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Quran Translation in American English Released in Bangalore

From left to right Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, Moulvi Riyazur Rahman Rashadi, Mr. A. Jayram, Former Resident Editor, The Hindu, Bangalore, & Mr. Maqbool Ahmed Siraj, Journalist

Sayyid Anwer Ibrahim
Bangalore April 28, 2011. KMNN: The first ever translation of the Quran in modern, easy to read American English was released here today. The translation is done be Professor Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, a distinguished scholar, scientist, historian, inventor and a former member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly who currently resides in California.

Mr. A. Jayaram, former Resident Editor of the Hindu, Bangalore was the chief guest. Speaking to the distinguished gathering at the Bangalore Press Club he said, “Translation is normally a difficult task but translating the ‘Word of God’ retaining the richness of the Arabic language is a monumental work. This translation in modern American English is really the need of the hour as there are misconceptions about Islam in America which have increased in the aftermath of 9/11 events there. This translation is of high value and all should benefit from it.” Refuting the western attacks on Islam and Muslims, Mr. Jayaram said, “Islam is a religion of love, relating it with terrorism in any manner will simply be out of prejudice. Allegations of terrorism upon Muslims from any quarters, and ban on Burqa by

France and all such kind of acts emancipate out of misconceptions and misunderstanding of religion.” About Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, he said, “Dr. Nazeer Ahmed is really a gem of India; his services are more needed to the country. His settling in America makes India poorer, it is great loss for us, and it is a case of great brain-drain. We need many people like Dr. Nazeer for the good of our country.” Mr. Jayaram traced History of Quran translations dating back to centuries and remarked, “One of the earliest translations of the Holy Quran was made long ago on the orders of a prominent Hindu king in India at a time when Sindhi and Hindi languages were not even had evolved. This translation later paved the way for Quran translation into Sindhi and Hindi languages.”

Imam of City Jamia Masjid, Moulvi Riazur Rahman Rashadi speaking on the occasion said, “People spend years of their life in many pursuits but those who devote their time to the study of Quran are indeed fortunate. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed has done a very valuable work in translating the Holy Quran into American English, may this work spread to enlighten many people. I am sure this translation will spread all over the world providing light of knowledge. Translation from any language into another language is very difficult and translation of Holy Quran is still more difficult.”  Paying rich tributes to the translator he said, I have heard a lot about the great personality of Rank Nazeer Sahib and his good deeds. As he was a rank student throughout his life this work of Quran translation will certainly make him a rank holder before Allah and I am sure this work would become a reason for his success in the Aakhirah (hereafter).” The Moulvi Sahib advised: “We must give importance to Quran in our life. We should read, understand, and follow the Holy Quran. Reading Quran brings rewards from Allah, reading with understanding is necessary but, only reciting without understanding the meaning will also bring rewards from Allah. This is not so for any book in the world but it is the unique characteristic of the Holy Quran.”

Speaking on the occasion the translator Dr. Nazeer Ahmed said, “Each Word of the Quran has forty thousand meanings and a translation can never be said as complete or perfect. It is only the reflection of the meanings and attributes of the Word of God as understood by one. Hence, the meanings and their extent depends on one’s ability to reflect upon and interpret in the context of the developments and attainments of humanity at that point of time. It is therefore necessary to think in the light of latest research to understand varied aspects hidden in the treasure of every word of Quran.”

Dr. Nazeer said:

“The Quran is not an ordinary book. Its variegated meanings, rich vocabulary, elliptical passages, subtlety and grandeur do not lend themselves to an easy translation into another language. The sages have said that every Word of the Quran has forty thousand meanings.  Each word is like a diamond that shines in different colors under different wavelengths. As stated by the Quran:

Say: “If the ocean were ink
For (writing) the Words of my Sustainer,
Then, the ocean will be exhausted before the Words of my Rabb are completed,
Even if We bring another ocean to help it.” (18: 109)

As to what one understands of the Divine Word is ultimately a reflection of the Grace of God upon one’s heart. In addition, each language is culture bound. English, a modern language with a rich scientific and technical vocabulary, is different from the classical languages like Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin and Greek.”

