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Because The World Doesn’t Recompense

By Muhammad Abdullah Javed
Analogous to what it termed as a sheer coincidence of hypocrisy the two leaders of a fascist party have come up with a routine idea of maligning people’s confidence. One is up with a traversing idea of ‘yatra.’ Such a so-called previous ‘yatra’ had caused communal backlash and resulted in bloodshed and tarnishing the image of India all along the way it passed or influenced thereby. The other clings to a 72-hours fast to ensure peace and prosperity to the nation. Not to forget the heinous crime that he has committed by letting ‘others’ to kill tens of hundreds of innocent people. The concerns towards the country and its citizen have rightly placed both the initiatives as a chariot of hypocrisy and chair of travesty respectively.

These two incidences are a rare case to be examined; they not only signify the true form of the pattern over which the country is being governed but also put forth a few important questions in relation to faith and beliefs:
1)      For a leader to be liked by one and all is it appropriate to adopt the ways he likes or should he to refer to the Divine teachings?
2)      Is it possible to climb the ladder of success by sowing the seeds of hatred?
3)      Does merely a ritual compensate to any crime committed?

The life is melting…
First of all, the men of yatras and rituals should give a pause to think over the precarious condition they are in, with regard to life and weakening health and with reference to the passing moments. Every single second making them grow older and older thereby weakening their senses. Do they think that their deeds suffice them to get salvation? Their inner self does not incite them to feel ashamed of what has been done? Let them reflect that the life that symbolizes their fire-brand attitude is melting as fast as their eyes blink.

Let the healthy approach replace ‘political yatra’ – We do love our elders just because of their outstanding contributions. There are many eminent persons, in spite of their absence; we regard them. There are many Prophets, Messengers and Auliya Allah (friends of Allah) about whom our hearts still find enormous love. This is universal truth, neither cunning tricks nor fraud, neither gimmick of spreading hatred nor playing blame game will serve; it’s only selfless service to human kind that instills respect, honor and love. If one adheres to this universal principle of wining human hearts he will be remembered by the generations to come, as we do for our elders now.

Why people do not heed to this simple ideology is a question that pertains to the beliefs with which they associate themselves. Since belief in more than one god does not inspire one to be a man of pure intention, so is the case here. Association with god does not help them find themselves on the path of truth and honesty. If one believes in the Omnipresent and acts with a pure self, his love will find its due place in the hearts of people:

Those who believe and work deeds of righteousness will the Rahman (Most Gracious) bestow love (in the hearts of the people) (Surah Maryam: 96)

Good actions breeds love and peace If one is pure in his heart and performs deeds for the sake of God alone, it results in desired outputs. If one tries to win the hearts of a section of people by igniting the fire of hatred about another section will result in a sectarian outcome. Hatred gives rise to hatred. The law of reciprocity functions in the universe. Here good actions breeds love and peace. If any nation, or a person for that matter, try to ignore the universal truth nothing positive will result. As far the appearance of deed is concerned it has to be judged by the actions of the person performing the deed. If one assists in killing hundreds of innocent persons and then sticking on to a ‘ritual’ like fast, he can’t be termed as innocent. As the God of him is God of others too. How could he be helped and blessed by overlooking others who have been deprived from the life itself? How could his attitude ensure peace and prosperity as the history itself portrays him as an ‘agency’ of denial of justice and defiance of human rights?

Repentance or Reimburse
What is the way out for the sin committed is the biggest question that arises in the scenario. We do interpret the incidences with their appearances; God knows better the actual motives behind? Is it possible to have a patch up work for a crime by giving charity, asking for Divine blessings, resorting to some kind of rituals? Any crime pertaining to the rights of people must be replaced with an action that upholds one or the other rights. Simply relying on rituals or some work of charity does not justify the actions as the God is the God of one and all. If the culprit thinks that the God accepts his charity, God also accept the prayers of those who have been deprived, then on what accounts one can be so careless and overconfident?

Again, the concept of unity of God holds the key here. The mind and heart characterized with the conception of One God heed to the buzz word and refrain from putting people in trouble:

…You did not seek to hide yourselves, lest your hearing your sight and your skins should bear witness against you! But you did think that Allah knew not many of the things that you used to do (Surah Ha-Meem: 22)

One can observe a clear difference between those who believe in Unity of God and those who don’t. It’s a fact that the one who moves away from his merciful God will find nothing but Satan as his companion and:

…Satan has made their deeds seem pleasing in their eyes, and has kept them away from the path, so the receive no guidance (Surah An-Nahl: 24)

One of the ways out for the sins committed is repentance. The sins with regard to God’s rights demand utmost attention towards a sincere form of repentance (Taubatan Nasuha) with an obstinate confidence of not returning to the earlier condition. If the sins pertain to the rights of servants, one has to uphold it any way or try to recompense by a mean equivalent to the rights violated.

The world does not fully recompense
The fact is that this world does not recompense be it a matter of virtuous acts or heinous crimes. A man who dedicated his entire life for the cause of humanity what kind of reward would justify to the amount of days he has spent? Similar is the case of crimes, a crime committed will affect not only a single person but its impact multiplies in many folds, an exact imagination is hard to conceive. What punishment would justify? Is killing him once would justify his killing of tens of people?

Keep the tabs on over the actions performed, the good deeds will have there own multifold rewards and the sins too will have there own repercussions. The rewards and repercussions, to a little extent, are feasible in this world but the world hereafter portrays their exact manifestation….because this world has a shortcoming, it doesn’t fully recompense. Be aware and prepare for the next world.

Writer is the president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka. He can be contacted by Email:

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3 Responses

  1. Timely, relevant to present political scenario, informative & refreshing article.

  2. the rewards & repercussions r feasible to a little extent only ,the exact manifestation of our actions will be portrayed only in the hereafter is absolutely right .Intentions of our actions do play a vital role in front of ALLAH swt

  3. assalam..once again v r privileged 2 read a gr8 article on present scenario..i don hav any idea abt Politics bt dis article has a very gud point f true repentance which shud b der in each lets al pledge dat v wil repent 4 al our sins 2dy n 2 repeat d same again..may Allah swt bless us al wid guidance..ameen

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