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Karnataka Pre-election Survey. Second-leg Final Report Karnataka Muslims: Vote Congress to power, as a last resort

Sayyid Anwer Ibrahim

Bangalore. As the dooms day—Karnataka Assembly Elections– is getting nearer the people’s decision making process has picked momentum, so is with Muslims. The Christian community is not missing a single opportunity–be it small group discussions or big seminars– to focus, brainstorm, debate, and decide about converging their preferential pattern so as to exercise their voting power. The Hindu’s are honing by all means in all the fronts suppressing though temporarily their caste systems but to stick to the Dharma to cast the votes. Our very ‘Qaum’ the helpless and hapless Muslim community which is by and large a mere spectator in everything including the use of democratic tools to effect politics, governance, and policies has also woken up.

We had carried a survey of Muslims of our state–Karnataka Muslims in a ‘not to forgive Congress’ mood? — on Friday April 26, 2013. That depicted their political mood. And exactly after one week we have come up with the second stage depicting their political motive.

There were a couple of election related surveys in the state from big media houses including CNN-IBN, Times of India, and others. In the run-up to Karnataka Assembly Elections on May 5, 2013, ours is the only two-staged survey which first captures the people’s “as it is” mood direct from their hearts and after a stretched period of one full week records for the second time their well informed decision. This survey has been conducted in strict compliance with the most modern methodologies of scientific social surveys.

The result in a nutshell: The Karnataka Muslims still are in ‘not to forgive Congress’ mood owing to the party’s stigma associated with its many anti-Muslim roles ranging from the Babri Masjid demolition to massacre of Muslims in rioting, and all-round suppression of Muslims to non-implementation of Sachchar Committee Report, the list goes on and on. Keeping intact their anguish, the Muslims have thought to put their feelings aside for a while and give a new lease of life to the Congress! Muslims have decided to vote the party to power in Karnataka and ‘see’ for the last time whether the party would be able to fulfill its promises. This is ‘the last chance’ from Muslims to Congress!

While the first survey gave us Muslims initial mood about different political parties; our second leg of survey took us to their serious thinking. The first survey was instant outburst from the heart; and the second one is their well thought after decision. The first one is from the hearts while the second one is from the minds. The first one was reactive in nature while the second one is proactive. The first one was their spontaneous response while the second one is thoughtful political preference.

The survey methodology
The survey adhered to the global norms of scientific social surveys and was carried out non-political independent team members. The survey covered 199 assembly constituencies of the state and was carried out in a minimum three to maximum seven locations of each constituency. Opinions gathered from at least three families and two establishments (office, shop, factory, and hotel) in each location. The survey team consisted of minimum three members including at least one female and one non-Muslim member. The survey targeted only eligible Muslim voters in the Urban and Rural areas within the constituency. The respondents comprised of males and females, un-educated to literate to educated, young and retired, daily workers to professionals, self-employed to government officials. The two-stage survey project was headed by me.

Survey Facts

Some of the facts coming out of the survey based on the data gathered from throughout the state.
The reasons for their voting preferences:
A stable government needed in the interest of the state development and maintenance of peace. Assurance given in the Congress manifesto about forming of a manifesto implementation committee. Unanimous decision of the Karnataka Muslim Muttahida Mahaz, an umbrella organization of major Muslim NGOs and Jamaths. Recent assurances given by the congress leaders who visited Karnataka recently including, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Shakeel Ahmad, and others. Anti-Muslim deeds of the BJP Government and the Sangh Pariwar organizations.

Muslim for Chief Minister
A section of Muslim population comprising of a few well informed, educated, politically experienced leaders, common people, and business people asked many pointing questions and gave interesting accounts of their encounters with the political bosses. They discussed important issues with interest.

There were a couple of mentions for the post of chief minister but most widely talked possibilities narrowed down to two of them, C.K. Jaffar Sharif and C.M. Ibrahim.

If the claim for chief ministership to a Muslim candidate does not materialize successfully due to any reason, then there should be no backing out from the demand of a deputy chief minister (DCM). The DCM post should not be bargained for anything and Muslims should not melt to rosy promises of congress leaders at any cost.

In such a scenario the popular choice among Muslims were these candidates for the post of deputy chief minister.Survey Facts
Some of the other interesting observations by the respondents to the survey:

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84 Responses

  1. Every time congress promises for Muslims &every time v voted for congress but it was only promise.If before LS election if Congress doesnt implement implement Sachar report,Rangnath report etc then congress wont get Muslim votes.
    So i request all leaders & Muslim brothers dont think of ur seats & possitions.its the time to think about Qaum which is mislead by politial parties.

