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Congress doled out mere promises, never fulfilled them: Yeddy

'MINORITIES APPEASEMENT OR JUSTICE FOR MINORITIES?' (from right) B S Yeddyurappa flanked by Nizam Ali, vice president, KJP, minority wing and Kabir Ahmed, president, KJP, minority wing

Mujahid Deputy | KMNN

Bangalore. Apr. 1, 2013. While the Congress party in the state had organized huge minority convention to woo the minorities; and Mr. H D Kumarswamy, president, JD(S), knocked the door of every possible Dargah he could; Mr. B S Yeddyurappa, the supremo of Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP), chose not to miss the opportunity and thus tossed its minority card at Karnataka Janata Paksha Minority Convention, organized here on March. 30, 2013.

The Ex Chief Minister and founder KJP, Mr. Yeddyurappa, did not fail to whip the Congress party all through his speech. “People have become MLA’s, MP’s, Ministers and even running the nation with your (Muslims) votes but what did they do for you (Muslims) in return apart from doling out the bundle of mere promises,” he alleged and questioned the central govt. for failing to build the houses for downtrodden Muslims dwelling in the slums and failing to empower them and using them only as vote bank in the last six decades.

“Many of the minorities have remained workers in cycle repair shops but have not become its owners. They have remained taxi drivers but have not become taxi owners. Muslims should stop believing in the Congress,” he said.

Mr. Yeddy also assured Muslim women for setting aside 1,000 crore rupees and promised to establish cooperative banks for them if the party would come to power. He also said that the Bhagya Laxmi Yojane would be extended to even middle class people except the tax payers.

Though Mr. Yeddy lashes out at the congress but was very cautious naming the BJP.

Speaking on the occasions, Mr. Jabbar Khan Honnalli, vice president, KJP, sarcastically praise the Congress party and pointed out its contribution to the Muslim community. “Who said Congress has not given any thing to the community? Can’t we see the slums, poverty, and illiteracy prevailing in the community? Who could have given this,” Mr. Honnalli scoffed.

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  1. It’s nothing new, almost all the politicians & political parties always break the promises they make when elected to public office. The only truth is that politicians are telling lies. None of the political parties in Karnataka could keep up their election promises in the last two to three decades. Once the polls are over, politicians and political parties usually forget their own promises. And they do not hesitate to deceive people. So, it has become a culture in Indian politics. But this time Muslims should be careful about the false promises of politicians because for Politicians are promises are made to be broken.

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