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Munawwar Pasha Honoured with Doctorate

Laeequllah Khan Mansoori | KMNN

RAMANAGARAM: Sept. 27, 2011. Mr. G. S. Munawwar Pasha, professor in Ghousia College of Engineering, Ramanagaram has been conferred with a Doctorate for his thesis on “Urban and Rural Bulk Precipitation Chemistry” by the Vishveshwarayya Technological University, Belgaum. The Laplambart Academic Publishers of Germany has offered to publish and promote his work world-wide. Mr. Munawwar Pasha hails from Kolar where he completed his preliminary education in New Government High School. He also excelled during his college days in Government First Grade College, Kolar. Later he graduated in civil engineering with flying colours from B.M.S. College of Engineering in Bangalore in 1989. He completed M.Tech from P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya. On the advice of Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, of Al-Ameen Education Society he joined the Ghousia College of Engineering of Ramanagaram as a professor in Civil Engineering. Mr. Munawwar Pasha is serving here for the last 23 years. Beside academic interests, Mr. Pasha is also serving as a consulting civil engineer. He is president of a Masjid in the town and secretary of the local Lions Club. Speaking to Karnataka Muslims, Mr. Pasha expressed thankfulness to Almighty Allah for his accomplishments. “Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering are very useful fields. There is a lot of scope for work and research in it” he said.  He has assured assistance for civil engineering students in any matter related to academic pursuits and has also urged the students to work hard in their academics and excel in it. He can be contacted at Email: [email protected]


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  1. Congrats Dear Munawwar Bhai,
    You have made me proud, I am thrilled to see your photograph after many years. I met you at Tabligh Markaz in Kolar decades back. Both of us graduated from BMSCE, I joined in 1989. Hope you are in touch with Babajan Sab, Mohammed Haneef sab & Hashmat Sir (Alas he is not there at Ghousia Engg. College).
    May Almighty Allah take you to dizzying heights.
    May Almighty Allah make you one of the top Civil Engineer of the country (just like Prof. H. R. Viswanath a Top Structural Engineer, Former Principal of BMSCE) Aameen.
    May Allah bless you & Your family with the best. Ameen
    Syed Hafeezulla, Abu Dhabi

  2. Dear Munawar Uncle,

    Many Many congratulations to you. We all of us seen your photo on the web Karnataka Muslims.

    May Allah bless you with many more achievements in your life time.

    Yours Sincerely,

    S.M. Azharuddin (BE)
    S.M. Tansiruddin (Dip Auto Cad)

  3. Great………,
    A son of Kolar has achieved such a great feet, many many congratulations to you and the power behind this success(Entire family & friends in general and your wife in particular),
    May the almighty Allah bestow upon you the best that you deserves, and the muslim community in particular shall be benefitted by your experience.Ameeeeeen

    • May Almighty Allah take you to dizzying heights.Many Many congratulations to you.


  4. May Almighty Allah take you to dizzying heights.May the almighty Allah bestow upon you the best that you deserves, and the muslim community in particular shall be benefitted by your experience.Ameeeeeen


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