  2. I am little surprised to see this line in the first paragraph- ‘The Hindu’s are honing by all means in all the fronts suppressing though temporarily their caste systems but to stick to the Dharma to cast the votes.

    If the writer thinks that, Hindus will vote BJP enmasse, then he has mistaken. Over 90% of hindus in karnataka are not communal in their
    out look . If hindus voted BJP during last elections , it was because of sympathy factor generated out of blunder committed by the great father and son- Devegowda & Kumara swamy of joining hands with BJP for power for first 20 months of rule and going back on their words.

  3. Voter must consciously take the right decision at polling both 5miniute before casting their valuable votes

  4. This is the majority opinion of the Muslim brothers and sisters of our whole state to make muslim deputy chief minister If you read the Karnataka Pre-election Survey. . .. in this news paper you will be happy that the Survey… even goes on to sugest to make a muslim chief minister of Karnataka.
    But Sidramiah already made chief minister.. ok., let us be hopeful atleast we will get deputy CM post.

  5. Hats of to Muslims of Karnataka state and news paper Karnataka Muslims for coming out in united voice through survey and keeping thier word by voting the Congress party to win Karnataka after a long gap.
    There are many firsts this time firstly the survey iteself….it is conducted in two stages not in a haste manner of one time form filing. as said this survey is better than “big media houses including CNN-IBN, Times of India, and others. ” Hats of to brother Syeed Anwar bhai. All will trust him for his methodology and unbiased reporting.

    The lesson for us is if we do anything with unity of our brothers and sisters we will definitely succedd.
    The biggest effect is of all Muttahida Muslims of Karnataka and not of any Mahaz assocation, though they may have also done thier part in a small way.

  6. Correct brother Akram, Belgaum I agree with u. but see our muslims from Richur have not learnt any lesson . they ultimately lost a seat by not uniting. Ofcourse many small candidtes for name sake like Zafer mOhideen must also learn a lesson and nneeds to know how to work \for community instead of self interest in politics.
    Regarding the survey, yes offcouse it is very important and that is whyit had genuin effect of voting I alway have my highest regards for Sayyid anwar sab as I know him from the time when wh he was in Meantime magazine, he is very good at his job and most important thing is he don’t cares for politcal leaders or any big business men also. I have high regards for Maqbool sirjaj bhai and sister Nigar also who are in Islamic voice.

  7. dear brothers and sisters the first lucky thing for our state is BJP is thrown out . d most importnt reason is muslims full suport to Congress & for dis your td Karnataka Pre-election Survey playd very vry importnt part otherwise how cld congfress get so much votes and big majority. . so thanks goes to karnatka muslims web paper and your survey team.
    but now you must meet the chief minister and concern mininstrs to control communal activites its paining to read abt the attacjk on Masjid in polipu, kaup at Udupi. plz do d needful.

  8. Your survey comes out in big favor of mR. Naseer Ahmad, Mr. Sadath Ali Khan, Mr. C-M. Ibrahim this is of course good news but the results are not good. oK fine all the three are good leaders having good name and influence in muslims of karnataka.

    It is up to the new governmetn headed by Mr. sidaramaiah to give their due share . I mean all this three personaliteis should be given cabinet ranks.
    For this the karnataka muslim mahaz and other jamaths must work hard. This is the time to be united.. when we can be united to vote to the party why can’t we be united to fight for our due share? please think all muslims and muslim organsations of kartnataka. your paper and website shoud also voice concern and put pressure until they get justice.

  9. I am very surprise by this Survey, i seems that the survey methodology you adopted it self is wrong, it is not represent the true feelings of Muslims. for example for the Post of Deputy CM 46% are chosen Mr Sadath Ali Khan,please tell me one single achivement of Mr Khan,another is Mr Naseer Ahamed,what is his contrubution to Muslims please elobrate,oh and finally for the CM post you selected Mr C k Jaffer Sherieff,ask him to first win the confidence of Muslims and then think of CM.He never bother about the problems of Muslims always he wanted Congress tickets for his family members,he never made any second line Muslims leader.very self fish in nature. C M Ibhrim no commitment .The true leader of muslims are Mr Roashan Baig, Mr Qumar ul Islam, Mr Tanveer SaitM Mr U T Quadir.

  10. Instead of now fighting who is true leader and who is not we should concentrate our all out eforts on getting more representation in the ministry.
    Abut the survey…… there is no doubt on the integrety of the team involved I know many of them including the project head. I also helped them to find some volunteers to do the survey work. it is easy to pinpoint on anything but in this survey some of our so called muslim leaders and so called social workers not even gave one or two minute use of their mobile to call to the prospective voluteers.

