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A scheme to uplift Urdu schools

Bangalore: The pathetic and abysmal condition of Urdu schools in the State is well known. Lack of infrastructure, incompetent and careless teachers, and the resultant awfully low standard of teaching are what define them.

As a result, students of Urdu schools are known for their weakness in relatively difficult subjects such as science, mathematics, and English.

In order to bring in a change in the status of Urdu schools and make the students competitive, the Karnataka State Minorities Welfare Commission has proposed to set up remedial teaching centres in villages with at least 20 students and towns/cities with not less than 40 students.

While such centres have started functioning at many places, the scheme is yet to be implemented in many districts. For details, contact the concerned Block Education Officers (BEOs).

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2 Responses

  1. Its great to see the website , wherein we can get to know the
    happenings in bangalore.
    regarding the upliftment of urdu school , people from all front with the help of kmdc can really bring a different,
    The ITprofesonal , the teachers, working for private schools, elderly persons who are retired, the elite class , needs to join hand in upliftment , via education field,. yes, we can make a difference.
    lets put a step ahead . the state of urdu school is way back with the current trends.its the responsibility of every individual , including me to help my ummah to progress.

  2. I need a answer from the person who had commented this on above “Lack of infrastructure, incompetent and careless teachers”

    Obviously we know that today everyone whoever wants to join their children in English medium school their thinking about Urdu school is common that is “no use of sending to our children in Urdu school” it means they want to graduate their children in English medium not in Kannada or Urdu language. i know that some teachers are carelessness even though they are sitting quite instead of answering to these types of question because they are do not want to work for social purpose they want to think and do only own purpose………..hope because of this situation our Urdu condition is very bad in our state………but youth should come in forward to remove this situation. We have to prove that a child who get educate in Urdu medium is not poor in English or poor in any other language he will be a person to know three or four language…

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