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Administrators will remain until infighting stops in Waqf committees: Mumtaz Ali Khan

Dharward: (Salar News). Infighting and differences have become common and increasing nowadays among all associations. Until these differences are not sorted out and all are not united the administrators will continue, said State Minister for Waqf Mr. Mumtaz Ali Khan here in a press conference today. He said a notice has been sent to all those who have illegally taken possession of waqf properties. He revealed that more than 350 Waqf properties in the state have been illegally occupied by officers and other people of all sects. The offenders will be prosecuted in this regard and the properties will be taken back into possession. He also elaborated that he had recommended introducing Urdu as a subject in the primary schools. He has also requested the government to establish Urdu Anganvadi centers. He declared that hostels will be established for women in seven universities apart from the Karnataka University. The Karnataka University has approved for the site wherein a hostel of 1.25 crore estimation will be constructed. He assured of one crore rupees’ investment to renovate the Dharward Women’s Training Center, which is a British constructed structure. Mr. Qalandar Mulla, Mr. Hayath Garga, Dr. Nizamuddeen, Mr. Muhsin and others were present in the press conference.

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