    I rully agree with brother AKRAM- BELGAUM , Mudassar dhalayath, Raichur Syed Chamrajnagar and fully suport thier valuabl views.
    Brother Abdul Razack we know you may be from Bangalore and belongs to Mr Roshan Baig camp…. well it is not your wish or my wish. Brother you should understand survey means all public wish.
    Understand this- – -it is finally the high command that rules the congress.

    • Thanks for your replay,once if some body is not according to your point you will directly send them to some other camp,please note that i am not belonging to any camp,just i express my point.please visit Bangalore and do a survey on your own and ask the common muslims who is Sadath Ali Khan and then you will come to know his popularity among Muslims.

  11. I fully agree with brother Rahmathulla Khan Mysore( education dept.) it is not the time to fight between our self. Brother Abdul Razack is surprise on the survey result Ok fine take the example; BJP is also surprise on the result of MLA election with only 40 seat wining . so brother it is only public support that matters.
    2 important points now for muslims.
    1 is the Karnataka Muslims Muatada Mahas, the Karnataka Muslims paper and the survey head brother Sayyid Anwer Ibrahim should put pressure on new govt. Of sidramaia ji to take more muslim ministers
    2 is to give important minster posts to Naseer Sab and Sadath Ali sab and CM Ibrahim sab
    1 important question to brother Abdul Razack. What is the contribution of Roshan Baig whenhe was minister and when he was only MLA??

    • Thanks for your replay,
      Please tell me the contribution of Mr Naseer Ahamed, he is also the Ex Minister Ex MLA and current MLC.then i will be answer your question.

  12. Naseer Ahmad sabs khidmath is known to every muslim of kolar that is why he is selected for important post of Bangalore’s Amanath Bank chairman . Even Sadath Ali sabs khidmath is well known to all muslims of Bangalore.
    I request the all zeemedar of Karnataka Mahas Muslim muatada to work hard to get these two true muslim leaders important minister posts.

    • Amanath Bank is closed by RBi, you cant with draw more than 1000 from your account,and Mr Nasser ahamed is the Chairman of this Bank.

  13. I agree with Abdul Razack ..
    The need of the hour is to have leaders who are committed and ready to raise the Muslim voice.
    So called muslims leaders hardly go to parliament and raise muslim issues.
    Nowadays congress has started to take muslims seriously after SDPI party and WPI has come in political arena.

  14. y r u silent MR Ajmal pasha ?? Broter Abdul Razack askd u 1 simple qustn…

    Please tell me the contribution of Mr Naseer Ahamed, he is also the Ex Minister Ex MLA and current MLC.then i will be answer your question.

    but 4 dys pased & our friend Syed Ajmal pasha is silent. y? that means u undrstd that our great Naseer Ahamed has done nothign but time bpass..

  15. Well brohter Syed (it seems you don’t have a place to stand or you want to hide your place, why??)
    It is not that only brother Ajmal Pasha shold answer, first of all he posed a qestion to Abdul Razak, but, he or you, instead of giving answer, you hide behind your own questions.
    to answer your question. well. everybody knows that Mr. Naseer Ahmad has done inumerable services tothe community. so also Mr. sadath Ali Khan also did and both of them are still doing great services to the community and not only to muslim community to alll the communitieis irrespecive of cast andcommunity.
    Brother Abdul Razak risen one question about AmanathBank. alll community knows who spoilt the Bank. if you dont know. pleas listen. It is Mr K. Rehman khan who looted the bank from many loopholes and now he is sitting comfortably in delhi enjouying minister post. whatever problmes with Amanath Bank like drawing only 1000 rs. it is nothing to do with Mr. Naseer Ahmad he only took charge recently. so how can you say his is responsible.??

  16. And Mr Naseer Ahamed is the well known follower of Mr Rahman Khan.

  17. Mr Abdul Razak why r u behind Mr. Naseer Ahmed? This is not the qustion of whether Mr. Naseer is followr of Mr. Rahman Khan or not…. U must see who is the culprit first
    Firstly Mr. Rahman Khan is responbile for getting Amanath Bank to such a troubling point. people like u don’t understand that Mr.Naseer Ahmad just took charge now only. and see what good work he has done in such a short periiod of 2 to 3 months.

  18. Brother Akram I am not agnist any body, but the fact remains the same,weather we support him or not,when Amanath Bank is fighting a case agnist Mr Rahman Khan ,the chairman of this Bank should not be his associate,how can one can expect the justice at this point, May be Mr Naseer has not done anything wrong,but this is the question of one credeability .

  19. I am also my opinion is same as brother Abdul Razak- – – it is no doubt mR. Naseer Ahmed is good person and good administrater but he shold not be siding towards Rahman Khan since case is going on against him. All are knowing that Rahman Khan only is mainly responsble for takeing bank to full lossing position.

