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Ameer Ahmed passes away

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajiuun” ‘Janab Ameer Ahmed, Proprietor Perfect Footwear, Maruti Seva Nagar, Bangalore, left for heavenly abode on Friday, 6 Sep 2013′.

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4 Responses

  1. Dear Editor i dont understand why you have published this news after 2 months from his passes date. This news should have been publish 2 months before i mean first week of September 2013 recently after his death.

    I regret to say you but It shows that your reports are bit lethargic.

  2. Dear Br Zia
    Your claim is worth, if editorial team is funded/sponsored.and well equipped by efficient staff geographically spread around
    We all are bit lethargic for community cause, at least we have a portal lets join hands to work in all aspects of community needs

  3. Dear Bro Abdullah,
    I agree with your suggestion but my intention was not to hurt or show down Editorial Team but let them realize their lack of sprit in their work. Mistakes can’t be realized until it’s highlighted by someone. My intention is to boost their work by criticize way.

  4. @Ziya Ahmed: I just wonder how one could question the team’s sprit on the groundings if an obituary. I wish I would have seen you appreciating the dedicated efforts the team has been putting in order to strengthen the voice of the Muslims. I hope you would find many useful information in the portal unless you try to shift your eyes balls from the obituary. (No offence intended)

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