instead they accepted it very humbly. But it is unfortunate that we are not reaching out to our fellow countrymen and presenting the Quran. This is our mistake that we are slumbering away from this duty.

This time Mr. Hamid Mohsin, adopting a very different approach, met individually and earnestly requested them to carry this gift box to their homes, so that their children too can get to know about Islam by going through the other books on Islam besides the Quran, and that they too can read it in their weekends and leisure time. The effect of this strategy of Mr. Hamid Mohsin was such that when office hours concluded, hundreds of officers were moving towards their vehicles carrying the gift box of the Quran in their hands. Really it was a heartening and memorable moment. Later on Mr. Hamid Mohsin went to city intelligence, another important department of the commissioner’s head quarters, and when he presented the Quran to Mr. S.V. D’souza, deputy commissioner of police intelligence, he exclaimed, “Salaam Center is rendering a great service of promoting God’s word and message of peace with all sincerity. May Allah’s Blessings be upon this effort. It is with Allah’s Blessings alone that this kind of task could be done. I wish that May Allah further Shower His Blessings on the Salaam Center and its team. My wishes are with them”.

While presenting the Quran to several officers in the city intelligence department, two Muslim officers also came in contact. Both of them met with enthusiasm and said, “We know Salaam Center since many days and we had also been to your center, but we did not get the privilege to meet you. We are happy today that Allah has facilitated the meeting, we are proud of Salaam Center”. Thanking them, Mr. Hamid Mohsin said, ”Besides performing your duty here, you have another duty to perform, and that duty has been put on us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he said, ‘Convey on my behalf, be it a single verse’. Therefore, I request you to perform this duty by presenting this great gift of the Holy Quran to your non-Muslim friends.” On listening this, one of the officers asked for 11 copies and another requested 10 copies, and both of them gave the addresses and details of their non-Muslim friends. Besides this, we presented 150 gift boxes of the Quran to 150 non-Muslim officers in the intelligence department.

Later on when Mr. Hamid Mohsin reached city police control room, the police officers of great ranks present there stood in respect of the Holy Quran and said appreciating us, “We had been looking the ‘Quran for all’ hoardings in the city since many days. We were willing to get it and read, but it was today that Allah has made it reach us through you. We are thankful to Allah first and then we thank you that you have presented it to us by your own presence here. We will surely read this Holy Book and the Prophet’s (PBUH) biography ’.After concluding the programme of introducing Islam and distribution of the Quran through one-to-one contacts for several days, Mr. Hamid Mohsin thanked Mr. Shankar Bidari, Police Commissioner and Mr. U. Nisar Ahmed, I.G.P. Finally Mr. Hamid Mohsin prayed for Mr. U. Nisar Ahmed, through whom the permission for distribution of the Quran was granted. He said, “May Allah Reward him the best in this world and in the hereafter for his services. Aameen.”

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