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Muslim population in Karnataka an Analysis-1

by Qazi Arshad Ali, MLC and senior journalist, Bidar

Census 2011 is in progress. This is seventh census since independence. After independence, it was in 1951 when for the first time census was conducted which showed how many people from both the countries had migrated from one another as a result of partition. However, in context of the creation of Pakistan, Hindu population from Pakistan had come to India, and Muslim population from India had migrated to Pakistan.

Hence, we cannot say precisely how many Muslims had migrated from India to Pakistan. When the census was conducted for the second time in independent India in 1961, the process of reorganisation of states had been completed and the system of our governance was almost in control and the dimension of discussions regarding the census was also changed. In 1961 and later, whenever the statistics of the latest census were made public, the Hindu fundamentalist organisations triggered the issue of extreme rise in Muslim population, and it was highlighted that since Muslims don’t do family planning and there is a provision for a Muslim to have four wives, hence the growth rate is more than Hindus and people of other religions. This fear was also projected that if the growth rate of Muslims continue this way, then within years they can become majority community and the Hindus might become minorities. Interestingly for the last 50 years or so, this issue has been a weapon for the Hindu fundamentalist organisations. This should be clear that not only the majority community but also the minorities including Muslims are in great confusion regarding the population statistics. Lack of proper information and emotional analysis of every issue has been a weakness of the Muslim leadership. In this way issues get complicated instead of getting solved and we waste our time and energy in this kind of useless discussions. Since census is being conducted these days, and discussions on this issue have already been started, an attempt is being made to analyse the Muslim population in Karnataka so that we may assess the true situation concerning Muslim population when the statistics of the 2011 census are out.

The present geographical structure of Karnataka was formed on 1st November 1956 as a result of the reorganisation of states. Prior to that, Karnataka was divided into several parts. Muslims’ advent to the present Karnataka had begun very soon after the advent of Islam in Arabia. The connection of Muslim Arab businessmen with the coastal region of Kerala and Karnataka is very ancient. They established their colonies in the west coast of India. Ibn-e-Batuta, in his travelogue, written in 1342, has mentioned a Muslim state in Honnavar, and has revealed that even at that time separate institutions were established for girls’ education. The generations of Arab Muslims present in the Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Uttara Kannada districts of south-west coastal Karnataka are Mapilla, Byari and Navayath. These people speak Malayalam, Konkani, Navayathi and Byari languages.

After the two centuries of establishment of Muslim colonies in South Karnataka and coastal Kerala, the advent of Muslims began in North India and it was in 13th century when Muslims came to north Karnataka, who later scattered across the state gradually. Today a majority of Muslims, who came from North India, speak Urdu language. Muslims progressed and strengthened the foundations of Islamic civilisation in Karnataka during the rule of Bahamanis and Bareed Shahees in Gulbarga and Bidar, and Adil Shahees and Asif Jahees of Hyderabad in Bijapur.

According to the available official record of Muslim population in Karnataka, in 1911, the percentage of Muslim population in Karnataka of that time was 8.64 percent, whereas according to the 1931 census it was 9.36 percent which went up to 10.05 percent in 1951. It is shown in records of 1961 census that the percentage of Muslim population in Karnataka was 9.87 percent. An analysis of Muslim population in contrast with the total population since 1961 till 2001 is as follows:

Year of Census Total Population Muslim Population Percentage of Muslim Population
1961 2.3 Crore 23.28 lakh 9.87 percent
1971 2.93 Crore 31.13 lakh 10.63 percent
1981 3.71 Crore 41.63 lakh 11.21 percent
1991 4.49 Crore 52.34 lakh 11.64 percent
2001 5.85 Crore 64.46 lakh 12.23 percent

In 1961, there were only 19 districts in Karnataka, when Bidar was on top in terms of percentage of Muslim population which had 18.6 percent of Muslims, whereas Mandya was at the bottom of the table with 3.49 least percentage of Muslim population. It is worth mentioning that Bidar and Mandya maintained their status of large and least populated districts with Muslims from 1961 till 1991. Prior to the 2001 census, seven new districts were formed in Karnataka, as a result of which Dakshina Kannada (Mangalore) stood first in terms of Muslim population with 22.07 percent, whereas Mandya maintained its last place.

