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Amjad Khan receives Dr. Ambedkar Fellowship Award

Mr. Amjad Khan with Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda after receiving Rajyavotsava Award

Staff Reporter | KMNN

HASSAN. Dec. 07, 2011. Mr. Amjad Khan a social worker and former president of ‘Millat Baitul Mal’ has been selected for Ambedkar Sahitya Academy Award for outstanding service in the field of healthcare. The 13 year old Baitul Mal has 13 members and its present president is Mr. Akram Pasha.

Mr. Amjad will receive this award by Vice-President of India Mr. Hamid Ansari in a programme to be organised in Delhi on Dec. 11, 2011.

Mr. Amjad Khan is a recipient of Rajayavotsava Award 2011. Mr. Khan runs a blood bank and helps the poor patients in their treatment. He helped hundreds of patients in times of crisis.

“After receiving the Rajayavotsava Award 2011 many college, schools and NGOs have been inviting me to share my experiences and to know more about my mission and organization”, he told Karnataka Muslims.

“In this world of materialism and rampant poverty, cost of healthcare services is skyrocketing.” He added and emphasized that social organizations should come forwarded in this field in great number and with huge budget. He advised youth to form health care units and blood banks in all the district headquarters. Mr. Amjad Khan can guide the interested persons in forming healthcare NGO. He can be contacted at 9844383314.

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  1. Congrats Amjad Khan sab, Keep up the good work, Please be requested to inspire youth of our community to come up with this noble project in each & every district of Karnataka.. May Almighty Allah bless you with the best. Ameen

  2. congrats amjad khan,u r real hero,u r serving the humanity in a right way,this world needs people like u, u r setting up an example for future generations,i hope u will get everything u need to serve poor people.keep it up

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