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Mufti Ashraf Ali launches ‘Oonchi Aawaz,’ Urdu Weekly

From right: Abdul Haleem Mansoor, Muhammed Khaliq, Ibraheem Nafees, Mustafa Rifahi, Mufti Ashraf Ali, Hafiz Karnataki, Siddiq Alduri and Rizwanulla Khan

Shoaib Shaikh | KMNN

Bangalore. June 19, 201. At the launch of ‘Oonchi Aawaz,’ an Urdu weekly, Mufti Ashraf Ali, Ameer-e-Shariyat, Karnataka told the Journalists and audience that any effort carried out in good faith and dedication within the limits of the laws of Allah will be considered as worship. The launch was held at Dar us Salaam, Queen’s Road here on June 17.

Mufti Ashraf Ali lauded the power of the pen and said Allah has made this lifeless creation, a source for knowledge. Definitely pen is priceless and so are the writers and journalists who use it audaciously to decipher the truth and reality in the society. Pen should never become a tool to hurt others.

Mufti Ashraf Ali also emphasized the importance of Urdu and Arabic languages. All the languages are Allah’s creation but Arabic has an edge over others precisely because of the fact that it is a language in which holy Quran was revealed. Its grammar is vast and eloquent. Similarly Urdu has a lot of delicacy which is not found most other languages. Urdu is considered as the last language which won recognition across the globe.

Ibrahim Nafees, editor, ‘Oonchi Aawaz’ in his introductory talk said, “I have established this venture under the supervision of Mufti Ashraf Ali. I am hopeful that the readers will extend their full cooperation in making this venture a success.” He further added, “My aim is to make this weekly a platform to address Muslim issues.”

The efforts of other Urdu Journalist like Siddique Alduri of Salar, Rizwanullah Khan and Abdul Haleem Mansoor of Siyasat and Mohammed Aqlaq of Rashtriya Sahara were also commemorated


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  1. Congrats, Hope Your Weekly do well. Best Wishes

  2. dear brother nafees congrates and best wishes i know you very well you are very good in urdu like your brother journalism is very tough job that to urdu. Allah may help you.

  3. nafees bhai bahut shukriya aap ne bangalore se weekly ki kami ko pura kiya

  4. per aap paper ka mutal,aa karsakte hain

  5. bahut bahut mubrak ho anees sab.

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