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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind wants Lok Sabha to fulfil election promises

Staff Reporter | KMNN

New Delhi, April 8, 2015

While terming the Land Acquisition Bill as an effort to deprive the farmers of their lands, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind today asked the BJP-led NDA government at the center to fulfil its Lok Sabha election promises. Jamaat’s national president Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, accompanied with national secretaries, was addressing the monthly press conference at Jamaat’s headquarters here on Wednesday.

During interactions with the journalists, Maulana Umari also expressed Jamaat’s views on various other issues including Supreme Court’s verdict on divorced Muslim women, Telangana encounter, Hashimpura case and crisis in Aam Aadmi Party.

Jamaat chief termed the Telangana encounter as apparently fake. He also termed the ouster of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav from key panels of AAP as a setback for Delhi people.

Media persons were also given a copy of the resolutions passed by Jamaat’s Markazi Majlis-e-Numaindagan (Council of Representatives) held on April1-5, 2015.

The Markazi Majlis-e-Numaindagan (Council of Representatives) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind held its session at the headquarters of the Jamaat in New Delhi from April 1-5, 2015. During the 5-day session, this apex body of the Jamaat deliberated on the various national and international issues and adopted resolutions thereon.

Text of the Resolutions:

1. National Situation

There has been continuous talk of economic development since the formation of new NDA Government at the center, but this development is being effected only by the corporate sector which is rendering the citizens slaves of money and violating traditional ethics. Owing to this capitalist type of economy, moral evils of sorts are raising their heads in the country. Efforts are being made to deprive the farmers of their lands with the Land Acquisition Act. By paving the way for intervention of Insurance Industry in the health sector, medical treatment is being made difficult for common citizens. Huge amounts are being allocated for defense imports which are benefiting much the corporate sector and war industry, but only a small amount is kept for basic necessities like education and health. Getting education is being made ever more difficult for common citizens while the educational institutions of private sector are being promoted, whereby only rich and wealthy families would be benefited.

This session of the Council of Representatives of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind looks at this situation with concern, and calls upon the Central Government to fulfil its promises made during the Lok Sabha election campaign. Likewise, State Governments too should devise such policies as it can ease the day-to-day life of common citizens. This session also appeals to the political parties and NGOs to exert pressure on the Union Government and the ruling party to change their economic policy, and to strive to free the country from the clutches of capitalists and multinational companies. There is also the need to launch public awareness campaigns in this regard.


2. The Problems of Minorities

Soon after coming to power 11 months ago, the present Government started taking measures to create problems for religious minorities and the move is still going on. The traditions of a particular faith and culture are being incorporated in educational syllabi. Efforts are being made continuously to foment the situation in the country on the basis of mischievous campaigns like ghar wapsi and concocted assumptions like love jihad. The process of depriving religious minorities of their constitutional privileges is going on. The practice of oppression perpetrated on the Dalits by the so-called upper class is going on as usual. This situation is rather grave in rural areas.

As for cow and bullock slaughter, it is related not only to Muslims and Christians but the various sections of the majority community as well who are there in crores; efforts are being made to deprive them of cheap protein. The purview of ban on slaughter has widened to other animals, even camels. There is also economic aspect of slaughter which is related to farmers as well as exports; but the Government and the ruling party are taking blind measures of ban on slaughter just to implement their particular agenda. The Jamaat’s Council of Representatives strongly demands from the Governments of concerned States to lift forthwith the ban on slaughter just for the sake of food requirement of crores of population and for the betterment of national economy. The Jamaat’s Council of Representatives feels that, as the Government and the ruling party have failed to keep their public promises of “development” and “good governance”, they are confusing the people’s mind on such non-issues just to divert their attention from the real issues.

