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Mahaz Delegation Meets Moulana Abid Khundmiri

Moulana Abid Khundmiri

A delegation of Karnataka Muslim Muttahida Mahaz met Moulana Syed Meeranji Abid Khundmiri, Ameer-e-Markazi,


‘Jamaat-e-Mehdavia Hind’ at his residence in Dairathul-Islam, Channapatna near here on Sept 12th.

The delegation briefed him about the Mahaz’s endeavours in creating awareness about the important aspects of elections and the unity of Muslim votes.  As Allama Abid Khundmiri commands a highly respectable spiritual position in Muslim-Mehdavia Community, the Mahaz requested him to issue a communiqué advising all the units of Jamaat-e-Mehdavia in Karnataka to support the cause of Mahaz by co-operating with the local setup of Mahaz in their respective places.

Khundmiri All Praise for Mahaz
Moulana Khundmiri lauded the efforts of Mahaz as “sincere, selfless service” and said he would “extend all support whenever it would be required.” He lambasted the politicians for “taking the system to such a dearth.” Commenting on the political scenario of the state, he said: “The present politics is a business. Candidates invest in the elections and after victory they do everything to get huge returns on the investment rather than to serve the people. Even if a legislator offers services, it will be with an eye on monetary gains. They have to not only loot loads of money, but also earmark a huge surplus to spend in the next election. This corrupt system has rotten the roots of democracy. Since democracy is a system for the people, hence, it is primarily the responsibility of the people to reform this system.”
Moulana Khundmiri suggested, “This materialistic mafia can be curbed by organized public efforts. Spiritual leaders should help the people by initiating system-cleansing drives and strengthening service organizations like Mahaz.”

The Mahaz delegation included Janab Tanveer Ahmed Shariff, Joint Convener of Mahaz,  Janab Syed Muhammad Iqbal, Secretary, Wing Commander (Retd.) Janab Mahmood Khan, Janab Ziaulla Khan, and Janab Syed Tanveer Ahmed.

According to Jamaat-e-Mehdavia: A good number of Muslim-Mehdavis exist in many countries including European and Gulf nations while a considerable population of the community is found in India and Pakistan. In India, the sates of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu have many Mehdavi Dairas (hamlets).  There are over five lakh Muslim-Mehdavis in Karnataka including 50,000 in Channnapatna, near here.

The following places in the state have good Mehdavi population with Masjids and Anjumans.

  1. Afzalpur
  2. Aland (Gulbarga)
  3. Baba Halli (Bhadravati Tq)
  4. Bagalkot
  5. Bangalore
  6. Bannur
  7. Belgaum
  8. Bhadravati
  9. Bijapur
  10. Channapatna
  11. Donaba Gatta
  12. Deshnoor
  13. Gangavati
  14. Gokak
  15. Gulbarga
  16. Halsangi
  17. Hitkal (Dam)
  18. Hipperga
  19. Hukkeri
  20. Humnabad
  21. Indi
  22. Khed
  23. Kirgaval
  24. Malavalli
  25. Manavi
  26. Mandya
  27. Mysore
  28. Pachapur
  29. Raichur
  30. Sankeshwar
  31. Shahabad
  32. Shimoga
  33. Tadasa
  1. Wadi

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7 Responses

  1. You are not having basics of Islam, You people have created your own things, You are following your Miyan… your miyan is only for money not for the wellness of muslims………..Mind it you are spoling Islam…..

    • my dear firstafal you please read siratemehdi if u come acroos single word of dunia parastish in it please let me know if u dont get siratemehdi let me know I will send u if you have come acroos particular murshid is doing something wrong dont blame to entire community

  2. Nadeem sahab aap sahi hai ya mehdaviyat sahe hai wo toh hasher ki maidan mai maloom hoga!!!! Mehdiyath aaina islam hai!!!! Mehdives fallow a real sunnah of mohammed(sws) allah sunko seeratalmustakeem per chalA ameen!!!!!

  3. @ Dear brother Nadeem.
    Its unfortunate, that you have no knowledge about Imam Mahdi or neither about Islam.
    We are the true Sunnis and alhamdulillah the followers of Ahle-Sunnat and teachings of Prophet Mohammed SAS (PBUH).
    Read Quran first perform Namaz before you make allegation toward the momins. Its a shame that some people have no information and start pointing towards the people of righteous path.
    for your information, Mehdavis focus on 5 times Salah, Tafseer e Quran, Zikr Allah, Hadees of Prophet, Tarak e Duniya (no worldly benefit) and Deedar e Khuda.
    Ap logan kya karte?
    Duniywi fayde ke liye namaz padte? Only Talab e Jannat and no deedar?
    Imam of your masjid is paid salary and leads thousands whose prayers go astray?
    And 1000s of things that i dont want to point.
    Alhamdulillah Allah SWT has blessed us with Iman and Aqeeda.

    • Shezan,
      i very well know abt you people(Mehdavia).you’ll dont know even the basic pillars of islam .your ladies rome around the towns in ramzan 4 namaz. and guys are always near the LEGS OF MIYAN’s.seeking blessing.dnt even fast in ramzan and the MIYAN grants the permission not to fast and he will request allah to forgive you sins.and promises you to gice place in Jannat if you listen to him in the world.

      Note:even i come from the same family of Mehdavia but by the grace of allah,we are on the right path.
      pls change your identity and become only MUSLIM.

      • Dear some one….
        DO you know what is the meaning of real momin? if you kwono then u might have not been commented like this. why do you migrated from completeness towards incompleteness…may god provide you a real thoufiq..
        plz …re-understand the real teaching of our beloved imamana(pbuh) and donot compare the few wordly imams (mistakes) to our holy religion…god bless you and your family…

  4. the above miyan is very well know ,he was a frequent visitor to our homes…

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