  20. Mr Abdul Razck is not coming to d point. he said Roshan baig is true leader of Muslims. but d true leader is not recognised by the govt. to take into the cabinet. you Mr. Abdul Razak not answered till today ….. why are you silent and changing d topic… simply answer what is d contribution of great leaders Mr. Rahman Khan and Mr. Roshan Baig to community ?

    • Mr Syed Mansoor, please tell me when did i say that Mr Rahman Khan is the great leader.
      If you read and understand i told that Mr Baig Mr Qumar Mr Khadar and Mr Sait are the true or Mass leaders,and in 4 leaders 2 became the Ministers, you are asking me why Mr Baig not included in the cabinet ,it is as simple as that always a muslims leader face such kind of problem,so it is our duty to raise our voice.

  21. One wonders are tehy leaders at all? Mr. Syed Mansoor from Kolar is right is asking this simple question.
    It is open to any body plaese anser
    simply answer what is d contribution of great leaders Mr. Rahman Khan and Mr. Roshan Baig to community ?

  22. dear sir whn u r talking abot leaders why r u not taking the name of great leader shri shri shri ck Jafaar Shariff ex railway minister? come on tell me what is his contribution to muslims of karnatak state or leave it .. tell me what he as done to at least Bangalore muslim comunity people??
    please don’t mistake me I am not any political person I agree your survey may be good and correct you being a good news paper may have written true things of only what people wish. they may somtime wish to make somebody CM or deputy CM. I respec ppeoples wish in your survey & I have faith in your survey.
    I also agree and fully enjoy your suvey point about great topiwala from Mysore, Mr. Syed Nizam Ali he is a party jumper..

  23. In my writing on May 14, 2013 I had asked

    “1 important question to brother Abdul Razack. What is the contribution of Roshan Baig whenhe was minister and when he was only MLA??”
    Then instead of answering my question, Abdul Razak asked back to me that,

    Abdul Razack writing on May 15, 2013 that,

    “Thanks for your replay, Please tell me the contribution of Mr Naseer Ahamed, he is also the Ex Minister Ex MLA and current MLC.then i will be answer your question.”

    But brother Syed wrote on May 17, 2013 that
    “but 4 dys pased & our friend Syed Ajmal pasha is silent. y? that means u undrstd that our great Naseer Ahamed has done nothign but time bpass..”
    If I had not answered it is not mean that I have run away and also it does not meant that Mr. Naseer Sab MLC has not done anything.
    All dear brother, I had gone to Bahrain and returned only on Eidul Fitr day.
    Wish you a very happy Edul Fitr..
    And Mr. Syed, I am very busy meeting relatives and friends, please wait for one or two day I will reply to your question and all other questions I will neither fear to answer and not run away.. I will be here only..
    One important note to brother Abdul Razak, it is MUBARAK not MUBRAK as some one pointed out to you.
    Again Eidul Firt MUBARAK to you all dear brothers and sister.
    Meanwhile enjoy the great English and Urdu also of these great brothers…Syed and Abdul Razak……

    • you are so happy that I written a wrong spelling, if you are that much happy keep enjoying ,I am always ready to put your smile back.
      or come to the point.

  24. Firstly I congrajulate brother Syed Ajmal Pasha Teacher from Kolar for writing back after a long gap. We expect good answers from you.

    Secondly I am really enjoying as suggested by our dear brother Ajmal Pasha. Let us take the example of writing of Pari.

    PARI wrote,
    (see mr sardar….mistakes are the parts of HUMAN happens only wit humans…not wit brute…..i am not sure weather u r a human or ……
    bwt i don think ua grammer is fine….need to improve….1st learn from somewhere n den comment on some Great BARMAWARS…….SORRY HONEYYYY…….)

    I don’t know Pari is Mr. or Mrs. or Miss. I have little hope that he or she may be human being who failed to understand Mr. Sardar’s name as human or brute.
    See these points in writing of Pari:

    Wit. It should be with. Weather means mausam, it should be whether.
    Pari wrote. (bwt i don think ua grammer is fine) what is ua? But how is his/her grammar can be seen.
    Den should be then.
    I am still enjoying his/her honey. If Pari is she, then calling Sardar bhai honey is very very….Sardar bhai are you enjoying.

