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Dr. Seema Rafat Calls for Muslim Women to Play Revolutionary Role

by Sayyid Anwer Ibrahim

Bangalore April 09, 2011 KMNN: A workshop on “Awareness and Capacity Building of Muslim Women” was organised here by the “Centre for Study of Society and Secularism Mumbai, India Social Institute, Bangalore (ISI), and Talent Promotion Trust, Bangalore (TPT).

Dr. Rafat Seema, General Secretary of NISA Research and Resource Centre for Women, Hyderabad and Chief Editor of “NISA” Research magazine on Women spoke on “Situation of Muslim Women in India”. Presenting the statistics on their positive aspects she said “Girls generally are in the forefront of everything that once considered the male dominion. Girls including Muslim girls are shining in secondary education to higher education in all the streams and subjects. Even in professional courses they are achieving remarkable success, surpassing boys.”

She further said, “Hyderabad has established first medical college for Women. There is a Sunday school and distance learning school for study of Quran. Professionals, students, housewives and all are learning Quran from here.”

Dr. Rafat also narrated case studies of difficulties in Women’s education. She said, “Still majority of parents think girl education as non-profitable business. They prefer boys’ education over that of girls. The irony is that even if a girl gets higher education there will be problems in finding suitable educated husbands. The problem of ragging and degradation of moral standards also resists the parents from sending their daughters to colleges. All this results not only in limiting education of girls but also their capabilities are not available for nation building.”

On the economic problems Dr. Rafat said, “As per ‘Sachar Committee’ report, the condition of Muslims is worse than that of Daliths. Then the plight of Muslim Women is understandable. They are being exploited by private financiers”.

Dr. Rafat analyzed the situation in Muslim society by categorizing it into three classes financially. She said, “The Muslim elite class is busy in accumulating Dinaars, Dirhams, and Dollars. They are secluded within their own comforts without bothering about the outer world. If they come out to help the community there will be a positive difference. The middle class should shun their inhibitions and stop wasting wealth on maintaining social standards. They should join combined efforts for betterment of the community.”

Dr. Rafat outlining details of situation post Makkah Masjid blast in Hyderabad said, “In the aftermath of this blast, Muslim Youth were picked up in large number by the police. They were treated barbarically and false cases were framed against them. Nobody was willing even to talk to their female folks for the fear of being branded as ‘terrorist’. In this grave situation our organization ‘NISA’ reached to them and provided moral support. As a result they stood up against police atrocities and voiced their concern through the media. This proved effective in freeing many detainees”.


Kaneez Fathima Motivates Muslim Girls to do Active Social Service

Miss Kaneez Fathima, Civil Rights Activist and ‘NISA’ Coordinator from Hyderabad dealt in detail about the Women’s plight in the region. Miss Fathima said, “More Muslims were injured by Hyderabad police firing than the blast in Makkah Masjid. The police picked up innocent Muslim brethren and treated then worst than third degree. Actually the Makkah Masjid blast was deliberately carried out by communal forces in order to shift public attention from Gujarat fake encounters. The Sohrabuddin fake encounter and other such fake encounters were carried out in connivance by police of three states namely Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh”.

Miss Fathima said, “Burqa is not a barrier in any manner in any phase of life”. She said, “Muslim Women can do anything worth doing, and we have shown this through NISA. We were able to mobilize moral support to the women of victims’ families. This led to the release of victims from illegal detention”.

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  1. Continuous struggle is necessary to ensure the right to life with dignity through empowerment of women

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