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Founders Day Celebration at Al-Ameen College

“Country Cannot Advance Without Minorities’ Progress” Governor Bharadwaj

Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan being Felicitated

“Minorities are our asset and they are playing a key role in leading the country forward. It is the responsibility of the union and state governments to ensure that they (minorities) should never feel neglected or deprived of any of their legitimate right. Islam has contributed a lot in unifying India. At the time of advent of Islam in India, the country was scattered into small pieces, the Moghal rulers united it,” said His Excellency H.R. Bharadwaj, Governor of Karnataka.  He was participating in a function to commemorate the services of the founders of Al-Ameen Educational Society, Bangalore on Oct 31.  Lauding the role of Muslims in India’s freedom struggle, the Governor said, “Majority community should not forget the important contribution of Muslims in attainment of freedom of the nation. They have also added a rich cultural heritage to India. They have given many historic monuments. Even today the country’s prime minister addresses the nation from the historic ‘Lal Qila’ on 15 August every year. The ‘Lal Qila’ (Red Fort) is a marvel of Muslim architecture. We have taken the Article 14 for the Indian constitution from Islam—that is why the foundation of the country is so strong. The constitution of India accords special protection to minorities, their culture, and their institutions. Unless the minorities attain progress, India cannot move forward.”

Al-Ameen College Campus

Islam is the Best Religion
The Governor praising Islam said, “Islam is the best of all religions, its first tenet–Kalimah gives the message that Allah is one and Muhammad (PBUH) is Allah’s Prophet—and this is the truth! Islam everywhere guides us towards peace, tolerance, and justice. Any Muslim who offers five prayers (Namaz) daily cannot even think of anything wrong!  Islam and Hinduism strengthened the roots of the country. Today all the Islamic countries have friendly ties with India.”

Hon'ble Governor Bharadwaj and other Dignitaries

Karnataka, the State of Tippu Sultan
The Governor had all praise for Tippu Sultan, “The people of Karnataka are peace loving, you belong to a state that gave the first freedom fighter of India, the great martyr Tippu Sultan.” He appreciated the efforts of Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan saying, “He had done such service that the community will remember it even after his death, for centuries.”

Proud to be Aligarian
“I feel proud to have been a student of the Aligarh Muslim University. The speciality and greatness of Aligarh can only be felt by going there,” said the Governor.

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4 Responses

  1. I humbly request the Al-Ameen Education Society, Bangalore to insert the names of Best Teacher Awardees of Al-Ameen Founder’s 2010 Day to honour them in real sense.

  2. May I know the reason why the photos and names of the Best Teacher’s Awardees of Al-Ameen Founder’s Day-2010 are not exposing here on this web site?

  3. If all the names and potos are published this web site I is a matter of proudness to the Al-Ameen Educational Society, and it encourages others to serve with full dedication because there is recognition of their services. This enriches the cause of education and service.

  4. Some more photos may by downloaded here. And even the Video of that program.

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