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Look Who Speaks From Your Within?

By Muhammad Abdullah Javed
At times it happens, we are up against ourselves. We do a thing, right or wrong, the inner self argues with us, provides a solace for the right if not we are left with a feeling of exasperation. Life seems to be a constant war between me and myself. When the inner-self emerges victorious, the days past smoothly, if not uneasiness rules.

One has to be very careful about his own self; it speaks as gradually and steadily as his heart functions. The inner voice stops arguing only when we stop breathing.

If we look over the past and the present, there might come into notice innumerable instances that amount to either success or failure. But, to be honest, most of the times we have badly lost our battle with the self.

Thus events speak. Observe a few examples:

  • My bike is rushing towards my destination and the feelings of a subsequent engagement ruling my mind. Though my hands having a firm grip on the handle and legs straightly stretched on the gear and break, but I violate some or the other traffic rule, owing to a moment of absence of mind. Then what happens? Again I lose a battle with myself; avoiding further complexities I offer bribe to the concerned person.
  • One fine morning I am at my desktop, engaged in an assignment. It demands arduous work, so am I seriously engaged. Suddenly my concentration gets weaken owing to outside interruption. Sometimes a message comes from a friend or sometimes a call. Sometimes a colleague offers to be his part in sipping a cup of tea. If the interruption succeeds in getting my attention, it is as if I have lost my war with my ownself.
  • I am very loyal to my boss. Work sincerely day and night. Never compromise with indecent proposals. I am absolutely non-corrupt and want to be harmonious with my nature. But I find myself helpless and succumbed to the outside pressure that compels me to diverge from my own ideals. Orders start pouring in from the top to allure the customers by hook or crook. Though it’s a common practice for an imprudent person but for the one who wants to win the battle with self, it is a testing times.
  • We are with our friends, walking casually on a street, a beggar asks from us, we overlook and the hands of beggar remained empty. Our eyes stare on a girl, we hardly think of a diversion. While in a discussion with a close friend sometimes a moment of negligence help utter words that badly damage friendship.

These incidences are quite insignificant, it seems, but you know, a sin committed, always gets accumulated and takes the form of a ‘bigger repercussion’ that causes unrest both at individual and societal levels. Undeniably, the present disorder, be it in the form of corrupt practices or violation of rights, be it irresponsibility or hatred, is an accumulation of the ‘sins’ neglected.

How to be ever vigilant to conquer our own self would be the prime query that envelops our mind. It’s all about self-realization. One has to realize that he has an inner-self very faithful and punctual. Development of character means development of one’s capacity to concentrate hard on self-realization and a complete awareness about the genuine principles of morality.

The process of character building should begin with self recognition. It’s simple, be a winner in the battle of me and myself. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has regarded this battle as the greatest Jihad that a person can resort to.

Just be a keen observant to the voice of the self. It appreciates when you are good to yourself and the surroundings. Keep up the performance. It warns and creates confusion if you are budging even for a moment from your own self and the set ideals. Whether you are on your vehicle or on the chair, whether alone or among the friends don’t forget that your inner-self communicates to you, continuously and untiringly. Lend your ears to take a heed and heart for a timely initiative. Establish a strong relationship with the Almighty Allah without His Blessings it is impossible to win over the self.

Be what you are to your own self. Let your personality to be a contrast of an iceberg. The duality of personality will never help build a persona of excellent character and a society of ideal values. For a country to be great, its citizen must have great characters, without which progress can hardly be consistent and constructive.

What we need is not an unwanted and directionless activism, but people who are one and the same be it matter of their internal or external appearance.

Writer is the president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka. He can be contacted by Email:

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3 Responses

  1. assalam..its a gr8 article which recalls us dat v hav a innerself whom v shud satisfy..if v r satisfying it den its a assurance dat v r i just feel dat if each 1 f us keep listening 2 our innervoice den v can become a very gud humanbeing n v can make our society n country a better place 2 live in..

  2. Every single, even smallest of the sin contributes to the preparation of a person to commit a big sin. This indeed is very significant issue that we often neglect the minor mistakes we come across. The author successfully point out the very common situations where in we fail to understand ourselves and and listen to what fulfill our desire. This clearly needs a strong focus

  3. really true…….the most important thing is to maintain the relationship between oneself and the Almighty………

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