According to the census conducted in 2001, out of 27 districts, 17 districts had more than 10 percent of Muslim population and other 10 districts had less than 10 percent of Muslim population. In 12 districts of north Karnataka i.e. Belgaum and Gulbarga division, the percentage of Muslim population is 14.39, whereas in 15 districts of south Karnataka, the percentage is 10.15. As it is known that Bidar, Gulbarga, Raichur and Koppal districts which were earlier a part of Hyderabad state, have a different identity in terms of culture language and concentration of Muslim population. Muslims are 15 percent in Gulbarga revenue division and 14 percent in Belgaum division i.e. Mumbai-Karnataka region.

At the time of independence, a large part of the Muslim population from north India and Hyderabad state had migrated to Pakistan, and after independence, a large number of people from rural areas have been shifting to urban areas, and this process is in continuation even today. It is for this reason that Muslim population is concentrated in urban areas. According to the 2001 census, the total population of Karnataka was 52850562, in which 6463127 i.e. 12.23 percent are Muslims. Out of these 3815301 i.e. 59 percent of Muslim population leave in Urban areas, whereas 2647828 i.e. 41 percent of Muslims leave in rural areas. The ratio of women when compared to 1000 men is 957, and the literacy rate is 70 percent.

After independence, from 1951 to 2001, census has been conducted for six times. The percentage of Muslim population during these 50 years has risen from 9.87 percent to 12.23 percent. That means the growth rate of Muslim population is just 2.36 percent.

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  1. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  2. good, valuable information keep it up

  3. Dear Qazi Sahab
    I read your article. It’s very informative. Thanks a lot.
    You are the asset not only for the muslims of K’nataka, but for all the communities.
    Let me thank MrTanveer also for providing this platform.
    With warm regards,
    Juned U Khan
    Dammam. KSA

  4. Thanks a lot for the; valuable information;..

  5. alhamdu lillah. Br. qazi sahib .thank u for take care about the cences karnataka.
    i am very proud to yours act of this way.

  6. Hello sir.. It was great pleasure reading this article.. I appreciate your work towards our community…


      • Yah.. Raheel bhai r u right, We have to do Somthing Good for our Muslim Brothers & Sisters. :)

      • yes even i want to do….there are many people in karnataka who do not have job to do …i wish i could do something to them …..atleast some good job

      • Asslam Alaikum,

        You are RIGHT brother, we need to make our Community very Strong……..

  7. valuable information,
    can you provide the same analysis on the other states of india……….
    any way thanks a lot

  8. aap logo k jriyeh say hmay wo jaankariya mil jati hai jo ki media may nhi btai jate hai allah aap logo ko kamyabi ata kray

  9. Thanx for the informative article. This site also help me to know more about our brothers in Karnataka, i’m bookmarked this page.

  10. Good, felt a kind of satisfaction by seeing your site accidently . will see in detail tomorrow. I repeats here the wordasof Janab Azeem Khan .

  11. i am proud to be a muslims sites

  12. According to the 2001 census, 12.23 percent are Muslims says this report. The report is giving all details, but many muslim top officers doubt this 12.23 percent so are old persons who have many details of muslim population and i have heard from many of these persons that muslims population in karnatak is more than 20%. it is sure atleast 20 % is guaranteed.
    This census officers not give corect infomaton about muslims you know.
    But very good artilce with lot of good points God Bless you Qazi sab

  13. Yes brother it is more than 20%. for sure but as you tell officers are not honestly working i think in this census we have to be more carefull by putting all our details without missing one single house also.

  14. Assalam good work what about the 2011 census will u pls update us

  15. assalam
    good work sir keep like this thanks for showing this census in orginal face

  16. Nice Information.

  17. i think JIH Karnataka can do better job as they have very good infrastructure throughout the state.

