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Karnataka Muslims Express Concern Over an Indecent Publishing

Sayyid Anwer Ibrahim

Bangalore May 05, 2011. KMNN: “Is there any logic in it? There is no remotest connection of the Kalima here. It is definitely provocative in nature. Such things are irrelevant and must be avoided. It is a matter of grief that these types of blunders are done by responsible persons of reputed newspapers,” said Mr. Syed Sajjad Ahmad, a Gazetted Officer in the Government of Karnataka referring to a picture published in today’s Deccan Herald. The daily carried a full page headline “The Killing of Osama” with collage of Osama bin Laden’s photograph and an image of Kalima in Arabic “La Illaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasool Allah.”

An oldest and premier daily of South India the daily Deccan Herald devoted the entire page number 14 to Osama News. The Readers are reacting painfully as the Kalima (translation: There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet) is the first tenet of Islam which is followed by billions of Muslims all over the world. The daily has equated the headline of Osama’s killing and his photograph with the Kalima.

Responding on the issue Muhammad Asifuddin, an Aalim (Islamic Scholar) and Pharmacy graduate who is Secretary of Wisdom Institutions, Bidar, said,

“This is a very dangerous mistake by the newspaper. What the daily has published is a shameful act. Are they ignorant of the basic truth about Islamic beliefs that are well known globally? No religion permits defaming any community or religion. If the newspaper publishes totally baseless, wrong, and objectionable matter then what about their knowledge of religion and respect for equality of all as enshrined by the Constitution of India? We are in deep sorrow over what has happened”

Mr. Muhammad Najeebullah Arab, an Engineering student from Bijapur said “Muslim youth know the supremacy of the truth that is Islam; they cannot be instigated by such silly things. But it definitely hurts the feelings of all righteous thinking persons if wrong things are attributed to a religion or community. We hope reputed newspapers like Deccan Herald will follow the journalistic norms and avoid negative content.”

Mr. Zaheer Ahmad, a retired engineer said, “The entire Osama episode has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims it is sad to see the Kalima beside the Osama’s image and such a headline. This is hurting millions of right thinking Muslims.”

Mrs., Ayesha Farha, a housewife from Bangalore opines, “It is an art by the newspaper designer it should not be conceived that Osama represents Islam or Muslims in anyway.”

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