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Nation builder in deep sleep!

Emraan khan

We are living in an era in which everyone is aware of their rights and the way to procure them. Today, every worker and employee is connected with one or the other association. Auto-drivers, barbers, lorry owners, videographers, laborers, etc. have realized the importance of forming an association and showing their unity.

But where is the nation builder in this realm? There are thousands of private teachers still being manipulated by school managements. They leave no stones unturned to squeeze out last drop of sweat from teachers in exchange of meager salary of five to eight thousand rupees per month. There are many teachers who have been earning below ten thousand rupees after a long service.

Many teachers in private schools are even happy to be manipulated. Many even say that they are ready to be sold for whatever amount of salary offered. There is a dearth of government appointments, and this manipulation will surely grow more.

A teacher is one who makes the children realise their rights and fight for them. But, the nation builder himself has forgotten their own status and rights. When will this awareness come to teachers? When will we get to see unity among them? Is it a proof that current education system is making its learners forget his/ her rights? Is it working on pacifying sense of procuring one’s status? Well! One may say, it is making us forbear all types of manipulation.

There is a huge need to do something about it. There should be an association at every level to bring unity among them. There should be fixation of minimum pay and job security. Why can’t teachers’ community stand in support of a teacher who gets fired for silly reasons? Our heart goes out to those poor teachers who are taking care of their family in petty salaries. Govt. needs to think about it. But there must be some initiation from teachers but who would wake them up from this deep slumber?

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