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Modesty vs Arrogance


The creation of this universe and placing mankind on it as Supreme and all other Nature’s objects and surroundings for the sole benefit and enjoyment of mankind itself. If we deeply think and observe the human race, Allah has imbibed different feelings and passions in all the human beings in this world. In other words, they are no two human beings similar in all respects in this world.

However, with proper upbringing, passage of time and surroundings or the atmosphere in which we grow, all human beings absorb two very important qualities, i.e., Modesty and Arrogance. Each human being has both of them, but in different proportions. You are modest and less arrogant, you are sure to be successful in life. If you are more arrogant and less modest, than you are sure to encounter obstacles, oppositions and problems everywhere in day to day life. Here it is needless to add that the parents and the family play a very important role in shaping your life and make you a modest and humble person. When we grow and assume responsibilities to lead a good life, both professional and family life, we have to care for our own personality development. Here, religious teachings and rituals play a very important role. That’s why our Great Prophet Muhammed (S) and the teachings of the Holy Quran have given more importance to Namaz, which is a sure way to be modest and humble in life.

However, human nature cannot totally segregate arrogance in life. Arrogance generates itself anger, dissent. Anger is automatic if the other person is not behaving properly or cheating, scolding you for no fault of yours. But it can be controlled or reduced to a great extent. For that, we should develop a strong will to change ourselves for the better. Abundant arrogance, false prestige and family status etc, lead one to failures and ultimately to destruction.

See what happened to the world history in the immediate past few decades. The arrogance of a few so-called rulers who actually became dictators “Themselves” after coming to power. They have not only ruined their people’s lives, but push their nations several decades behind.

Politeness in our approach towards all the people we come across in our day to day lives is very essential. Be with the family members, our neighbours, our colleagues, in our work place or customers in our business etc. In family atmosphere, there are some very delicate relations, which we have to value and give special importance. The most important in such relationships is that of a married girl moving to her In-law’s house. She has to be trained to be very humble, polite, respectful and modest towards her husband, in-laws and other members in the new atmosphere. These relations are created by Allah’s Will and everyone has to contribute for the happiness of each other. Likewise, the families which bring the girl to their house as daughter-in-law should also treat her as their own daughter. Hence, everything rests on your attitude and the language you use while conversing with others. You have to be polite, reasonable and respectful. It is said that “the tongue is sharper than sword”. Often we use sarcasm to try to be funny. We try to be intelligent and witty, but we do so at the expense of someone else’s feelings. Some people feel that they cannot get the best out of others by being forceful, harsh and critical. Yet, quite the opposite is true. We can be more persuasive, using the power of love and gentleness. People get discouraged and withdrawn when they are spoken harshly or abruptly.

The best example here can be to your driver, who for reasons beyond his control comes late, when you are planning to go out for a long journey. You forget that your safety is in his hands since he is on the steering wheel of your car. After all, he is also a human being like you, with his own degree of patience and emotions. It is your duty to keep him cool headed and happy while he is driving, in your own interest and safety.

Another important aspect of this topic is agreement or disagreement in one’s point of view. In a disagreement, two people harbor differing opinions. They express their opinions, but expect that each one is entitled to his own views. They “agree” to “disagree”. But in an argument violence enters both parties use heated words to get their point of views. If there is modesty in both, or either of them, it helps both.

The world as it is today has seen many cultures, revolutions, changes and turbulences. But by and large modesty and justice and international laws have always remained, and humanity has prevailed over brutality, upsurge and barbarism. Modesty is the ultimate need for the very survival of mankind itself. It has to be cultured, adopted and practiced. There is no other way. As we go about day to day, and we face people with anger and criticism, we should look at it calmly. First, we should ask whether their words have any truth to them, if so, then we can take it as a lesson to improve ourselves, or else simply ignore them. In this way, we can maintain our equanimity and peace and show how modest we are.

In this way, our modesty and humility can play a hand in transforming others and change this world. That shall be our biggest contribution to mankind and the humanity, for which Allah has promoted Islam through Prophet Mohammed (S) in this world.

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