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Rahman Khan Refutes Allegations in Amanath Bank’s 102 Crores Scam

Bangalore: In an exclusive interview with Mr. K. Rahman Khan Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha denied all the allegations summarily. He said, “Filing an FIR after so many years is a mischievous act, it is politically motivated. Some of the insiders in my party, and Bank including politicians are hand in glove with the other political party with the sole motive of influencing the judgments which are slated to be pronounced shortly. If any mistakes have happened, the Bank staff is responsible, we have identified the culprits and suitable legal action is under way. The C.O.D has been pursuing this and whoever has done wrong would be brought to justice. We are not directors for commercial gain. I and other directors are the promoters of the Bank. We have built it to one of the foremost Bank in its category. I deny all charges as baseless”

Earlier, Karnataka government has filed criminal cases against Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman K. Rahman Khan today. The F.I.R. filed by State Cooperation department against Mr. Khan is in connection with his alleged fraud and misuse of funds of Bangalore based “Amanath Cooperative Bank” when he was its president from 1998 to 2002.  It is learnt that criminal cases have been filed against Mr. Khan at Commercial Street police station here on February 9th under sections 104, 106, and 420 of the IPC.

Karnataka Minister for Cooperation, Mr. Lakhman Savdi, disclosed this in a press meet on February 10th here. He said, “In the capacity of president of the Amanath Bank Khan had approved loans to benami accounts. His misappropriation of funds amounts to the tune of Rupees 102.02 crores. Bank’s former president Mr. Ziaullah Shariff and its former director Mr. A.A. Qatib are also booked under the same sections.” Totally 11 persons have been booked in the crime, it is learnt.

A press release from Khan States:

“Filing an FIR without giving any notice or opportunity to me to explain or bringing to my notice any allegation is a deliberate attempt to tarnish my image.  My colleagues and I are the founders of the Bank and have built the Bank to the level of one of the leading Banks in the state.

I understand that the complaint relates to what has transpired in 1996 and 2000.  If this be true a criminal complaint after a lapse of 11 to 15 years is prima facie not tenable.  The first principle of law is when there is an offence immediate steps should be taken.  Delay in filing the complaint and FIR would clearly show that the complaint is motivated and is given at the instance of my political adversaries.

In one of the proceedings between the Bank and myself case is posted for orders on 11.02.2011.  To indirectly influence the said judgment, present complaint has been given with oblique motives and the information is released to media. The CEO of the Bank is highly prejudiced against me and had resorted to defame me.  I filed a suit and the Hon’ble City Civil Court, Bangalore has granted an order of injunction restraining her from defaming me.  She is trying to overreach the said order by filing this case and informing about the filing of this case to the media.

The purpose of filing complaint and informing the media is to prevent favorable order in proceedings posted for orders on 11.02.2011, to overreach the order of injunction, and is with malifide intentions and at the instance of my political adversaries.”

Urdu Media Went Blank on the Issue

  • The issue:  Very serious one, Rupees 102 crores in the Cooperative Bank that Muslim community boasts of as ‘’Apna Bank”.
  • Action: Karnataka government department filing the criminal offences cases against Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman K. Rahman Khan.
  • Severe action: Karnataka Minister disclosing this in a PRESS MEET.
  • Impact: All the newspapers in English, Kannada, and other languages prominently front-sheeted the news with Khan’s photo.
  • Electronic media: Many TV Channels also reported the matter in detail and kept on relaying it.
  • Urdu Newspapers: Our own “Hamara Akhbar” Urdu newspapers pages were prominent in choosing to not to carry the report at all—they simply went blank on the matter.
  • Kyunki hum wait karenge. When contacted the Urdu Newspaper offices had this to reply: We have no proof, we are waiting for the F.I.R copy! Are you listening Mr. Minister, poor chap! Remember next time you have a press meet, come armed with documentary evidence.

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