  18. INSHA ALLAH! I will utilize this wonderful data at this related stage.

  19. Assalam alaikum rehmat Allah.
    “Badi mushkil se hota hai chaman may deedawar paida”
    subhan Allah, Allah keeps your incoherent passion.
    Take care, our immense wishes with you & with your kin n kith.
    Insha Allah, when ever i am in Haram e Shareiff , pray for your great efforts, health and wealth as well.
    With Best regards,
    NHK Ahamed
    Makkah Al Mukarramah – Jeddah, K.S.A

  20. Masha Allah. A very good informative report. Keep it up

  21. qazi sahab assalam alykum

  22. A most commendable effort in starting this website. Although Muslims form a substantial part of the population of Karnataka, seen percentage wise, Karnataka has the highest percentage of Muslims in all of South India, they have so far been found relegated to the margins of all political activity. We need to build on our strengths and change our destiny. I hope and pray that the momentum of this website is only accelerated in the future.

  23. As per present census karnataka muslim population is 11% compair to 2001 census it was around12.23%

  24. Is mohammad asif from hyderabad i would like to say thanks to all team member of this website and oneday this website will become more popular this site is helpfull to the people of karnataka to know the living standard of muslims in the state of karnataka.

  25. Assalam Alaikum;
    Your analysis is a mirror, how, who looks, which angle is depend. To me your analysis is informative. Some comments why I don’t know they are against this. But, I say, if not by Qazi, it is available in census report, nothing like hiding it.

  26. Thanks Quazi shaib for sharing information,
    I have certail question in my mind, hope you will be able to replay,
    1- How many LS and local assembly seats where Muslim votes can be decider ?

  27. It’s a good information. While searching Dawat site I found this site too. Useful information indeed. I wish if we get a handy information about the national population and percentage of Muslims, as it is the most controversial part of discussion. some people deliberately suppress the information or facts.

  28. excellent information khazi bhai, i think most of our own muslim politicians were unaware my appreciations

  29. Qazi Arshad Ali and others in this forum:

    Would you mind responding to the following, please?

    a) By the statistics you quote, the Karnataka Muslim populationgrew 25% in size in the past 50 years. Sure, you can frame it otherwise by saying that 25% is just 2. percent. However that small percent of a large number is still a large number. And relative to its original numbers it is still a 25% growth. Now why wouldn’t anyone (other than a politician depending on votes from that sub-group) be concerned, alarmed even?
    I am, and I profess no allegiance to any faith so please don’t blame me as a fundamentalist or some such thing. I am alarmed that not addressing this issue will lead to, in some time short or long, to a complete change of the culture and demographics and practices of the host country.
    How would you insure that it doesn’t happen? and if you don’t then those Hindu (and other) fundamentalists you berate have a right and good reason to be alarmed, concerned, agitated…over what lies ahead for their progeny.

  30. fine article sir is there any citizen journalist coulumn in ur site and also plz make a column to upload videos of karnataka specially negligent monumwnts of bijapur waiting for ur reply.

  31. Thanks a lot giving honest and good information.

  32. I was in just to gather some statics on mulims in karnataka. So much i got from this article.Expecting another article based on census-2011 by respected Quazi sahab,

  33. A valuable information for all at all time.GREAT EFFORT.

  34. this website may be made more useful by adding information about the several schemes run by government for minorities in karnataka in a detailed manner by a personality of high influence like QAZI SAHAB, M.L.C

  35. Assalam valaikum bhai i think dat there r more muslim n karnataka but y the officers are not showing correct result

  36. Great Info, Random googling lead me to this site. I am Proud Gulbargian, one of the Best Place for Muslims in Karnatka.

    I will be regular visitor from now on:)

  37. Improve the power of Muslimes…

  38. Assalaam walaikum…Eid mubarak to all my muslim ummah…
    Sir,is it true that as per 2001 census,actual muslims population in India is 18percent? I heard government is intentionally hiding this number…
    And If we searched in wikipedea about muslims population in Karnataka,it shows muslims are 11percent but actual percent is 13percent,here BJP government is hiding it for political use.
    In west bengal,muslims are 28.33 percent as per 2011 census. And 26.05 percent in Kerala as per 2011 census..
    Can someone tell me whats muslims population in Andhra Pradesh? Some says its 9percent and some says its 14percent,want to know truth.

    Whats percentage of muslims in Hyderabad? Before becoming Greater Hyderabad,muslims were 41percent and now demography has changed,can someone tell here current muslims population in Hyderabad?

    How many are indigeneous muslims in Assam? Some stats say its 9million and rest 2million bangladeshi immigrants……
    What is current muslim population in Banglore? 1million official record says but by looking into Banglore this is hard to believe because it clearly looks like muslims are near to atleast 30percent of Banglore population……..

