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GEMS Spreading Shine!

By Sayyida Kaunain and Sayyid Kaamil

Principal Syeda Rubina Kowser with School Captain Arfa Noorain H, Sayyid MURTAZAA, Sayyida KAUNAIN, and Sayyid KAAMIL

Bangalore: Any school prides herself when its students bring laurels. What about when the institution itself is honoured and awarded? Each and everyone connected with the school feels proud.

I, Sayyida Kaunain of 8th Standard, my brothers Sayyid Kaamil of 7th Standard, and Sayyid Murtazaa of 4th Standard are proud students of GEM English School, R.T. Nagar, Bangalore. We belong to one family and one school.  So we thought why not write about our school and its glorious moments?

First, let us share the good news; the GEM English School has bagged the “BEST SCHOOL AWARD” from the Department of Public Instruction, Government of Karnataka. Along with all the students and teachers, we are abound with joy, happiness, and proud.

Like all children, we too are very fond of stories. We used to hear or rather forced our parents and grandparents to tell stories to us. Now we wish to tell our story. We are charmed with thoughts of the likes of Barak Obama, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) and so on.

We would like to begin with our father first! Our father always has been saying, “Our school is the best.” So only he got us admitted here a couple of years ago after a thorough review of almost half of Bangalore’s schools!  Many awards that our school has been bagging now and then vindicates stand of our father and many parents. Who is my father? If I have to write about my father, many volumes are needed to throw light at each aspect of his multifaceted personality. It is not the subject here and I would not write about him as he shuns publicity. I am writing about our school hence, it is very important to mention one or two points about him that are very relevant from school point of view.  My father is General Manager of a Multinational Company (MNC). His company provided free housing, a very spacious and nicely furnished flat in a posh locality of Bangalore. He decided not to shift there just because he wanted our schooling to continue at GEM School. This decision is costing him Rupees Twenty Thousand every month in the form of rent being paid to our existing house in R.T. Nagar.

One of our school student Prashant’s parents shifted their family to Hosur last year. He and his parents preferred not to shift the school. He is still studying at GEM. Their decision put him to daily travel from Tamil Nadu (Hosur) to Karnataka (Bangalore) just to attend his Standard VIII at GEM School. A distinguished visitor to the school remarked, “When many people are selective even in offering a cup of tea to their guests and don’t have time to visit each other, a person paying out Rs. 20,000 per month avoidable rent and a student traveling from another city; all this just for the love of the school? It is ajab school ka ghazab attachment.

What is so special about our school? Our school parents range from small workers to top government Officers, engineers to educationists, drivers to doctors, masons to MNC people etc.

The GEM has technology enabled teaching, best curriculum, vast library, fine laboratory, enthusing extracurricular activities, sports facilities, caring counselors, and above all inspiring teachers! There are regular teacher training programmes and continuous adaptation of best practices in education. Any student can meet teachers or Principal freely. Even our Chairman Sir is freely accessible to us.

There are two reasons for thinking of Barak Obama and Shah Rukh Khan (SRK)

The United States President, Barack Obama, in his recent visit to India showered heavy praise on SRK. It is learnt that many schools and Universities in the USA and UK treat their students as their customers. The students give grades to teachers and hence the standard of teaching is maintained. Can we think of starting this system in India? Taking the lead, we have already started with grading our school! This article can be considered as a first step.



SRK, no doubt is a great actor, but we are more excited about our own SRK! Syeda Rubina Kowser (SRK), our principal is a well-organized leader and great teacher.

Syeda Rubina Kowser is a dynamic person with high education and higher skills, moral values, and ever-growing knowledge. She is like a loving mother to us students and a friend with teachers. As we have experienced, her classes are mesmerizing, create and sustain our interest, educate us, and leave us with thirst for more knowledge. She is politely best in teaching students, effective in guiding teachers, strong in implementing the time table, and perfect in parents meeting. She has efficiency, understanding and grace with a flavor of firmness in whatever she does. Her strictness and uncompromising nature is neatly covered with her cheerful and friendly attitude.