  25. Sir , kindly check the grammar and spelling of Mr Sardar also. if you don’t find from your eyes ask me………

  26. Election is a difernt issue winning and losing is part of game but one thing I want to bring to your knowledge that mr. Nasseer Ahmad sab MLC is a different person. He is a true leader who feels the conditon of the poor and specially our community. I am telling this from my own experiences and from knowing from many close freinds I also know Nasserr sab’s valuable services done when he was a minister and also when not a minister. few examples are arranging loans for business/industry formation, scholarships and free medicines to poor and arranging widow pensions and helping in geting jobs in industries, private, small and big. we should always be tankful to this kind of people and remember in duas

  27. Ok mr.Majeed KHan and others why is that all good persons like Mr. Nasir Ahmad and Mr. K. Rehman Khan MP are doing so good service to Amanath Bank and still Amanath Bank is going down and I think it is finished. what a shame

  28. Dear Sir I have already writen in this articl that mr. Naseer Ahmed is a good person and he has done good service not only to amanath bank bvt also to our community, this is the fact’

    kindly dont mix good persons like Mr. Naseer Sab with someone like Rahman Khan and others..

  29. My brother is working in BMTC Bangalore his small savings he regularly deposit in Amanath Bank at Bangalore head office in city market . but after many years his hard work money is deposited now he not able to take back his money for his expenses like school fees, functions in house and Eidul Fitr and many important thngs. persons in big posts should solve this bcuase like our family many other families also in trouble.

  30. As promised inthis article I wish to say some points about Mr. Naseer Ahmad sab MLC.
    In the period when he was minister he helped in getting true share for deserving candidates in govt. jobs i.e. not only for muslims but for all communities who ever is deserving candidate he got the job.
    When he was only MLA also he took up causes like solving problems of promotions and transfers and other related issues again for all communities.
    When he is only MLC also he is solving important problems like litigations of Shadi mahal, Masjid, Temples, Churches.
    Above all he is helping in getting good facilities for govt. Urdu schools and also using his influence to get good private schools aided.
    There are many things all the public knows I will also be writing to you again.

  31. After your last post Iam thinking that you are going to come with some explosive material to defend your leader, but what you are saying is all general things which even a small time social worker can do. Kindly tell me any of his great achievement then I will agree with the open heart.
    The above all which you mentioned is doing all leaders tall and small.
    Hope that you will do more research and come.

  32. There is no need to show candle to the sun, every body knows the services of our beloved brother Naseer Ahmad Sab MLC. first of all he did not confined to Kolar or nearby places or Bangloer but he helped people from all parts of Karnataka. those who went to him they know how good human being he is and those who sitting soeme where and passing comments don’t know.

    Still Iam waiting to know which war is this ‘Great BARMAWARS’ bcs in History I have not studied any war by this name.
    Also I don’t know Pari is Mr. or Mrs. or Miss.

  33. I am feeling sad about Nawab jan and his brothers condition. When Amanath Bank will be set right?

  34. my brother inlaw keeping shop in bangalore he give daily cash to pigmy collection to Amanath bank .. He has no capital to bring wholesale from market
    any other bank give loan?

  35. please sir don’t try to tarnish image of our own leaders by ourself. It is very pity we always pull the legs of anyone doing some kind of good service,, please apprciate Mr. Naseer Ahmad’s good services it may be small or big. by this way they will do even better tomorrow.

  36. Even some of our brothers not appreciating our leaders activities to save Amanath Bank. When exCentral minister Mr. cK. Jafer Sharif came forward to fasting demanding action in the Amanath Bank all the leaders and public suported him but again there are always some people who find fault with this also. I don’t know when we learn to support this type of social work, please for God sake see how other communities are working and try to learn.

  37. assalamvalekum mere Aziz bhaiyon meherbani karke aapas me ek dusre ko point out karna chod dijiye ye waqt hamare liye muttahid,munazzam hone ka hai aur ofcours hum log apne apne favorite leaders ko hi pasand karte magar kabhi kisi ne socha agar ab chance gaya to phir mile ya na mile kisko pata hame aisa leader chahiye Jo assembly me khade hokar haq bayan kare aur hum musalmano ke liye numayandagi kare aur musalmano ki tarakki ke bare me masjido,dargaho ke development ke bare me lade aur hamare nou javano ko sarkari nukri me reservation k liye hukumat se lade dekha ni pichli baar kaisa Bjp vale mandiron,matha, Ku kaisa 3-3 crore diye so isilye hum sab ko ek hokar hamre haq ke liye jid-o-jehed karna hoga…..

  38. I appreciate the points of Imtiyaz bhia, and sisters Saba and Sanam. Saddam bhai alos said to unity of all muslims. To hear this is very good points but is it possible? no No. it is not possible .
    If CK Jafer sharif is fasting for solving Amanath Bank promblem it is good and all must welcome, dont; think about some of his past problems or he has helped you or not.

    if one person is one party and other is in one more party ok, but all they first needs to think about the welfare of our community.
    for this I think Welfare Party of India is the best to unite all, all of us must join and suport this party. it is not only for muslims but for welfare of all communities in India

  39. I am following this portal since few months it is intersting and very informative. This particular news is about
    Karnataka Pre-election Survey. Second-leg Final Report Karnataka Muslims: Vote Congress to power, as a last resort
    so brothers and sister please concentrate on the ttopic more

  40. Brother Zeeshan U R correct- – — Though this survey is about last MLA election it is always like a record
    even in recent MP and MLA election congress victory is sure to got benefited from this as we all muslims have voted to congress party in majority.

