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Nation Building on a Fast Pace: ‘Vision 2016’ of Human Welfare Foundation

India is a developing country, rather, very near to being a developed country in the near future. Yet, a large population of India lives in poverty lacking basic amenities and education. Things are picking up with government programmes, and the real hope lies in public participation by non-government organizations (NGOs) for public welfare.  The “Human Welfare Foundation,” a dedicated NGO is engaged in envisaging exemplary programmes and painstakingly working to implement them for the multifarious benefits of the downtrodden masses in India.

KMNN: Bangalore, March 15, 2011. The “Human Welfare Foundation,” (HWF) is working on a developmental plan for the downtrodden named ‘Vision 2016′ with an estimated budget of Rupees. 5000 crores. Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmed is the facilitator of the project in Karnataka. Mr. Mohammed Sadath, State Coordinator of HWF outlines the details of ‘Vision 2016′ in an exclusive interview with the

We are living in a country where one-thirds of country’s population finds it hard to have two times meal and basic necessities for its survival. The gap between rich and poor is increasing by the day. Today those who earn Rupees 60 per day are considered richer than 70% population of India.

In order to fill this vacuum, “Human Welfare Foundation” has undertaken the task to uplift minorities, deprived and deserving sections of the society under the project ‘Vision 2016′.

Vision 2016 is a well planned, strategy based 10-years project (2006 to 2016) to bring transformation on the landscape of the country. The plan envisages establishing multifarious institutions across the country, with a strong human resource of committed volunteers and recognized community leaders. It focuses on the highly deserving and most deprived areas of our country.

Our mission is to serve the poor and deprived sections of the society by providing them the basic amenities like education, health care, food and shelter that equip individual to become an equal partner in the progress of the nation.

It serves the purpose of humanity with the proximity to the Will of the Almighty. It is dedicated to going beyond charity by enabling the people to their fullest of extent. Its true virtue lies in making a society having peace, prosperity and justice for all. It calls for a society with all equality for the maximum of the masses. It enables the have-nots to access the resources for a total change in their lives and hence promotes the country to step into a new world. It helps people meet their social and spiritual needs by their own efforts. It strives to build trust and relationship with the needy people whose prosperity and security are ever at stake. It is all about a total upliftment of the Indian society with a view of vertical mobility of every individual and group of people.

The ‘Vision 2016′ has an estimated budget of Rs. 5000 crores, to be pooled from philanthropists and funding agencies. Up thrust areas of the program are Education, Healthcare, Micro Finance, protection of civil rights, relief and rehabilitation, employment generation programme, and Women Empowerment, etc. Target beneficiaries are defined by Sachar Committee Report, i.e. Indian minorities. But focus goes to minorities residing in northern half of the country i.e. from Assam to Gujarat.

As all creatures are the members of Allah’s family; and who ever show mercy on his creatures, Allah will show mercy on him. Hence HWF calls the humanity to think globally and not locally. Let the money, skill and resources given by Allah be shared with entire humanity. As a role of agent, it invites the philanthropists and NGO’s to reach out to the highly deserving and deprived localities of our country.

The Prophet (S.A.S) said (meaning of a Hadith): The one who looks after and works for welfare of a widow and a poor person, is like a warrior fighting for Allah’s Cause or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all the night.

Get into action to make a positive difference in the life of the needy. Get connected with HWF.

Head Office:
Human Welfare Foundation,
108, Pocket-1, Beside Living Style Mall, Jasola,
Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110025,
Phone: 011-29945999,

State Office:
Mohammed Sadath,
State Coordinator, Human Welfare Foundation, Shanti Sadan, No. 52, 2nd Main Road,
1st Block, R.T. Nagar, Bangalore – 32, Phone: 2432273, Mob: 9353057004,

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