All of us know she leads by practice not by preaching. For the sake of brevity I will give one example. Our school students recently went out on a local science trip. The convoy comprised of our school vans and buses. Our teachers and security personnel accompanied us in each vehicle. Our principal seated in a van was keeping abreast of the situation in all vehicles through mobile phone conversation. A young lady teacher in an adventurous mood rested the security man and herself stood on the footboard of a van to safeguard children. On learning it, the principal warned the teacher and the issue was resolved immediately. What can I say about it? Leading from the front, management on the move, or real-time action. I can say, all of it! I am afraid I cannot stop discovering many facets of her multifaceted personality. I need to stop and sum up; she is a powerful leader, an inspiration, and a gem of a person leading the GEM institutions towards more achievements.



To say something about our honourable Chairman Dr. C.Y.S. Khan or about other management members is not easy as we do not have more interaction with them. Particularly to write about our Chairman is impossible because of his towering personality as we have heard about. Whenever he happens to see us, he smiles, motivates, enquires, listens, assures, and guides, all in big doses! He always encourages us to excel in whatever we do and praises a lot on our achievements. Dr. Khan is armed with many Indian and foreign degrees. He is a practicing medical doctor. The biggest advantage for GEM school is an in-house doctor. He is always there with free prescriptions for students. He generously gives free medicines to the needy. We too have benefited from supplementary tonics given by him free of cost.

By the variety and quality of his daily duties, we understand that he has a mission of education and service. He is working on it and living for it!

He has authored many books in English and Urdu languages on subjects ranging from History and Medicine to Literature etc. He is also editor and publisher of a health magazine “Medical Zone.” He regularly conducts awareness programmes and medical seminars in school and distributes informative papers. Not only students but their families too benefit from it. Thanks to our in-house full-fledged prepress department of monthly “Medical Zone” which designs and prints fine things faster and gives us free of cost.

Our Tech savvy Chairman Sir, sitting in his chamber knows every bit of what is happening in our whole campus. He sets rules, seeks suggestions, and controls implementation. He has set in motion a system of education and administration that keeps on going perfectly. He has the fine art of getting things done just with a smile! Having established the GEM school in the year 1976, he is since then steering it from glory to greater glory. He has dedicated his life for us, the students!



Our school captain Arfa Noorain H is coordinating with the teachers and students and making every event a memorable one. GEM Students are getting scholarships and awards in many disciplines. Recent examples: Nikhat Fatima of 10th Standard won the Kaizan Scholarship while Naveen of 9th Standard got good ranking in All-India GK Exam. Our teachers too involved in regular training and higher education; many of them are getting additional degrees. Students and teachers announcing accomplishments and distributing sweets is a regular event with the GEMS.

We too have achievements this year: MURTAZAA got a couple of medals and KAAMIL got six medals. KAUNAIN with seven medals awarded “BEST STUDENT OF THE YEAR.”  Success is a way of life synonymous with the GEMS.


GEM Alumni

Attachment remains even after we leave the school. Old students are invited on special occasions; a few of them distributed awards and medals this time.

Our teachers also have more attachment, so they spend more years here.

One of our senior teachers has gained so much experience that now he is ready to establish his own school.

GEM School old students are shining in many fields in India and the world. I will just give two examples here. GEM’s old student has attained Dr. Sayeeda Fatima is now an eminent Cardiologist (expert in heart diseases and procedures) highly respected in the United Kingdom. She was a toper throughout her schooling and achieved top rank in MBBS, and MD too. She did FRCP and MACP. Her husband is also a top doctor armed with FRCP. They were offered with top posts in prestigious hospitals of UK. This top couple served in Leicester University Hospital, the biggest teaching hospital in UK. Calderdale Royal Hospital, Calderdale Pinderfield General Hospital City, Wakefield. The top couple is back in Bangalore “to serve our country.” She is the only Muslim women in South India having such a vast treasure of education and expertise in Cardiac diseases.  Both are now serving in Hazrath Bismillah Shah Hospital, (HBS) Shivajinagar, Bangalore.

It is not the only one old story. In the year 2014 you will find our Gemian in the first batch of the MBBS in the newly started Medical College at Tumkur. Many other numerous examples can be ascertained from our school.

Note: My parents are educators. My mother served as a lecturer and teacher and father is a visiting faculty in a couple of colleges. Both are passionately involved in teaching and training. They have never worked with GEM institutions. We are not related to any member of staff or management.  To us, our school means, a sense of belonging. The Gemians are leading a life filled with home works, projects, giving tests, receiving advice; and above all enjoying every moment!



GEM Chairman Dr. C.Y.S. Khan congratulating the “Best Student of the Year 2014-15” Sayyida Kaunain

Murtazaa: How do you feel about recent award for the Gem School as the “Best School” by DPI in Karnataka? Are there any other awards in the past?

