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Ensure Accuracy and Make Census Successful: SIO

Population census 2011 will be conducted throughout India from February 9th to 28th. All Muslims are requested to furnish correct details during census and ensure to mention ISLAM in the religion column, and URDU or BYAARI (as the case may be) as “mother tongue”. Accurate census data helps government while making policies and programmes appropriate to the development of Muslims. This also helps the Planning Commission in allocation of funds for their welfare in the annual budget and annual plan of the country and states. Local Muslim organisations and Wakf institutions are requested to follow-up and monitor the census and help the officials in covering their respective areas without leaving a single family or person. All Masjid committees in Karnataka state are particularly requested to notify this information in Urdu or local language on the Masjid notice boards also to announce the same during the Friday prayers.

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