    In my view this survey of Karnataka Muslims is far more better and accurate than the so called appeals of the Karnatka Mutahida Muslims Mahaz association of Bangalore. Because this has more effect than appeals and advertisments.

  41. Dear brother Aftab and Zeeshan I am also suport your points bcs U R correct only………. this survey is important bcs it is full view of all muslims of our karnataka state but the election is over
    now my dear brohters Amanath bank is very very important issue ples read some of our brothers what they have writing in this website …. I really really feel sad for them l. it is not only thire money but think how many there works got struck bcs of this????
    Kindly do some thing pls.

  42. those brothers who are not supprting Mr. C.K.Jafar Sharef ex central minister when he is trying to solve Amanat Bank problem can you tell me what you have done and what you have plan to do?
    Best thing is all of you can force the main person in this matter Mr. K.Rahman Khan present central minister to come to Bengalore and fast to solve Amanath bank problem. then all can see who is really working to save money of the deposit holders.

  43. Thank you Syed Ajmal Bhai (Kolar) and Rahmath Ulla Bhai (Mysore) for remembering me.
    I think Pari is in shame to answer hence no answer from him/her so please forget that issue.
    Your advice to enjoy the Urdu and English of our old writer Mr. Abdul Razak is very good, kindly see his sample English from these same article.
    Abdul Razak wrote on May 13, 2013
    {very self fish in nature. C M Ibhrim no commitment .The true leader of muslims are Mr Roashan Baig, Mr Qumar ul Islam, Mr Tanveer SaitM Mr U T Quadir.}
    It is our duty to correct such writers who commit mistake and instead of accepting force it to be correct like he said MUBRAK and justified by giving its meaning when someone corrected him

    It is not {self} {fish} it is selfish.
    What is Roashan? You mean Roshan?
    What is Qumar ul Islam, is it like Kumar? I think it should be Qamar
    Quadir is wrong, it should be Qadir.

    Dear brothers enjoy our old writer’s “fish” fry made by “self”, till next time.

    • Mr Sardar I pointed some of your well written English in my previous post, you not given answer.
      Mr U T Khadir himself write his name spelling as Khadir, please check. and the spelling of Qumar is write. The name Ahmed some will write as Ahmed and others will write as Ahamed, both of them are write.
      I think you are a Grammar teacher , you never give your opinion always searching the Grammar and the spelling of others, what is your own opinion on this topic.

    • Sardar
      July 29, 2013 at 3:19 pm

      Barmawar, if you dont know the name of Allah properly what the hell you know? I am dont want to know what the hell Barmawar is but what is allha?

      Abdul Razak, can you tell me what is Mubrak?

      By the way what the so many editors doing here? None of them know Allah?

      • Abdul Razack
        July 31, 2013 at 7:14 pm

        what is this DONT , it is don’t , and it is not allha, it is Allah, before searching other mistake, please correct your self.
        What and where he don’t know the name of Allah, please tell me where he is wrong.
        you are blaming all editors, why ? .you says none of them know means that you are the only one who knows Allah, rest of all are what …… ?

  44. One important point brother I want to say is let any party govt. be ther but our muslim mla should all work for our community .. ohterwise what is use of geting election and wining?
    One more important point is pleeze dont put more burden on Karnataka Muslim peopls Mahaz association for doing all politics works you have to accept that they have no power to do it. Once the election is over who is going to bother about them? no leader and no minister will bother tehm.
    Let Allah give naik taufeek to them and all muslims

  45. elections are over but tell me what realy we got I mean wht the present govt. gave to muslims? This type of surveys and publications done by Karnataka Muslims paper and website are good proof of commuity support to Congress.. Now it is our duty to fight together to get good number of posts for our communty.

  46. This site has become a good meeting point for people of different thoughts and also learning from ones mistakes whether
    English or Urdu .
    Any one who commits mistake should accept then only he can learn.
    Kudos to KM for making this good website.

  47. i am very happy to welcome Mr. K. Rehman Khan to start fasting to solve the Amanath Bank problems, by this way if poor peoples get their deposit money at least now it is good

  48. Really happy if Rehman Khan sits fasting for Amanath Bank problem.
    No need of full SUKKA fasting sir, I promise to give you tea coffee juice, lassi, SUKKI PHAAL khuska biryani and many many items what ever you want. you just sit in nice pandal and try to solve the problem and we will get our money sir.