Chairman: I feel very proud to have dedicated and hard working staff who have given their time and dedication to achieve this prestigious position where awards are a regular affair with the GEM. Yes, every year we are receiving many awards and certificates from various departments.

Murtazaa: What is unique about our school?

Chairman: Being a Muslim management we follow secularism in all respect. We teach Arabic for Muslim students, Sanskrit for Hindu students and Theology for Christian students.

Kaamil: What is your strategy in establishing and running the school successfully?

Chairman: “GEM STANDS FOR DISCIPLINE AND DISCIPLINE MAKES GEM.” The main objective of our school is to make every student proactive and independent so as to prepare them to face challenges of the globalised world.

Kaamil: Your future plans for school development?

Chairman: To strengthen our roots and spread all over the state imparting quality education to needy children.

Kaunain:  How do you help deserving students, who are financially poor?

Chairman: We encourage them and support them with scholarship.

Kaunain: How about forming a body of private and recognized schools, are you member of any such organization?

Chairman: Presently, there are many such associations; our school is member of a few of them.

Kaunain: Any message to prospective parents regarding new admissions?

Chairman: Parents should check ground reality of any school before admitting their wards.



Murtazaa: How do you feel about recent award for the Gem School as the “Best School” by DPI in Karnataka? Are there any other awards in the past?

Principal: I feel pleased and blissful after receiving the award. It is not the individual who receives the award but, it is the reward for efforts of triangular teams of students, parents and teachers. Teachers play an important role in elevating the teaching to such a higher level. Yes, GEM has been receiving awards every year for achieving 100% result in board exams.

Kaamil: How do you manage many tasks successfully and which is more interesting, teaching, administration, or departmental work?

Principal: With self initiative, interest, total involvement, and right planning I manage many tasks successfully. All the given tasks are important. Teaching is more interesting as I share knowledge. Interacting with students, mentoring and counseling them are more satisfying.

Murtazaa: Whom do you love most; the students, teachers, or management?

Principal: I love my students. We also get to know of success stories of our past students. Our role in making of future citizens is a gift from God.

Kaunain: What is your strategy for running the school to make it worthy of awards?

Principal: Strategy is very simple, absolute dedication and complete coordination on all fronts. Being a higher authority I should deal with teachers, parents, students and management. People on higher levels should have lot of patience, understanding, cooperation and coordination. These are the keys for success.

Kaamil: What are your future plans for school-development? Any new initiatives in imparting education in our school?

Principal: Our school is already technology enabled. We will do more technology upgrading for imparting education. Our future plans include, more hands-on learning, additional experiments, and lot of sports events. We plan to introduce Tablets for supplementing syllabus learning at students’ own pace and place.

Kaunain: Any things you wish to convey to prospective parents on new admissions?

Principal: I wish to convey a few points to students.

  • • Respect everyone in the society irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or group.
  • • Plan smartly and work hard to achieve your goals as there is no substitute for hard work.
  • • Self-interest is very important in completion of any tasks.
  • • A Gemian will be provided with holistic education comprising of a challenging curriculum, in a conducive atmosphere. You will have exposure to all kinds of intellectual, physical, co-curricular and extracurricular pursuits. Highest quality is maintained everywhere. This makes learning wholesome and rewarding.

Kaunain: Any plans for linguistic abilities and scientific reasoning development?

Principal: For development of linguistic abilities we have literary competitions, translation activities, and vocabulary building works. Regular speaking and event management activities to boost their confidence

As I have mentioned earlier we already are implementing programmes of scientific reasoning development among students. We plan to increase scientific experiments, hands-on learning, variety of Science Projects, guest lectures by experts in Science and technology. Time permitting, we also wish to increase the number Science fairs. Recently we conducted “GEM Science Fiesta” wherein students demonstrated an array of Science Projects. Parents and visitors have recorded their words of high appreciation.

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  1. It is really a very good news about one of our great schools. not becs of award but bcs of so many plus points keep it up
    to see brilliant students of our qaum like these students is a great happiness. The small children also great wonders may Allah bless them. Ameen

  2. Alhamdulilla I am very happy to know abt our Gem school. Congratulation to my most respected Chairman Sir and Principal Mam and also to all teachers.
    lots of love to our young gems how nicely they have brought out all the good things in their school – – – keep it up children you are proud not only to the school but to the nation.

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