He further enlightened:

“The Quran is a spiritual treasure for humanity. The essential message of the Quran is the unity of God and the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind. Its goal is to transform the individual so that he cultivates inner knowledge of the Divine and serves and worships Him. At the break of dawn, around the globe, more than 1.7 billion men and women, representing one in four of all human beings on this planet, are called to prayer. Among them are Americans and Indians, Russians and Nigerians, Indonesians and Chinese, Africans and Europeans, young and old, men and women. Those who respond recite a few passages from a common Book, glorifying the Name of God, celebrating His munificence and reaffirming the brotherhood of man. The opening recitation is the same whether you pray in Casablanca or Hong Kong, New York or Delhi. The Book that contains the recitations is the Quran.”

About the non-Muslims non Arabic speakers, Dr Nazeer said,

“Even those not familiar with the faith of Islam can enjoy a good recitation of the Quran from a well known classical Qari (reciter) of whom there are excellent ones in India. The recitation of the Quran is both an art and a science. The vibrations of the Word resonate with the soul, and for those who understand it, bring tears of joy from their hearts.”

This translation was done in Bangalore over a period of three years by Dr. Ahmed. It is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • It is done in modern, easy to understand American English
  • It stays true to the literal meaning of the Arabic words
  • It pays particular attention to the scientific, historical and spiritual nuances of the Quran.


For copies of this translation please contact:

Syed Tanveer Ahmed

Price Rupees. 290


About the Translator




  • Ph.D. (Theoretical and Applied Mechanics), Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., June 67
  • Ae.E. (Aeronautics), Caltech, Pasadena, CA, June 65
  • M.S. (Aeronautics), Caltech, Pasadena, CA, June 62
  • MBA. (Management), New York University and Rider University, Trenton, NJ. June 75
  • BS (Engineering), University of Mysore, India, June 61
  • PE, State of California
  • Spiritual training by His Eminence Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani of Cyprus and Turkey


  • 14 United States Patents in space based lasers and advanced composites
  • Program Manager, SDI Programs, (1982-92)
  • Chief Engineer, Hubble Space Telescope (1978-82)
  • Project Engineer on the Saturn, Apollo Missions and the Lunar Land Rover (1964-65)
  • Institute Scholar, California Institute of Technology (1961-64)
  • Scores of articles in the Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Applied Mechanics, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Journal of the Optical Society and other scientific journals
  • Author, Encyclopedia of Islamic History (2005)
  • Author, Islam in Global History (2003)
  • Author, What Makes Us Human, Spiritual Perspectives (1995)

Professional and Academic Experience:

  • Director, Organization for Resource Development and Education, Washington, DC (WORDE) (2005-Present)
  • Chairman, Delixus Software India Private Limited (2000-present)
  • Director, Systems Development, OEA Aerospace, Fairfield, CA. (1997-98)
  • Senior Vice-President, Compa Industries, Albuquerque, NM. (1994-97)
  • Adjunct Professor, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM (1995-96)
  • Program Manager, Hughes Aircraft Co., El Segundo, CA, (1986-94)
  • Department Manager, Electro-optical Systems, Hughes Aircraft Co., CA, (1984-86)
  • Project Manager, Hughes Aircraft Co., El Segundo, CA. (1982-84)
  • Group Leader, Perkin Elmer Corporation, Danbury, CT, (1979-82)
  • Group Leader, Lucent Technologies (1967-77)
  • Institute Scholar, Caltech, Pasadena, CA (1961-64)

Community Experience:

  • Elected Member, Legislative Assembly, Bangalore, India (1978)
  • Elected Delegate, Democratic National Convention, 42nd Congressional District (1988)

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  1. The work done by Dr. Nazeer Ahmed is truly one which needs to be appreciated. I congratulate Dr. Ahmed for his effort in making the word of Allah accessible to the english speaking folk. May Allah reward him in this life and in the hereafter.

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