    • current population of muslims in india is more then 30crore, thats why non bliever target muslims to kill them but inspite of that its growing as allah said in quran this religion will supersite to all relgion, these non bliever doing planning to live better for that child restriction has been implimented this is the majore mistake our growth rate is 40% and their its just 12%.. eg we 2 our 2, many peoples dont marry many are gays lasbian and many are one child or no chiled bcouse of which there nos of child will be reducing it will DEcrease HEAVLY after few decade,

      present time at europe and americans IF THEY HAVE 10 child in which 5 are muslims bcoze they dont marry if they did then who is going to take care that child as they want another women after a periode of time thats WHY today some 50lacks peoples are their in moscow alone, within next just 30 all erupe will become islamicstate bcoze of imigration of islam and conversion as they are doing wrong against us its helping to grow, do u know when 9/11 happen at time itself many peoples accpeted islam u know they read quran also media expose stating its inside job……….ALLAH IS GOOD PLANNER,….. BIG NEWS ADVANI AND AMITABH BACCHAN IS READING QURAN DO U KNOW THAT? SISTER INLAW OF TONY BLAIR ACCPETED ISLAM, THAT TIME WILL NOT AWAY WHEN BUSH WILL ALSO ACCPET ISLAM…….AMEEN

      • Mr. Rafique,

        India can do without people like you. Muslims in general are lagging behind others as far as family planning is concerned. It is more to do with their illiteracy than anything else. Only in India, Amitabh and Advani will read Koran and President Abdul Kalam will read Gita. India is a true example in the world where multiple religions flourish.

      • That is what Kuran is all about you said here!!!
        Islam is a curse to this earth!!! Islam is only teaching you people that those do not believe in Islam should be not allowed to live on the earth.

        If religion is the only thing which can unite people then there would have been only one country in Arab.

  39. Dear brothers and sisters,
    i am going to perticipate for MP election this time, objective is to
    streamline ummah toward quran and hadith,
    to help them by giving world class education freely insha allah
    to help them by removing fear so that they can teach islamic massege to non blievers, as quran says you should deliver the massenge accpet or not its their own choice but we should do dawah which is not there in the sociaty i feel on the day of judgement these non bliever will give shahada stating we dont know quran massenge as these peoples kept themselves which can be reason for hell for us
    now a days chirstians are spreading there religion by spending money not with the msg of bible as bible is not the word of God pl read genesis 19 for details and decide urself remember these peoples who has taken our kingdom last 300 year back now they want our iman also they are misguiding muslims stating we are terriorist as whol world know hitler is biggest terriorist who killed 600000000 jews and america put nuclear on japan and killed lacks of peoples in iraq and afghanistan……commen pl

    i have very loude an fearless voice which i want to utilise at parliment in favour of musalman and other common man to whome these politician utilise for their gain insha allah i am not going to spend money also i am not going to earn personally what ever i earn its for peoples only allah has given enough money to me bcoze my family is self depended on commercial part, i am 30y old prsntly i am working with MNC when i read quran with understanding i was shocked we are fool as we kept this book into secrate place, this book has falsfication test too, then i thought lets become powerfull person to protect peoples so that they can spread this massege wihtout any fear……….waiting for your comment on this pl

  40. Thanks for top most valvable gk for my child about karnataka muslims

  41. Amazing information.

  42. As-salaam-u-alaikum Kazi Sahaab,i must commend the wonderful work done regarding the census, i would be eternally grateful if you could or direct me to somebody that can assist.My maternal grandfather had a Quraan on which was written Karanataki,He left home at the age of 12 because his parents refused to give him a section of land on which the date trees grew.He travelled by foot to Sudan and bought identity papers in the name of Abdul Gani Adam Shaikjee and continued S Africa .He was now 40 yrs of age and the year being 1900 as his first child of 12 children was born.So according to my estimation he was born around 1860 and left home around 1872.How can i trace my ancestors in your region. Best salaams and duas , gulam ghous

  43. What is the percentage of Muslims in Karnataka in 2011 Cencus?? Can you shed light on this cencus???Please

    • Dear Sayed Abdulhayan brother. as of Nov. 2012 Census, the total percentage of Muslim population in Karnataka is 1.67 Crores which means 32% of total population

  44. ASSALAAMU ALAIKUM my all Muslim Brothers and Sisters.,

    These statistics of Muslim populatio in Karnataka is totally wrong.. According to Wikipedia, as of Nov. 2012 the Muslim poulation in Karnataka is 1.67 Crores out of 5.31 Crores. That means almost 32% of Karnataka population are Muslims.