  49. Can the Mutahada Mahaz standup and take up this cause of Amanath Bank?
    If not then what is the use of such big big organisations?

  50. Even my account my wife account and my brotherinlaw account money is in Amanth Bank
    We all request from our family and muslim community to the senior leader and union minister Rehman sab to pleas come to Bangalore and sit in front of Amanath Bank only sitting is enough no need of fasting ……….
    at least you will get ajar o sawab.

  51. Sir,
    Central minister Rehman khan was enjoying the post of Amanath Bank chairman for so many years now he must sit in dharna and solve this problem of poor
    muslims. This is the need of the hour.
    this is a super idea.

  52. dear Rahman sab u ples fast it is good for solution of amanath bank problem and even it is good for your health,

    plese remember Sonia Gandhi’s admission in AIMS?

  53. hello brother they dont want ajerosawab wagiraa wagiraa
    they want paisa only paisa brother

  54. There is no doubt that all muslim community voted to Congress to power and now our chief minister completed 100 days also.
    As someone rightly pointed out what we got as a community?
    Is it not the duty of the Mahaz and this KM paper to catchhold of the CM to give good posts for muslims?
    bcas we all respected Mahaz candidates selection and campaign done in KM newpaper. so they got power, what we got??

  55. Ahmed Jaan bhai your points are correct but it is not only Mahaz or KM paper who can catchhold of the CM.
    Is not it the duty of all the community to put pressure on the govt.?

    Sardar bhai, as I said KM has become a meeting place to discuss various issues and also to improve English and Urdu. You can see our friend Abdul Razak’s English is improved, though very little, but he has come a long way from his “fish” fry to till now. You can see some improvement, let us appreciate it.

  56. Naveed & Mushtaq & one more friend SUPER dont know his name have given a really super idea.
    but who is taking the initiative. pleas all the Amanath Bank shareholders and money depositers dont sleep FORCE mr. K. Rehman khan to solve the problem or give sume releif from his MP fund.
    We know surely this type of leaders will not sit for dharna and not fast for our problems.

  57. I have completed degree wtih great dificulty. even my sisters are studying my younger brother is studying and working part time
    Our father put his hard earned money in Amanat Bank but we are not able to draw our own money. We are not knowing politics let any leader work but they can arrange to draw our money. thank you.

  58. After I returned from Dammam during Ramzan here in Bangalore I have been seeing this portal Alhamdulillah good service and good information.
    In this election related survey lot of important points have been brought to us which can be used in many ways.
    Firstly I feel pain on the Amanath Bank (Muslim Bank) issue putting our brothers and sisters to trouble.
    In this situation there is lot of talk going on but what I can do?
    I will host one party to all the Bank’s customers in a central place in Bangalore. Please come and share your grievances and then make future plan otherwise politicians will not budge. It is there habit to eat money from everywhere.

  59. Zoheb bhai thanks a lot to you sir. you are right all persons are busy in talking only. From your side only a practical step came hats of to you sir.
    kindly inform in advance so that we have to apply leave and come to your meeting let us all find some way to solution.
    Kindly inform in this website, it is good so that all people will come to know.
    thanks a lot to website KM…

  60. I came to know that other castes groups r hving meetings wth mlas mps ministers etc to get thir community persons importnt posts. it is a waste of so many organisations of our muslims not doing anything.
    only blaming Mahaz will not get good result offcourse they shoud do more hardwork in this regards but i request all muslims organisations to do hard work in this regards.

  61. Your paper is good I am knowing many type of news belonging to Muslims through it.
    I wish to put my views as under—
    Regarding Amanath Bank, every body knows who are the two big culprits.
    Now coming to its solutions, concerned persons like Zoheb bhai shld come forward.
    Regarding getting posts for our community in the govt. call a meeting of all of our social and relegious organisations should not leave it to Muslms Mahaz only. We know what they can do and what not.

  62. When are u arranging Amanath Bank meeting? I was happy that at least some hope is there bcz som e brothers have written here that they will arrange all depositors meeting. plese do something sir.

  63. Sir,

    I have been working on a project observing and analyzing about people, public figures, social media, social work, community services in Bangalore.
    My congratulations for Karnataka Muslim paper, though this is a limited work, but it is developing into a good medium for Muslims. The issues covered are good but can be broadened.

    Your Karnataka Pre-election Survey is very special and very useful. Since two years I have been living in Bangalore and have seen some other places in Karnataka. No where such kind of social survey pertaining to a community has so far come up. I am not aware of the vernacular languages here, but as far as Urdu, Hindi and English is concerned such an useful survey is nowhere. I congratulate KM paper, Mr. Sayyid Anwer and his team for such a comprehensive and pinpoint survey. I am sure it will continue to be a benchmark for all such exercises in future.

