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KRRS opposes Cattle Slaughter Bill

Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) is opposing Bharatiya Janata Party’s move in tabling the cattle slaughter bill. “Despite many protests, the state government is hell-bent on tabling the bill in the House. It is least bothered about farmers’ welfare who will be hit the most,” says KRRS president Kodihalli Chandrasekhar. The State Government has taken a unilateral decision to adopt such a Bill in the Assembly, ignoring the plea by farmers to discuss the burning issue with them, he said.

KRRS president asks: How much money will farmers get for not yielding cattle that are sent to slaughter house? Will the government provide facilities for purchasing of milk yielding cattle? Chandrasekhar further added that the government is writing death note of the farmers in the pretext of banning cow slaughter in the state.

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