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A recent meeting of Muslim leaders held at Bangalore has called upon the Muslims to exercise peace and restraint, and not to fall prey to evil provocations that may result in law and order disturbances in the aftermath of the pronouncement of verdict in the Babri Masjid case on 24th September 2010.

The meeting attended by prominent Ulema (religious scholars) of Bangalore, important community leaders, and prominent Muslims stated:

“We wish to inform the Muslims of Karnataka that by the Grace of Allah, the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board has presented the Babri Masjid case in an expert and effective approach before the honourable court. Many non-Muslim experts also gave witness in support of the Babri Masjid, it is clear that there is no dearth of truthful and justice loving people among non-Muslim brothers.”

“All the proceedings of the case have been completed and the Allahabad High Court, Lucknow bench has reserved the verdict. At this juncture, this meeting appeals to all the Muslims to exercise restraint while responding to the court verdict. Your response should be in a dignified, decent, and respectable manner. You should not do anything that may create hatred or lead to communal disturbance.

If the verdict is in favour of the Muslims, then thank Allah individually and offer prayers for peace and safety. Do not arrange functions or processions. If the verdict goes against the Muslims, then there is no need to get discouraged; we will go to the Supreme Court and will prove our stand.”

It further stated: “All-India Muslim Personal Law Board has already made it clear that the Indian Muslims will accept the last verdict of the court, all the people of the country should also accept the last verdict of the court, and that it is the government’s responsibility to implement the verdict.

? Maulana Mufti Muhammad Ashraf Ali Baqawi
? Maulana Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Rahi Fidai Baqawi
? Maulana Abdul Gafoor Baqawi
? Maulana Mufti Shamsuddin Qasmi
? Maulana Saleh Muhammad Shakir Sait Qasmi
? Maulana Mashayakh Mufti Syed Bakhar Arshad Qasmi
? Maulana Khadeer Ahmad Ada Al Aamiri
? Maulana Syed Mustafa Rifai Nadwi
? Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Umari
? Maulana Riyazur Rahman Rashadi
? Maulana Muhammad Hussain Mawdani
? Haafiz Syed Shamsul Huda
? Mr. Athar Ullah Shariff, Secretary, Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka & Goa
? Mr. Anwer Shariff, Chairman, Jumma Masjid Trust
? Mr. Ameer Jaan, Chairman, Jamia Hazrath Bilal
? Mr. Maqbool Ahmad, President, C.M.A
? Mr. K. Rahman Khan, M.P
? Mr. C.K. Jaffar Shariff, former union minister
? Mr. Zameer Ahmad Khan, M.L.A
? Mr. Naseer Ahmad, M.L.A
? Mr. N.A. Haris, M.L.A
? Mr. Roshan Baig, M.L.A
? Mr. Abdul Azeem, M.L.C
? Mr. Muhammad Aasim Afroz Sait
? Mr. M.G. Azam, Advocate
? Mr. Abdul Raheed, Advocate
? Mr. Syed Muhammad Beary
? Mr. Sagheer Ahmad
? Mr. Muhammad Obaidullah Shariff
? Mr. Syed Shahid Ahmad
? Mr. Mubeen Munawar
? Mr. Sulemaan Khan
? Mr. Syed Shafi Ullah

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