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No efforts to promote tourism in Gulbarga and Yadgir

Dr. Rehaman Patel

(Right) Photographer Mohammed Ayazuddin, along with others, submitting a memorandum to the Asst. Director of Gulbarga Tourism Department

Gulbarga: In a meeting headed by State Tourism Minister, Mr. R V Deshpande, declared a list of 22 districts, selected 46 tourist places in Karnataka for adoption by the corporate sector for development under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Gulbarga and Yadgir districts have been erased from the list of tourist destinations for adoption by CSR. It is shocking news for historians, guides and social activists here.

A copy of the memorandum addressed to Mr. R V Deshpande was handed over by Mr. Laxman Dasti and Mr. Nagalingaiah who are the president and secretary of Hyderabad Karnataka Janapara Sangarsha Samiti, to include Gulbarga and Yadgir in the list under CSR.

In a joint statement they said that the Union and State government, from the beginning, took a step back to introduce in these areas as tourism destinations. They also narrated that Gulbarga is the founder capital of Bahmani Kingdom, Holkonda fort being Asia’s second largest Jama Masjid inside the fort, tombs at Haft Gumbad complex including Firoz Shah Bahmani outer part and interior having Persian style and intricate stucco work is one of its kind in Hyderabad Karnataka region.

Apart from this Rastrakutas ruled at Malkhed and Sannati, who were meant to be one of the most important Buddhist centres having beautiful architecture, but were not concentrated upon as tourist destinations till today.

They warned the government that the people of this region would not tolerate this now. They urged to include these two districts immediately as tourism destinations which are well connected with major railway lines and road ways.

The new generation is unaware of the rich history of the district due to the negligence of government and local leaders, who did not turn their heads to introduce the rich historical monuments to the world of tourism.

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