    Try and read the actual article from Wikipedia which maintains correct statistics….

    • Mr. Bangalore. Are you at least aware of what u r referring to??? OMG Wikipedia!!! The said site had fed u with wrong statistics Sro/Sis

  45. Thnxx sir

  46. Accidently I found this website and surprised to see the articile and activities, let me tell you every single step towards empowering and leveraging community shoud be appreciated and frankly speaking this is commendable work and plateform. Jazak ALLAH

  47. Qazi Arshad Ali,
    MLC Bidar

    Appreciate your efforts Sir,

    With best Regards from the people of Bidar

    Ilyas Ahmed

    Dammam Eastern Province
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  48. you have done good work kindly up date to 2013

  49. salam ,
    let all of us communicate this information to young muslim generation. then only we can create awareness in muslim community & educate them about their rights, about their strength.

  50. Valuable information…jazakallah khair

  51. Plz inform resented information

  52. Very good info thanks for sharing the knowledgeable information with us.

  53. very good effort…

  54. Dear Qazi Arshad Ali Sahab,

    Thanks for publishing informative Column, you have provide us very clear picture & figures of Karnataka Muslims Population with the help of Census from 1961 thru 2001 really it’s highly appreciated efforts you have made it.
    We are expecting to be publish Censes 2011 Reports as well.

  55. Very concerned info. All muslims should take special interest in registering Aadhar card and also for election list. Thanks to Qazi Arshed for his effforts

  56. Masha allah good innitiative,keep me posted

  57. Thanks for the info..
    To preserve secularism in India, we need to control this by having common civil code. I hope our govt will look at this.

  58. By birth I am from Mysore, an appreciable endeaver, the heart touching information is the litracy rate rather than population growth. All the best sir.

  59. Had it been explained through graphics would have given more clarity, however effort is commendable

  60. Please keep doing like this type of information, its very important to know about our community details in Karnataka. all the best to you.

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    Best Regards

  62. the census info is absolute. some comments just overexert muslim population to 20percent its false. actually we lag in education and census is proof of the thing (bihar growth is high all people are poorer than karnataka) . i know truth is bitter but we should start such forms of family planning which is acceptable in islam bcoz then we can be rich, more educated , standard , modern and developed. we shouldnt blame govement for all our backwordness but should start working to become more prosporous

  63. Mashaallah
    Allah ap ko jezaye khair de.
    Isi terhan dosre stat k b report bahir layee yega.
    Allah hafiz

  64. It is very sad that Muslims are 12% of our population. Because most of the muslims are cruel and fundamentalists. As Muslim population increases in society, all bad things starts to happen in society.
    Muslims never treat other religion people as humans, we can see example for this in Pakistan,Bangla,and numerous Muslim countries.

    This will be very difficult live with Muslims. All most all the Muslim countries in the world are engaged in war with their minorities. Muslims should learn humanity first. Someone need to teach humanity for Muslims especially in Karnataka

    • I like Muslims of Karnataka. They are good people. I have many good experiences from Muslims of Karnataka State. Though i came from Kerala, Muslims of Bangalore consider me as a brother. May God Bless them !

  65. Meaning of word islam is dear friends be in peace and harmony with bro and sis of other religioun

  66. Assalamalaikum WR WB….

    Good information,
    I appreciate Mr. Qazi Arshad Ali Sahab for this job…

  67. It’s very informative, Let all of us communicate this information to young muslim generation. then only we can create awareness in muslim community & educate them about their rights, about their strength. inshallah we will grow more than 50%.. “Ye mulk hamara tha hamara hai hamara rahegaaaa” :) inshallah..

  68. Irrelevant…. Moderator should check this kind of nonsense Messages .

  69. Dear brother Ateeq, salam alaikum.

    it could be better to control yourself & be moderate for while.
    Good luck
    NHK Ahamed.

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