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Asra Santavana Centre: Women’s Helpline

It provides help to helpless, disturbed and depressed women

Staff Reporter | KMNN
Asra develops self confidence in the helpless and hapless women, confronting hassles in the married life, to face the challenges ahead, with courage and resoluteness. It provides right guidance after patient hearing to their problems. Temporary shelter for the needy along with protection is also given.

Asra Helpline is operative round the clock.  Women, entangled with problems can place their issues openly without any hesitation and reservation. Each case will be carefully analysed by experts and wise counsellors and appropriate suggestions will be provided.  Toll free arrangement is being made for the callers until then the worried and disturbed women can contact us on 080-25479968.

Asra’s Objectives

  1. To guide and serve the oppressed and disturbed women
  2. To protect the sufferers from the oppressors
  3. To solve the problems completely

Facilities available under Asra

  1. Free counselling in person or over phone 080-25479968 for all kinds of problems.
  2. Immediate police protection and free legal aid to get justice to the sufferers at the hands of husbands or in laws.
  3. Free shelter and protection to the oppressed women and their kids along with food and other facilities.
  4. Education and skill development training during the course of stay.
  5. Recommendation for placement in different fields in accordance to their skills.
  6. Necessary help for rehabilitation after the settlement of their problems.
  7. Opportunities and arrangements for self reliance to those who do not get protection under Asra.

Who deserve admission in Asra?

  1. Those who find it extreme difficult to live with husbands and in laws due to their oppressions.
  2. Mental sufferers due to dowry harassment.
  3. Victims of sexual harassment, thinking of suicide or any such step disliked by Allah.
  4. Destitute who feel helpless, deprived and neglected.

Contact Address
Asra, Santavana Centre, Women’s Helpline – 080-25479968
No.121, 1st Cross, Kariyanpalilya, Near Lingarajpuram
Bangalore -560 084

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2 Responses

  1. assalam o laikum
    my sister in law she is mentally ill by childhood,now she need health care and stay home to live as rehabilition center,so please suggest me is there any muslim rehabilition center around the area near bangalore or mysore
    which is pure islam culture

  2. keep it up great service – Let Almighty Allah bless this organisation –

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