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IDB Community Development Workshop: Graduates Urged to Work for Community Empowerment

L to R- Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmed. Dr. H. Muhammad Samiullah. Mr. Amanullah. Dr. B. Shaikh Ali. Dr. Abrar Ahmad Shareef. Mr. S. Najamul Hassan Razvi

Sayyid Anwer Ibrahim | KMNN

Bangalore May 29, 2011: The 23rd Community Development Workshop by the IDB Department of Communities in Non-Member Countries (CNC) began in Bangalore. The three-day workshop (May 27–30) aims to develop leadership qualities amongst the selected graduates from across the country. The deliberations were set in motion with the inspiring keynote address by Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Editor,, and Director, BookWare Publishers, Bangalore. Mr. Tanveer took stock of the situation in the present day world. Established the role of Muslims as individual and as connected with the community, country, and the world. He presented clear strategies for excellence in this world and for the Blessings of Allah in the hereafter.

Several luminaries addressed the inaugural session.

Dr. B. Shaikh Ali

Dr. B. Shaikh Ali, former vice-chancellor of Mangalore and Goa Universities said,

“The goal of human beings should be to move towards excellence in life. This can be achieved by leading the life with divine objective and direction towards ‘the light.’ One should possess moral ethics, humility, and vision.” He urged the students to follow the following characteristics in their daily life, which are enshrined in the Hadith: Recitation of the Quran, Piety, Morality, modesty in communication, and continuous introspection

Dr. H. Muhammad Samiullah Professor Emeritus Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A. former Head, Department of Medicine, Government Medical College Mysore, said,

Dr. H. Muhammad Samiullah

“A good personality is one which always remembers the Creator. The Western culture has enacted laws to make you responsible. They are answerable to the society and authorities. Muslims are answerable to Allah, the Almighty on the day of the Judgment. We should learn many good things from the Jews. They fought all their battles through courts to excel in the American society. Knowledge is a changing base while wisdom is constant.”

Dr. Abrar Ahmad Shareef

Dr. Abrar Ahmad Shareef, Director, Media Department, Muslim World League, said, “Muslims as minorities in our countries should match our needs with the needs of our country. In India being the largest minority, Muslims should take care of the smaller minorities. You should have a purpose coupled with worldview. Post retirement, you should bring in the pool of your experiences for the betterment of the community and the country. India is on the verge of becoming a world power, when it attains that position, what will be the position of Muslims Ummah? Middle class is suffering, with lack of time and lack money. They should Educate, Organize, empower themselves, and contribute with intellectual support, time, or money. Education as a key factor aids in empowerment, healthcare, and all other sectors. Hence formulate a curriculum for future development with combining religious education and secular education from pre-primary till eight standard. From ninth standard onwards focus on professional fields. As the IDB is offering scholarship as its social responsibility, the recipient graduates should be equally responsible with their social responsibilities.”

Mr. S. Najamul Hassan Razvi, President, Center for Community Development, (former OSD to the Governor of Karnataka and former Secretary, State Minorities Commission associated with SECAB, Bijapur, and KBN Education Society)

Mr. S. Najamul Hassan Razvi

Mr. Razvi, said, “You can achieve excellence by hard work, not merely by wishing. Courage, ideas, and efforts put together bring success. Know what the challenges are and what is your role to play. Muslims being late starters are behind by at least 50 years compared to other communities of India. Their was resistance to English language and contemporary education by Ulama because what they called as ‘Firangi.’

Al-Ameen Education society has given courage for others to start educational institutions. We should be faster than others to catch-up with them. We should work for social, educational, and political empowerment. Muslims should not be fully dependent on government aid. Being big tax payers we can make own budget that is equal to or bigger than what government can provide to us. We should have big committees at state level to study educational situation in comparison with other communities. Then we should start institutions in the field of education, medicine, engineering, and others. We should do assessment, have vision, make five-year plans, shoulder the responsibly, and implement the plans religiously for the goals of nation building and community building.”

Mr. Amanullah

Dr. Ali Khwaja, Chairman, Banjara Academy, Bangalore took an achievement orientation session on “Person to Personality”

Mr. Amanullah, Chairman, S.I.T. Aligarh presiding over the inaugural

session said, “Since the beginning in 1983, the IDB has conducted over 15 programmes in India. The IDB expects us to do something better by changing our status first. We will succeed with our vision, mission, and clear role Insha’Allah.”

Dr. Suhail Sabir

Earlier Dr. Suhail Sabir welcomed the gathering. Mr. Ateequr Rahman, programme coordinator successfully compered the ceremony.

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