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Merry Hills Shanbhoganahalli, (5 km from Country Club), Bannergatta Road Cross, (Anekal Dist), Bangalore, Karnataka

Rector of the Center: Moulana Hafiz Waheeduddin Khan Omri Madani

• It will be a 2-3 years course, depending upon the student’s ability, intelligence, memory and mental level.
• After HIFZ course, students will be prepared for government, 10th std exam. It may take another 2-3 years teaching and coaching to appear for the 10th std GOVT. exam.
• Languages: English and Urdu will be taught right from the beginning. Maths and Kannada will be taught from the second year of the course.
• Quarterly progress reports of the students will be sent to the Parents/ Guardians by post.
• Merit students, winners of the sports and students with best Islamic etiquette will be awarded along with the certificates.
• Parents / Guardians will be invited in the 4th week of Sha’baan every year for the “Annual social day” program.

• At the time of admission boy’s minimum age should be 10 years.
• Interview of the boy and Parents is compulsory.
• Complete medical report by the doctors, will be essential prior to admission.

• Free food, free accommodation and uniform will be provided for poor and needy students.
• Insha- Allah Poor students will be sponsored by well-to-do Muslims.
• Sponsorship fee will be Rs. 18,000/- (Rupees Eighteen Thousand) for one year which should be paid in advance.
• Boys from middle class families are welcome. Rs. 18,000/- (Rupees Eighteen Thousand) will be charged per student for one year for food, accommodation and uniform.
• Boys from wealthy families will charged be 36,000/- (Thirty Six Thousand) for one year.
• All fees should paid in advance.
• Refundable deposits for poor and needy students will be Rs. 2000/-, for students from middle class families Rs. 5000/-, and for the rich students Rs. 10,000/-. It will be refunded after the completion of the course.

• Non- veg food will be served for four days & veg food for three days.
• Every morning after Fajr prayer 4-5 seeds of kalonji and honey water will be served and after jogging for 20 minutes fresh milk will be served and at 11.00 am juice and at 5.00pm warm Horlicks will also be served.

• Uniform will be white kurta, grey pant, black chappel/ boot and white cap.
• Arabic night gowns (Condooras), white Condooras on Fridays and sports uniforms will be supplied to all students.
• Surma shall be applied at bed time and Miswaak will also be supplied to all the students.

• Early morning walk, jogging, open air exercises and swimming (During summer) will be compulsory.
• Regular medical check-up will be conducted once in three months.
• From Asr to Mughrib Volley ball, Basket ball, Badminton, Indoor games, and Target games etc…. will be allowed.

• Hafiz jee and Moulana will train the students in the light of Shariah, Islamic etiquette will be infused in all the students with special emphasis on Imaan, Risaalat and Aakhirat.
• Corporal punishment by Hafiz jee and Moulana will be highly discouraged.
• Electronic hand- held games, chewing gums, fast foods, junk foods & fun play cards, alcoholic sprays and Mobile phones will not be allowed. However incoming phone calls will be allowed under the supervision of the warden /Incharge.
• Cash will not be allowed in the hands of the students. However Parents / Guardians can keep some money with the warden/Incharge.
• Students breaking the rules set by the center will be punished and will lose stars of merit and after 3 warnings they will be sacked.

• Parents and visitors (family friends and relatives) can visit the students once in a month but with prior appointments.
• Fruits and dry food items from the visitors will be allowed. NO COOKED ITEMS WILL BE ALLOWED FROM THE VISITORS to prevent spicy fried and non healthy food.
• Giving Tele. No to the junior staff by the Parents will not be allowed. Parents can contact the Incharge any time regarding their child.

• ATC will remain closed for 40 days from 1st Ramadhan to 10th Shawwal and 5 days in Zil-Hajj (9th ZH to 13th ZH) student returning late after the vacation will be fined.

Dr. Rokhiya Jaferi Siddique, MBBS
Vice President-1
Dr. Saleem Mehkri, MBBS
Vice President-2
Dr. Haamid Hussain Siddique, M.D (USA)
General Secretary
Janab Syed Tanveer Ahmed M.B.A
Joint Secretary
Mr. M.M. Saleem, BE
Asst. Joint Secretaries:
Mr. Mohammed Sharjeel Sada, B.E
Mr. M. Aabid Siddique, MBA (USA)
Mrs. Tahera Afroze, M.A. B.Ed
Joint Treasurer
Nasira Sultana B.A

Founder Trustees of ISA:
Dr. Rokhiya Jaferi Siddique
Mrs.Parveen Haseeb
Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmed
Mr. M. Aabid Siddique
Advisory Board:
Mr. Iqbal Zaheer (Chief Editor Y.M.D)
Mr. Major Abdul Bari
Mr. A.K. Biju (Y.M.D)
Mr. Mohammed Iqbal (R.K. Enterprises)
Mrs. Shaheen Akhtar (Aalima)
Dr. S.M. Saquib, M.S (Canada)
Mrs. Naheed. F. Siddique, M.Sc (Dietitian)
Mr. Moheeb Mecci

New Trustees:
Dr.  Saleem Mekhri, MBBS
Moulana Khalid Nadwi
Mr. M.M. Saleem, B.E
Dr. Haamid Hussain Siddique, M.D (USA)
Mr. M.G. Khalifa, M.B.A
Mr. Siddique Mohammed Ibrahim, B.A
Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Khaleel, D. Pharma
Mrs. Nasira Sultana, B.A
Mrs. Salma Banu
Mr. Sawood Sait, B.Com
Mr. Mohammed Sharjeel Sada, B.E
Mrs. Tahera Afroze, M.A. B.Ed
Nousheen Saleem Mehkri, M.F.A
Mr. Abdul Rasheed Baig, B.Com, PGD

PN: You may send cross Cheques / DD in favour of International Seerah Academy

A/C No: 3012 Amanath Co- Operative Bank Ltd, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore
ICICI Bank (Bangalore Branch) Rokhiya.M.Jaferi A/C No: 000201552395.

Under the auspices of INTERNATIONAL SEERAH ACADEMY (Regd).
103, Banjara Summit, #2, Wheeler Road, Frazer town, Bangalore-5

Phone: +91-80-41276426/ +91-9845588677

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