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‘Al-Jamia’ released

Bangalore. Nov. 23, 2011. The souvenir of Juma Masjid Trust Board ‘Al-Jamia’ was released here during second week of Nov, 2011.

The multicolour bi-lingual souvenir contains Urdu and English sections with photographs and messages. It was edited by a team including Mr. Mohammed Azeezulla Baig Sehrai and Mr. Muneer Ahmed Jami. According to editor of the souvenir the objective of publication of Al-Jamia is “People often tend to forget the contribution made by eminent members of the community, who have rendered valuable and unrelenting service to it as per the demands of time, and have also protected religion from assaults. Most importantly the souvenir enriches us about the magnanimous nature of our elders.”

Jumma Masjid, Shivajinagar, Bangalore in 1870 A rare photograph

According to their team, “This magazine is a reflection of the splendid past which our elders have sculpted based on various religious, moral, educational and cultural aspects undergoing great ordeals, which is not known to our present generation due to ignorance and also due to the sharp impact of modern education. This magazine reflects upon the selfless, courageous works and actions of leaders who have brought us from abyss of darkness to light as result of their unrelenting and untiring hard work.

Mr. Jami interviewing Mr. Anwer Sharieff Chairman, Jumma Masjid Trust Board

This magazine primarily exhibits the rich and exquisite history of the Jumma Masjid, Shivajinagar, Bangalore and the benevolent life of Hazrath Moulana Moulvi Sar Qazi Alhaj Syed Shah Mohamed Abdul Quddus Saheb and the innumerable contributions made by him. This magazine also includes two chapters of his travelogue, ‘Maraatul Harmain Al-Ahza’ referring to the Holy Pilgrimage  Haj and the people of Makkah Mukkaramah. This includes his writing in 1290 AH (1873 AD) about the ‘Qabarastan Mualla’ and various other sacred places. It also enriches you about the condition of the sacred places that was in 1387 years which have visibly changed due to modernization.”

‘Al-Jamia’ has an article on Moulana Abdul Hafiz Junaidi Qadri, the Khateeb and Imam of Jumma Masjid who passed away in December 2002.

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  1. Commendable effort.Many congratultions from one who prayed behind Junaidi saheb for years.Brought old memories back.Any way can I get a copy of AL-JAMIA ?Will pay expenses.

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