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Are tattoos really just skin deep? or It leaves indelible impression!

By Fathima Sajeed

When someone gets a tattoo is it just skin deep, or does it leave an indelible impression? When you think about getting a tattoo do you ever think about the permanent impression it leaves? Or is it just a tattoo which means nothing. People grow and people change but a tattoo is permanent. Other than being permanent a tattoo can cause many health implications later on in your life. Last but not least a tattoo could set a negative effect on your everyday life and relationships.

When you’re twenty a tattoo could be a great idea maybe even a breakout move, but when you’re 40 and the CEO of your company it can be an embarrassment.  Yes there are surgeries to remove that tattoo but it costs thousands of dollars that many people cannot afford. A survey from the Pew research center claims that almost one third of the population who has gotten a tattoo has regretted getting a tattoo and wished they had not gotten at least one of their tattoos. “Mel Chisholm formerly known as Sporty Spice told Good housekeeping she has been considering to get some of the eleven tattoos she has surgically removed, and does not want her daughter Scarlet getting any.” For me anytime I thought about getting a tattoo when I’m older I would always think about the consequences for example when I’m 60 I wouldn’t want a tattoo that would be sagging and not even look like what it’s supposed to look like.

Now in our society tattoos are used to remember a departed loved one, to celebrate an event, or show your commitment to a loved one, but there can be many health implications that can be caused from putting ink on your skin. Many of today’s tattoos contain an unknown conglomeration of metallic salts (oxides, sulphides, selenite’s), organic dyes or plastics suspended in a carrier solution for regularity of application. In America, the FDA does not regulate the toxic inks used to put on tattoos, their official stance is: “Because of other public health priorities and a previous lack of evidence of safety concerns, FDA has not traditionally regulated tattoo inks or the pigments used in them.” The ink used in the tattoo can contain a chemical in which can cause, mutations, birth defects, and can be capable of causing cancer. In the tattoo there are denatured alcohols, methanol, rubbing-alcohol, antifreeze, detergents, and other highly toxic aldehydes.

It can cause many negative effects on everyday life. For example getting a job can be a chore. Many employers such as doctors, military, law, and educational discourage having tattoos and employers that do allow tattoos have dress code policies.Concealing those tattoos on an everyday basis could be hard especially if that tattoo is placed on an area that cannot be hidden and clothing is not usually on for example the neck, unless you wear a headscarf. Tattoos on the wrist could make you find yourself wearing long sleeves. Mr. J. Charbonneau says, “The coffee shop I used to work at has a zero policy on tattoos. You have to cover tattoos with long sleeves, a sweater or even a Band-Aid if it’s on your wrist or similar to that.”  N. Magistrale says “From a non-tattooed perspective, it drives me insane when tattoos are visible in the workplace. I just find it so distracting and unprofessional.”   Another negative effect is with your relationship. Imagine having the name of your ex-lovers name on your arm or neck, people could confuse your former lover with the name on your body, which could put a damper on your relationship.  From my perspective being with someone who has made such a permanent decision to put the name of the ex-lover on their body possibly thinking they might be together forever, but now there not could really affect the new relationship.

(The writer is a class eight student based in Canada. Her parents are from Hassan)


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