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Promote Good Leaders: Mahaz Urges Muslim Organisations

Bangalore: Karnataka Muslim Muttahida Mahaz has urged the Muslim organistions to promote social leaders at all levels to replace present corrupt political leaders. “Though it is a long-term programme, the beginning has to be made at the earliest,” said Mahaz convenor Mr. Masood Abdul Khadir, at its general body meeting held on 4th February here.

Mahaz is the confederation of 28 Muslim organisations presently working in Karnataka state. Presenting the brief report of the Mahaz, Mr. Syed Muhammad Iqbal said, “From the past four years Mahaz has been engaged in creating political awareness in the community. It took up issues of electoral identity cards, detention of innocent Muslim youth, and publication of blasphemous story in the daily ‘Kannada Prabha.’ It participated in the ‘anti cow slaughter bill’ movement.” He also explained about the activities which Mahaz undertook to strengthen its presence.

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One Response

  1. Dear Sir,

    Mahaz is doing a good job, engaged in creating political awareness among the community members. Political awareness is a must in the present century. We have around 80 Lakhs Muslim population in Karnataka, and unfortunately we don’t have young Muslim leaders who are well qualified, with clean image, no criminal record and have passion in politics in order to serve the community, state and nation. A good Muslim leader, if he works with honestly, as a public servant, definitely, he will become popular among all sections of people. People need now a days good, non-corrupt leaders, who should be available to look into their grievances and solve their issues and problems with keen interest.

    If you find young people with all the good qualities, you can push them to come forward and contest the municipality elections/ Zillah parishad election, so that they can polish their abilities and can be qualified to enter into the Assembly elections. Mahaz can pick up the youth leaders from other sections / communities of the society also, so that we will have excellent leaders. If we have good leaders then we can have a good democracy, free from corrupt, injustice, and discrimination. Leaders should treat their people without any discrimination, and understand the concept and reward of service to humanity.

    Yes this is a long term program, and we must work hard in order to produce good, honest, public servant leaders so that they can re-define the definition of the leaders and deliver remarkable achievements for the public. We need very honest, dedicated, kind, generous and God fearing youth leaders. Mahaz is an umbrella of 28 organizations, Insha’Allah can do a remarkable job in producing good Muslim leaders (like Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. P. Chidambaram, Mr. Kapil Sibbal, Mr. Niteash Kumar, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, etc.

    Mahaz has to play a very vital role during election, make sure that secular votes should not be divided. There should not be more than one Muslim candidate in each constituency, where Muslims are in majority. If we use our mind and simple strategy, we can send at least 25 MLAs in the coming Karnataka Assembly, and they can change the shape of the state and re-define the meaning of a leader.

    You are doing excellent job, Millions of thanks for your efforts

    Wish you all the best, Allah bless Mahaz.

    Mohammed Saleem

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