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About Us

Muslims in Karnataka account for around 13 per cent of the state’s population. More than one crore Muslims live in this picturesque state. A good number of Muslims are highly educated and have made a mark in almost all fields of Education, Industry, and to some extent in Politics. However, this section of diverse and highly-educated Muslim community is not equipped with any effective tool of Mass Communication. Due to which there is a lack of inter-community and intra-community connection and dialogue. We at the United Media Services, Bangalore, aim to change this for better. Through, a news portal, we hope to achieve our goal of not only communicating with Muslims of the state but also non-Muslims as well. This should serve as an instrument for inter-community and intra-community networking, and a forum for quality dialogue amongst all.

This concept is the brainchild of Syed Tanveer Ahmed, director of BookWare, who is engaged in media services since 1992. He heads the United Media Services.


  • To present news and views concerning Muslims of Karnataka.
  • To make Muslims an active part of good governance in Karnataka.
  • To foster communal amity and empowerment of Muslims in the field of culture,     politics and economics.
  • To provide a platform to Muslim NGOs to reach to the community.
  • To inform the people about Muslims’ contribution in development of the state.
  • To provide intra-community communication medium.
  • To provide a platform for young writers, thinkers, social servants and Ulema (scholars).
  • It will be a platform to bridge the dividing gap between Muslims living in Karnataka and the Muslim Diaspora of Karnataka.
  • It will highlight the forgotten history of Karnataka’s Muslims and their contributions to state and nation building.


  • Karnataka Muslims spread around the globe can have access to community news of their beloved state as well as home town.
  • It is a forum for exchange of thoughts, opinions, and reactions.
  • It will help introduce products and services to the vibrsant community.
  • It will help NGOs and individuals engaged in community services to showcase their work.
  • It is a medium to bring healthy changes in social, political, economical, and other spheres of life.


Editor-in-Chief and Publisher:
Syed Tanveer Ahmed

Group Editor:
Abu Fawaz Ahmed

Bangalore Reporters:
S.Afshan Azhar
Tayyab Hassan Ajaib

Consultant Editors:
Qazi Arshad Ali, Ex. MLC
Abdussalam Puttige, Editor Vartha Bharthi

The views and ideas expressed or implied in belong to respective writers. This does not necessarily reflect the editorial policy.

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