    Here I am tempted to add an example from the survey.

    The survey quotes “Observations of Muslim voters” about few personalities who may be popular here. The interesting observation is about one Mr. Syed Nizam Ali, who jumped 3-4 parties till that time. A few days back I noted his appearance with lone Samajwadi MLA Mr. Yogesh, to felicitate him. So the 95% Muslims as per survey report opine that Mr. Nizam is “Highly untrustable. He………” is very true.

  64. Sir,
    I have high regrd for your KM paper and KM internet paper. I know that this type of survey at election time helped much in collecting muslms votes to congress party in large number I dont dispute the different points given in survey, I have also high regard for brother Sayyed anwar
    But unfortunately dont point to anyone in negative way; I am from mysore and i know at least some social work is done by syed nizam Ali.
    Mr. Moinul Haque Alig. Bangalore said he is doing some project work on muslims .ok good, but how does it effect if Nizam Ali meets Yogesh MLA?
    I think Mr. Moinul Haque Alig. Bangalore is also connected with some political party and in the name of project he is targeting opposite members.

  65. Please note that I do not belong to any political party, my job is only analysis and recording for educational purpose, what I meant to say is that there are many pointers in this survey that keep on proving things as they unfold even after elections. This is really a complete, correct, and an impartial survey done following the basic principles of surveys. God Bless KM paper and Mr. Sayyid Anwer and his survy team.
    I don’t care if any person goes to any political party or keeps on jumping.

  66. AMANTH co op bank is very very god banking sestematic operting the hole sttaf allso imandars the new elcted bady allsogood the selcted chairman allso very good and experaiance and good carctereman but old directer bady dairecters and manger is allibaba 40 chores

  67. Amanath Bank story over? What abt my money dposited????

  68. What a shameful thing we are doing. instead of saving Amanath Bank which was established with so many muslims efforts and sacrifices we ourselves are ready to give it to others by way of merger. Really shameful act, we are requesting Canara Bank to take it but those wise Maths gurus and political pundits are opposing it, teasing us while our opponents are having the laughter.
    There is no solution but to bring the two biggest persons responsible for it to the public and let them face the reality.
    Please brothers, save it at all costs

  69. Meray mohtarm bhaio
    ham jaise mahnat karna waalon ka jayaz paisa wasul karnay may madad karo nahi to ye amanath bank ke jo koyi bi ho wo aisi tarha kha jayenge
    Maharbani se is ke bare may kuch to karo bhaio

  70. Dear Moinul Haque Alig,
    I fully endorse your views, you are doing a really good job. May God bless you and make your efforts bear fruit.
    In the meanwhile I also want to share some information that will help in your project. so yu can share your email id with me so that i will mail directly to you.

  71. This is for kind attention of Mr. shoaib shariff from Mysore. Brother for your kind information I am also from Mysore and I have beein living in this city since 32 years. I am very well aware of Mr. syed Nizam Ali , what type of person he is and what is his service to Mysoreans, if any?
    All Mysoreans know this very well, if you dont know please read the few lines from mr. Moinul Haque Alig. If a Aligarh person can understand very well how come you from Mysore cannot understand?. Are you really belong to Mysore?
    Please read the below lines as per Mr. Moinul Haque Alig.

    The survey quotes “Observations of Muslim voters” about few personalities who may be popular here. The interesting observation is about one Mr. Syed Nizam Ali, who jumped 3-4 parties till that time. A few days back I noted his appearance with lone Samajwadi MLA Mr. Yogesh, to felicitate him. So the 95% Muslims as per survey report opine that Mr. Nizam is “Highly untrustable. He………” is very true.

  72. I have completed my postgraduation in Social Sciences two years back hence know the value of surveys and also the type of work that is taken up by our respected brother Mr. Moinul Haque Alig.
    like Mr. Sardar I also want to share some useful information which I have with Mr. Moinul Haq if he can give me jhis contact number or mail id please.
    One more important thing I want to sugest to all our brothers and this newspapr/portal is that the MLA election is over, may by this survey proved very useful but now the MP election is fast approching. my sugestion is please have a new suvey for MP elction also at a suitable time. Hope Mr. Sayyed’s team will do it for the benefit of our community again. thanks & regards . Mr. Nusrath.

  73. I second the sugestion of Miss. Nusrath and I also want to sugest the same thing please start your work for survey keeping in mind MP ELECTION. thanks

  74. Sir, we should know what our socalled leaders have done
    forget leaders like Jaffar Sharif and Rosha Baig. Please start survey of opinion polls for this MP election as fast as possible then u can guide the Muslims truly. thanks
    Amanulla Ullal Mangalore

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