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Bagalkot Public Outrage against Communal instigations and police atrocities

Mr.Muhammad Yusuf Kanni addressing the protest dharna opposite the DC Office

Naimuddin, KMNN

Bagalkot May 03, 2011.The public lost its cool against “police bias” and decided not be a mere spectator. People in large number gathered outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office here and registered their anger against what they called “Police atrocities upon innocent Dalith and Muslim youth for no fault.” A huge gathering is sitting on “Protest Dharna” from the past five days here demanding “Justice to the innocent, immediate release of the illegal detainees, and withdrawal of false F.I.Rs.”

A small altercation between two persons that had taken place here was cooled down by elders in peaceful way. But how could the communal goons let go the fine opportunity to flare-up communal tensions? They did their best to instigate on the lines of caste and community; however, there was no major trouble.

Enter the police now! As usual the police wanted some scapegoats to fill the chargeseets. The good duty that they did was freely picking up Muslim and Dalith youth from where they wish and to whom their eye caught. They were so dutiful, they promptly filed F.I.Rs against innocent Dalith and Muslim youth who even, were unaware of what had happened and why the police are there in the scene.

Addressing a huge gathering on fifth day Mr. Muhammad Yusuf Kanni, Organizer of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Gulbarga Region said, “Who gave orders to police and what right they have to falsely implicate Dalith and Muslim youth and file illegal F.I.Rs?” He clarified, “We are not against police or other organizations working for public-good, we are against the section of police and other authorities who fail to discharge their duty fairly.” Mr. Kanni commended the efforts of peace loving people and said, “We are all united in our cause to ensure justice to all concerned. Irrespective of caste and religion our collective struggle for justice will continue. We will not end the Dharna till our demands are met.”

Dalith leader Mr. Gopal, President of Karnataka Samaj Vedike addressing the gathering said, “By blowing up a small personal matter as Hindu-Muslim clash the police is acting on the behest of the Hindu organizations. This is a big conspiracy to disturb the peace in the city. Those police personnel who have acted violating the basic human rights of the people should immediately be dismissed and a judicial probe must be ordered.”

Dalith Sangharsh Samithi leader Mr. Roshan said, “Right from the day the communal party formed the government in Karnataka, the communal elements in the police force are boldly oppressing the Daliths and Muslims.” He questioned, “Is not this communal bias to arrest 65 peace-making people, file F.I.Rs and detain them for 10 days? There fault is they visited police station to sort out things.” He demanded “immediate dismissal of erring Police officials including Superintendent of Police, Abhishek Gowda, Police Inspector R.S. Muttagi, and others.”

Congress leader H.M. Reshi, JIH Bagalkot Organizer Muhammad Naasir also spoke. The protesters were led by Muhammad Yusuf Kanni and Dalith leader Mr. Sathna.


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