As it was in the previous UPA Government, the practice of arresting Muslim youth on petty suspicion and harassing Muslim families is continuing as well. While no action is being taken against errant elements, the perpetrators of Ishrat Jahan fake encounter and Gujarat 2002 are being freed. Only recently, in the Hashimpura massacre case, all the 16 accused PAC officers were freed on the excuse of insufficient evidence. The Hashimpura massacre is on one hand the worst incident of State oppression while on the other a very unfortunate chapter of the delivery of justice in India. Even now no efforts are being made for speedy trial of accused Muslim under-trials. This session considers it injustice and extremely harmful for the country. However, this session values the verdicts pronounced by courts of law in certain cases, e.g. the order to investigate high police officers in cases of fake encounters of innocents in Gujarat. It hopes that judiciary will maintain its dignity in future as well.


3. Appeal to the Muslim Ummah in the present situation

Although the political situation in the country is rather difficult and certain serious problems have been created for the Ummah, it is satisfactory that a majority of citizens in the country, particularly the civil society, do not like this situation. The scholars and intellectuals in the country are expressing concern over it. This session of the Council of Representatives takes it in right earnest. It also expresses its sense of satisfaction on the patience and fortitude as well as sincere attitude that Muslims have maintained harmony despite continuous provocations by the mischievous elements. This is to be noted that in the history of Muslim Ummah this situation is not new; such situations occurred earlier also and every time the Ummah came out with flying colors. This is so because this Ummah holds staunch belief in monotheism and in the Last Prophet of God (peace and blessings of Allah be to him). God willing, this Ummah will overcome the trials this time too. This session appeals to the Ummah to play, in cooperation with the countrymen, its constructive role in the country with self-confidence, courage and valor.


4. International Situation

After the end of Cold War and dominance of American capitalist economic system in the world 25 years ago, a large number of people the world over have taken to earning more and more money with fair or foul means. Capitalist countries and their MNCs have brought humans onto this path, which has resulted in moral degradation on large scale. Arms and ammunition producing countries and their companies have given way to war mania. Seen ideologically, all capitalist western powers including America, having made Islam their target, have launched a powerful propaganda campaign against it, and efforts are being made to weaken and dishearten the Ummah in every respect. These forces make Muslim states fight against one another with two ends in view: one, to capture the wealth of resources-rich Muslim states, and the other, downfall of the faith of Islam. These forces see to it that no country forms a government on Islamic principles. This is why the democratically elected government of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt was ousted through conspiracies. Unfortunately, certain wealthy Muslim states are also hands in glove therein. The present anarchy in Iraq, Syria and Yemen is the result of these conspiracies. Shia-Sunni conflict as well as the sectarian differences in the Sunni world is being fanned in a planned manner. New battlefields are being prepared in the Muslim world. This session of the Council of Representatives of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind views this situation with concern and appeals to all Muslim states, their governments and Ulema and intellectuals over there to forge unity in the ranks of the Ummah. The fitting reply to these conspiracies is in fact the unity of Ummah and particularly the unity of Muslim states and sects. Let reliable institutions of the Ummah like O.I.C. and the World Muslim League become active in this regard and all the organizations of the Muslim Ummah play their active role in this regard.


5. Islamic Banking

To ensure economic justice in the country, it is necessary that interest-based system is brought to an end and a just, interest-free economy is promoted. In this regard, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has been striving for a long time. With the efforts of Jamaat, Indian Centre for Islamic Finance (ICIF) and some other institutions and individuals, Islamic Banking has been introduced in the country. The most important is that, after long discussions with Reserve Bank of India and government and non-governmental economists, a practical way came to light when State Bank of India formally announced the launching of Shariah Mutual Fund Scheme but it was suddenly postponed saying that the Bank would present a better scheme; but nothing has been done so far. Later it came to light that SBI postponed this scheme following governmental and political intervention while certain economists consider this scheme very useful for national economy. This session of Jamaat’s Council of Representatives urges the Union Ministry of Finance to analyze on its own the expediency of Islamic Banking. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, ICIF and other institutions will cooperate with the Ministry in this regard.


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